Saturday, August 31, 2019

New Epic Live Album From Soundgarden Covers The Band's Entire Career

The legendary alternative metal band, Soundgarden have released their first album since the death of front man Chris Cornell in 2017. It features the the band's full live performance from February 17, 2013 at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The show was originally filmed for an episode of the PBS series "Live From The Artists Den" and signaled the return of the band, as they used this shows to close out their three year reunion tour, following a twelve year absence. This epic performance was released on July 26th through UMe, in association with Artists Den and the Chris Cornell Estate.

The 29-track release covers the band's entire career, as they perform songs from their debut album "Ultramega OK" all the way up until their last studio album "King Animal." There are also a few, very rare live gems included like Soundgarden's first ever live performance of the song "Blind Dog" from "The Basketball Diaries" soundtrack.

The band plays it safe and heavy at the beginning of their live show, blasting through favorites like "My Wave" and "Jesus Christ Posse." Their new songs ("Taree" and "By Crooked Steps") from the "King Animal" album fit in perfectly next to classics like "Spoonman" and "Drawing Flies," as they begin to loosen up and perform with reckless abandonment. When Cornell starts talking with the audience is when you feel the full connection that the band had with their fans. First, he explains the meaning behind their song "Black Saturday," then has fun making fun of the band's performance for PBS' donation process.

This new live album proves once and for all that Soundgarden were the kings of live performances, as proven in the band's blistering run through of songs like "Rusty Cage" and "Ty Cobb." They are also the masters of "grunge," as displayed in the grinding rhythm of "New Damage" and "Outshined." The show finishes with an amazing ten minute sonic blast of the Soundgarden epic "Slaves And Bulldozers," followed by four minutes of feedback that all their fans have come to know closes each and every show.

Soundgarden "Live From The Artists Den" was released on a number of different formats, including a 2-CD set, a 4-LP vinyl set, Blu-ray and a limited edition super deluxe box set, which includes everything, plus a 40-page photo book. To find out more about this exceptional new release, please visit

Friday, August 30, 2019

Discover New Music From The Hard Rock Outfit, National Wrecking Company

The hard rock band, National Wrecking Company recently released their highly-anticipated, self-titled debut album, which also features the final guitar work from famed guitarist Bernie Torme (Ozzy Osbourne), who passed away earlier this year. The band includes members of The Lizards, Cactus, Humble Pie and The Plasmatics, who have created a classic metal sound with a modern edge to their music.

The new 11-song release begins with the pounding rhythm of "Supersonic," as you are introduced to the dual guitar work of 23 year old prodigy Jesse Berlin and 60 year old veteran shredder Phil Bader. Bassist Randy Pratt handles the progressive-style rock groove of "King Of All I See," while "Beast" has a wonderful Ronnie James Dio vibe flowing through it. The sonic blast of drums and guitar of "Holy Creatures" will grab your attention, before the band dive into the eight-minute epic piece "Blood Moon Rising." National Wrecking Company finish off their new album with stellar drum work of TC Tolliver on "Whirlpool World" and the exciting, high-powered instrumental "Overture/Mechanized Confusion," which features the masterful guitar work of the late Bernie Torme. To find out more about the National Wrecking Company and their latest self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at . 

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Alice Cooper Leaves Us A Trail Of "Breadcrumbs" & Tarja Delivers Her New Album "In The Raw"

Legendary rocker Alice Copper is unleashing a new EP on September 13th, titled "Breadcrumbs." It will be released as a limited edition 10" vinyl, as well as digitally and features a six-song tribute to some of the garage rock bands that inspired him growing up in Detroit. The album was recorded with some friends, including Wayne Kramer (MC5), Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad) and Johnny "Bee" Badanjek (Detroit Wheels) just to name a few. The new release begins with a reworking of Cooper's own song "Detroit City" from his 2003 album "The Eyes Of Alice Cooper." The updated version "Detroit City 2020" has a harder, more raw edge to the music to go along with the rest of the album. This set also features a new track co-written with Kramer titled "Go Man Go" that will surely quicken up your pulse with it's punk-like energy and classic hard rock sound.

