Tuesday, July 2, 2019

New Music From Established Artists Dave Schramm (Yo La Tengo) and Richard X. Heyman

A pair of must hear new releases have popped on the scene, the first is from Yo La Tengo guitarist Dave Schramm's new band, The Schramms. Their new album titled "Omnidirectional" has been ten years in the making and features a dozen tracks that Dave has been working on with fellow musicians Ron Metz and Al Greller. The new release begins with the slow, gentle build-up of "Honestly Now," as fans of Schramm's work will be pleased with the similar style of how these songs are performed. The album continues with the alternative pop melody of "Spent" and "Faith Is A Dusty Word," which will definitely turn you on to the music of The Schramms. The beautiful acoustic folk appeal of "Good Youth" and "Not Calling" are simply undeniable, while "Still Standing Still" seems like the perfect group effort to make The Schramms one of the top independent bands of 2019. The trio wrap up their new album with the raw, rock buzz of "The Day When" and the beautiful acoustic strumming of "Two A.M. Slant." To find out more about The Schramms and their latest release "Omnidirectional," please visit theschramms.com.

Another much needed release to check out is the latest album from the New York City pop/rock artist Richard X. Heyman. His new album titled "Pop Circles" is his 13th solo outing and features eighteen tracks, beginning with the adult contemporary pop melody of "Guess You Had To Be There." This new release according to Heyman, is a "love letter to the Baby Boomers, or anyone else out there who appreciates the great rock'n'roll of the 1960s." The uptempo classic rock feel of "Upside And Down" becomes very addictive to move to, while "As Love Would Have It" features some of Heyman's best harmonies. The sixties do come alive with the power pop tone of "In A Sunlit Room," while "Hope" carries a harder rock edge that showcases Heyman's wonderful songwriting range. He finishes up his new album with the straight-up shot of rock'n'roll with "Long Way Down" and the bluesy sound of "Route 22." To find out more about Richard X. Heyman and his latest release "Pop Circles," please visit richardxheyman.com.

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