Monday, July 8, 2019

New Solo Family Albums From Howie D (Backstreet Boys) and Josh Lovelace (NEEDTOBREATHE)

Backstreet Boy, Howie D is taking a step back from the boy band pop spotlight to release his debut solo family album "Which One Am I?" The new release features twelve tracks that reflect on Howie's childhood and how he overcame his insecurities. The album's lead off track "Which One Am I?" centers around Howie D being the least noticeable Backstreet Boy, or for that fact which boy band he is actually in. Howie gets the pop beats flowing with "Back In The Day," as he sings about his youth and what he enjoyed doing, before his singing career took over. He rocks out with "Monsters In My Head," before the showing his love for doo-wop with the fifties vibe of "Shy."

Next, Howie D takes you to the islands with the reggae groove of "Worry," while singing about overcoming his fears of going to the doctors or being bullied on the playground. He has fun with lyrics of the "School Bell Tango," before reaching the album's lead single, the Latin flair of "No Hablo Espanol," about not being able to speak Spanish. Howie wraps up his new family album with a soulful cover of Bill Withers "Lean On Me." To find out more about Howie D and his latest release "Which One Am I?," please visit

Musical artist Josh Lovelace has decided to take a break from his Grammy nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE, for the release of his new solo family en devour "Growing Up." It features a dozen tracks performed Americana style, beginning with the wholesome, positive message of "You've Got Me And I've Got You." Lovelace performs these songs, as if he was singing to his own children. He has fun with the island flair of "Calypso" and "This Is A New Song," which is the story of inspiration to write his own music. Josh Lovelace delivers the soundtrack to the family trip with "Let's Go Drive," while "Butterfly" is about letting go of children to explore and become their own person. He has fun with the pop tones of "Upside Down," before finishing his new album with the emotions of "Goodbyes Are The Hardest Thing To Do" and the memorable ballad of "You Are Loved." To find out more about Josh Lovelace and his latest release "Growing Up," please visit

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