The rest of the EP includes covers of Bob Seger's "East Side Story," Suzi Quatro's "Your Mama Won't Like Me" and the MC5's "Sister Anne." Alice seems to have the most fun re-creating Mitch Ryder's "Devil With The Blue Dress/Chains Of Love" into a swinging lounge number, before finally picking the tempo up. Alice Cooper is currently on tour in Europe, before returning to the U.S. this fall. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new release "Breadcrumbs," please visit

Another release from the dark side, is the latest effort from the Finnish heavy metal songstress Tarja. Her new album titled "In The Raw" will be released on August 30th, and features ten brand new tracks. We begin with the high-powered opening song, "Dead Promises," as the intense music lays the path for Tarja to duet with fellow metal rocker Bjorn "Speed" Strid (Soilwork). Tarja's vocals always take the songs to another level as in the numbers "Tears In Rain" and "Spirits In The Sea." She allows her voice to soar on the operatic-like delivery of "Railroads" and the lush piano ballad "You And I." Tarja finishes up her album with the intense seven-minute epic progressive metal piece "Silent Masquerade," featuring Tommy Karvik (Seventh Wonder) and the equally epic "Shadow Play," which includes a grand choir and orchestration. Tarja will begin her "In The Raw" tour in Russia in September, before heading to South America in October. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about her her album "In The Raw," please visit

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Tom Keifer Band "Rise" Above The Rest With A New Studio Album

Arriving September 13 is the highly anticipated second solo effort from former Cinderella front man, Tom Keifer titled "Rise." After the renewed success of his debut release "The Way Life Goes," this new eleven track release continues to showcase the greatness of Keifer and his band.

The album kicks off with the hard rocking "Touching The Divine" and you are once again familiarized with Keifer's iconic vocals. The album's first single "Death To Me" was inspired by Tom's unyielding will to overcome challenges in his career and he hopes it inspires others to never give up. The song also carries that classic Cinderella "Night Songs" vibe. Next, he slows down for the acoustic ballad "Waiting For Demons," then heads down south for the swampy blues of "Untitled." Tom digs deep for the emotions of "Rise," before returning to the hard rock anthem "All Amped Up." He wraps up his new album with the southern, country rocker "Breaking Down" and the quiet, gentle touch of "You Believe In Me." The Tom Keifer Band is currently on the road through November. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Rise," please visit

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Revisit Albums From Taking Back Sunday and Motionless In White With New Vinyl Releases

American rock band Taking Back Sunday released their debut album "Tell All Your Friends" back in 2002. It went on to sell over a million copies and set the stage for the band to become one of the most well-known mainstream rock acts of the last two decades. To continue the band's 20th anniversary celebration, Craft Recordings is remastering and reissuing that first album on vinyl, arriving on October 4th. Craft Recordings released a 21-song compilation back in January that kicked off the campaign and beginning September 1st, Taking Back Sunday are heading back out on the road for a three month tour of the U.S. The band's website will have an exclusive, extremely limited iridescent color-morphing green vinyl edition for sale on their website and at their shows. To find out more about this new vinyl reissue of Taking Back Sunday's "Tell All Your Friends" album, please visit

Arriving September 20th, is the new vinyl reissue of the fan favorite release from the hardcore metal band, Motionless In White. The six-song EP "When Love Met Destruction" will be released on vinyl for the first time through Craft Recordings in order to celebrate the album's 10th anniversary. This album set the stage for the band's full-length debut album, "Creatures," which was released the following year. Motionless In White will be hitting the road again at the end of September as part of "The Trick 'r' Treat Tour" with We Came As Romans, After The Burial and Twiztid. To find out more about their upcoming shows and their new vinyl reissue of "When Love Met Destruction," please visit

Monday, August 26, 2019

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Slim Gambill, Bill Scorzari, Shane Alexander

Guitarist Slim Gambill (Lady Antebellum) will be releasing his debut solo album "Fake Jazz & Theme Songs" on September 6th. It features ten tracks that may open your eyes to the talents of Gambill, for those that may not know his work. The album kicks off with the up-tempo swing of "Last Time Thing," as Gambill's bluesy guitar work gets the adrenaline flowing. He gets a bit more jazzy on "Levitations," before jamming out with Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band) on the laid back vibe of "54321." Candace Devine supplies the vocals to the R&B sounds of "Over Getting Over You," while Gambill still shows he can rock out with the explosiveness of "Lyla Maries." Slim Gambill closes out his new album with the burning southern groove of "Also Shuffle," which is highlighted by the stellar keys of Kenneth Crouch and the exciting, jazz fusion appeal of "4 Guitars Having A Conversation Over Cocktails." Slim has a handful of dates lined up, beginning in mid-September. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Fake Jazz & Theme Songs," please visit

On September 20th, singer/songwriter Bill Scorzari will release his new studio effort titled "Now I'm Free." It was performed and recorded live in the studio by Scorzari with some special guests, including Will Kimbrough and Erin Rae. Scorzari's new fifteen-song release begins with the mellow, folk acoustics of "Into The Light Of The Day," as you become familiar to his rough and gritty vocal delivery. His sounds gets a bit more country on the laid back vibe of "Over Again," while the title-song, "Now I'm Free" is a gentle spoken-word plea that reminds you of the musical style of Tom Waits. Will Kimbrough lends a hand on "Treat Me Kind" with some stellar steel guitar work on this Americana piece, before Bill Scorzari quiets down once again for the emotional, acoustic flow of "It's Just What I Know." He finishes his new album with the nearly eleven-minute poetic storied lyrics of "Yes I Will" and the spoken-word tale of "New Mexico (I To Mine)." To find out more about Bill Scorzari and his latest release "Now I'm Free," please visit

