Saturday, July 27, 2019

Omnivore Recordings Reissues Albums By Singer/Songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill

On August 2nd, Omnivore Recordings will release two out-of-print albums on CD from singer/songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill. Berryhill was part of the anti-folk music along with fellow artists Beck, Michelle Shocked and John S. Hall and her 1987 debut album turned heads in the California music scene. The two albums that are getting reissued are her 1994 release "Garage Orchestra" and the 1996 release "Straight Outta Marrysville."

Berryhill returned to California, after a six-month stint in New York, in order to revive her musical career. She developed a friendship with some local musicians and writers, which included her soon-to-be husband Paul Williams (editor of "Crawdaddy!" magazine). Williams would peak her interest of the late-sixties music of The Beach Boys, especially the songwriting of Brian Wilson. Cindy Lee Berryhill took the love for this music into the studio to create the album "Garage Orchestra." The original album featured ten tracks, including the experimental pop tone of the opening track "Father Of The Seventh Son" and "Gary Handeman." You can certainly hear Wilson's influence throughout the album, as Berryhill even wrote a song for the artist with "Song For Brian." The new reissue includes nine bonus tracks, which include a live version of her song "My Little Broken Heart," as well as instrumental and alternate versions of songs from the "Garage Orchestra" album.

After a two year break, in which Cindy Lee Berryhill would take care of Williams after a serious brain injury, she returned with her follow-up album "Straight Outta Marysville." This album continued her re-invented musical style, highlighted by the acoustic folk storytelling of "Unknown Master Painter," her seven-minute cover of Donovan's "Season Of The Witch" and the beautiful melody of "Elvis Of Marysville." The new reissue includes an additional six songs tacked on to the album's original fourteen track listing. The new additions enhance the album perfectly with the acoustic strumming of "Antifolk Squatter's Riot" and a cover of Bob Dylan's " I Don't Believe You," along with a demo run through of "Just Like Me." Both new reissues come with 12-page, full-color booklets that feature unpublished photos and brand new essays. To find out more about these new reissues of Cindy Lee Berryhill's albums "Garage Orchestra" ( and "Straight Outta Marysville" (

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