Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Music Arriving This Summer From Rosalie Cunningham and Scott Henderson

British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Rosalie Cunningham will be releasing her new self-titled solo album on July 26th, through Esoteric Antenna. It feature eight tracks, beginning with the classic British blues sounding "Ride On My Bike," as you are re-introduced to Rosalie's stellar vocals. Her songwriting shines on the unique, rock opera like delivery of "Dethroning Of The Party Queen," before the raw, straight-up rock and roll of "Riddles And Games." Rosalie Cunningham closes out her new album with the thirteen-minute epic progressive rock tale of "A Yarn From The Wheel," as she mixes together different tempos and musical styles to create the definite stand-out song of the album. To find out more about Rosalie Cunningham and her latest self-titled release, please visit rosaliecunningham.com.

Guitar virtuoso Scott Henderson recently released his new instrumental album titled "People Mover." It combines Scott's love for jazz, rock, blues and funk and showcases that his music is still evolving, even after 35 years as a bandleader. The new ten song release begins with the gliding guitar tones of "Transatlantic," as Scott slowly brings you back into his musical world. He gets funkier with the tone and rhythm of "Primary Location," with a solo that will grab your attention. The jazzy vibe of "Satellite" displays Scott's diversity with his songwriting and performance, while the eight-minute "Blue Heron Boulevard" gracefully builds on this blues number. He finishes up his new album with the jazz fusion of "Happy Fun-Sing" and the more experimental solo piece "Fawn." To find out more about Scott Henderson and his latest release "People Mover," please visit scotthenderson.net.

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