Also arriving on September 20th is the latest studio effort from indie-folk rocker Shane Alexander. His new album titled "A Life Like Ours" features ten tracks, beginning with the built-up tempo of "Everything As One," as you are re-introduced to his musical style. The album continues with the more alt-pop melody of "Lost Road" and the country vibe of "Taxi Cab." You will simply fall in love with his sound on the Americana ballad "Slow Goodbye" and also on his amazing cover of the Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin." Shane Alexander wraps up his new album with a pair of gentle, acoustic numbers, the poetic "Fault Line" and the wishful "Evermore." To find out more about Shane Alexander and his latest release "A Life Like Ours," please visit

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hot Club Of Cowtown Invite You To Visit The "Wild Kingdom"

Austin-based jazz trio, Hot Club of Cowtown are preparing to release their first set of new material in a decade. Their new album titled "Wild Kingdom" will be available on September 27th and features thfourteen tracks, that will have you falling in love with Hot Club of Cowtown's music all over again. They begin with "My Candy," which features the trio's iconic sound on this wonderful swinging opening track. The album continues with the fun, upbeat rhythm of "Caveman" and the more laid back country vibe of "Near Mrs." The band's harmonies during their cover of "Three Little Words" is stunning, before singer/guitarist Whit Smith tells us the classic tale of "Billy The Kid."

Hot Club of Cowtown's love for classic country is heard on the steady rhythm of "Tall Tall Ship," while "Ways To Escape" takes you back to jazz clubs of the swinging 1920's. They finish up their new album showcasing the musicianship of the band during "High Upon The Mountain" and displaying their love for the Les Paul and Mary Ford classic "How High The Moon." Hot Club of Cowtown is currently on their U.S. tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Wild Kingdom," please visit

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jody Stephens And Luther Russell Team Up For New Those Pretty Wrongs Album

Arriving September 6th, is the sophomore effort from Jody Stephens and Luther Russell, who go by the name of Those Pretty Wrongs. Their new album titled "Zero For Zulu" features ten new tracks, beginning with the wonderful lush melodies and stellar harmonies of the opening track "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight." The duo pick the energy up with the steady alternative rock/pop flow of "Ain't Nobody But Me," before stepping back to the nostalgic, acoustic folk ballad of "Time To Fly." Their new album has been planned out as if you were listening to a piece of vinyl that needs to be flipped over. The conclusion of side one features "Hurricane Of Love," which Luther Russell came up with from a dream. It almost has an early Pink Floyd/classical feel.

Side two begins with the power-pop of "You And Me," which echoes the work of Stephens earlier band, Big Star. Those Pretty Wrongs quiet done once again for the mellow, acoustics of "Life Below Zero," before wrapping up their new album with the philosophical "It's About Love," with its addictive sixties pop melody. Those Pretty Wrongs have a few shows lined-up following the release of their new album "Zero For Zulu." For more info, please visit

Friday, August 23, 2019

Bill Bruford Boxes Up His "Earthworks" Collection, While Pat Travers Lets It "Swing!"

British musician Bill Bruford has performed with some of the best progressive rock bands to ever exist (Genesis, Yes, King Crimson), but his latest release is focused on his jazz ensemble, Earthworks. The Earthworks band lasted for 20 years and created some of the U.K.'s finest pieces of music between 1987-2006. Now, a 20-disc box set has been released, covering everything that Earthworks has ever created, along with a few uncovered gems. One of the most exciting parts of this new set is the CD labeled "From Conception To Birth," which features 17 tracks that showcases 8 songs in both their demo versions and in their finished form. Great pieces of music like "Pressure" and "Original Sin" are presented to show how much the songs have evolved.

Another great addition to this set is the live album "Earthworks In Santiago, Chile." This 11-song set highlights many of the band's high quality musicianship, as they lock into the groove of songs like "Revel Without A Pause" and "Triplicity." Bruford's exceptional drumming is spotlighted on the track "The Wooden Man Sing And The Stone Woman Dances," before the band closes the show with the swinging rhythm of "Footloose And Fancy Free."

