Monday, July 29, 2019

New Music From Veteran Artists Arthur Adams, Dave Schoepke and Bayonics

Celebrated blues veteran Arthur Adams recently launched his farewell tour, after fifty years of performing live. To co-inside with that tour, he is also releasing his new studio effort "Here To Make You Feel Good." Adams has collaborated with everyone from B.B.King to Bonnie Raitt to Dr. John to Jerry Garcia. He recently teamed up with Cleopatra Records to reissue his earlier albums, as he continues to create great new music.

His new ten song release begins with the R&B/funk groove of "Tear The House Down," as Adams' love is definitely placed in the sound of the seventies. He picks the tempo up with the addictive pop melody of "Full Of Fire" and "Sweet Spot," before swooning you with his smooth vocals on "Forgive Me." Arthur Adams lets his guitar do the talking on the bluesy/jazz of "Gonna Make Some Money," before wrapping up his new album with the slow, laid-back blues vibe of "By Myself" and the stellar guitar work of "A Little Dab Will Do Ya." To find out more about Arthur Adams and his latest release "Here To Make You Feel Good," please visit

Drummer Dave Schoepke (Martin Barre band) recently released his first solo drum album titled "Drums On Low." It features eleven tracks that will certainly take you on a journey into the different rhythms and vibrations explored through Schoepke's extensive experience with the instrument. You are first invited into the world of drumming with the opening tribal flow of "War Of The Grasshoppers" and the solid, repetitive beats of "Which One Are You?." Schoepke works on the snare drums to lay down the basic track to follow on "The Throw," while "Sound On Low" has a more experimental vibe going on. He incorporates some spoken word segments to give "The Thing From The Darkness" a storyline, before finishing with the solid rock drum solo of "Tangles" and the sound experiment of "Four Twenty Six." To find out more about Dave Schoepke and his latest release "Drums On Low," please visit

From the San Francisco Bay area comes the latest release "Resilience" from the veteran reggae band, Bayonics, led by lead singer Jairo Vargas. Their brand of music combines the beats of reggae music with a Latin flair, as they follow the path laid ahead of them by Santana and Sly and the Family Stone. Bayonics new album includes a dozen tracks, beginning with the reggae/rock vibe of "Exile," which carries a powerful message of being displaced from your home. The Latin melody of "El Bajo" and "Soldier Dance" will get your hips swinging with its club beats and pop melody. Next, Bayonics take you out to the islands with the groove of "Olvidaste" and "We Gon Show'em," before finishing with the Spanish sung numbers "Batalla en Babylon" and "Sospechosos." To find out more about Bayonics and their latest release "Resilience," please visit

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