Now, 20 discs may seem like a lot to take in, so there is a "best of" collection titled "Heavenly Bodies Expanded." It includes 23 tracks spread across two CDs. The full band is in all their glory on the upbeat opening track "Stromboli Kicks" and also on "Up North." Bill lets loose on "My Heart Declares A Holiday" and again on "Gentle Persuasion" in order to give each song its own personality. To find out more about Bill Bruford's new "Earthworks Complete" box set, please visit

Canadian rock guitarist Pat Travers is stepping away from the classic rock scene that he helped perfect over the last 40 years, to try his hand at some big band melodies. Travers new album "Swing!" features eight tracks that give him a new avenue to let his creativity fly, beginning with the uptempo, swinging rhythm of "Sing, Sing Sing." Travers replaces the horns with his electric guitar work, as drummer Tommy Craig helps lead the way. Bassist Dave Pastorius lays down a funky groove for "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby," while Pat Travers' vocals and guitar work gives the song a blues appeal. The band seem to have fun with Glenn Miller's "In The Mood" and Duke Ellington's "Take The 'A' Train," before closing with the gentle ballad of "Tenderly." To find out more about Pat Travers and his latest release "Swing!," please visit his Facebook page at

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Enjoy The Blues Of Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, Remember Ian & Sylvia and Discover Arielle Paul

Award-winning guitarist Ronnie Earl has teamed up with the Broadcasters to deliver a new album's worth of great blues titled "Beyond The Blue Door." The new fifteen-song release features a mix of originals and covers, as Earl highlights each track with his stellar guitar work. The album begins with a soulful cover of "Brand New Me," as you are re-introduced to Diane Blue's sparkling vocals. Ronnie Earl gets down and dirty with a cover of Howlin' Wolf's "Baby How Long," which features Kim Wilson on vocals and harmonica. The slow blues of "Drown In My Tears" feels so emotional with the sharp, on-point guitar work of Ronnie Earl and dueling sax solo from Greg Piccolo. The Broadcasters pick the tempo back up with the swinging groove of "The Sweetest Man," before taking on Bob Dylan's "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry," as an acoustic, swampy slow blues number. With an album filled with multiple highlights, the pinnacle piece has to be the ten minute, R&B swagger of "A Soul That's Been Abused." Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters pick the tempo back up with the jazzy rhythm of "T-Bone Stomp," before finishing their new album with soulful feel of the Gamble & Huff original "Drowning In A Sea Of Love" and the heart-wrenching vibe of "Blues For Charlottesville." To find out more about Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters new release "Beyond The Blue Door," please visit

Canadian country legends Ian and Sylvia Tyson met back in 1959 and created a musical team that would turn them into icons. They would create a dozen albums together and topped the Canadian music charts in 1965 with their single "Early Morning Rain." On September 5th, Ian & Sylvia will be inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame and to celebrate that achievement, Stony Plain Records will release the new double-album titled "The Lost Tapes." The set is comprised of newly discovered concert tapes of Ian & Sylvia performing many country/folk classics like "Keep On The Sunny Side," "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and "Four Strong Winds." The quality of these recordings is excellent, as if they were professionally recorded for a live album that never saw the light of day, until now. Listening to tracks like "When First Unto The Country" and "Little Beggarman," remind you how great their harmonies were, as the two seemed perfect for each other.

While one disc is filled with songs that Ian & Sylvia have performed throughout their career, the other disc is filled with thirteen previously unreleased tracks. The duo try their hand at Robert Johnson's blues of "Come On In My Kitchen" and the heartfelt beauty of Ricky Nelson's "How Long," as they add their own special touch to these recordings. One of their favorite artists to cover is the California country artist Buck Owens, as Ian & Sylvia feel like the perfect fit for the songs "Crying Time" (which includes vocals by Lucille Starr) and "Together Again." To find out more about the new release of "Ian & Sylvia The Lost Tapes," please visit

Singer, songwriter and journalist Arielle Paul recently released her new six-song EP titled "Burn." Arielle seems to get her musical talents from her father, Alan Paul, who was a founding member of the Grammy-winning band, The Manhattan Transfer. Her new album has been seven-years in the making, beginning with the Americana/Pop melody of the title song, "Burn," as you can hear how well-crafted and perfected the songs are on this new release. She continues with the psychedelic-folk melody of "This Way," while "Sometimes" is an acoustic heartfelt ballad that will grab your attention, as you concentrate on her thoughtful lyrics. Arielle Paul wraps up her new album with the uptempo, country/funk combination of "Go" and the quiet, French-singing, folk strumming of "'Til The End." To find out more about Arielle Paul and her latest release "Burn," please visit

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Check Out New Music From Donnie Vie, Itch, The Warp/The Weft and Aina Haina

Original lead vocalist and songwriter for the eighties hard rock band, Enuff Z'Nuff, Donnie Vie recently released his new solo album titled "Beautiful Things" back in May. It features guest appearances by Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big), Joseph Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) and Mike LePond (Symphony X), as you dive into the opening track "Beautiful Things." As soon as you hear the first lyrics of the song, you are instantly familiar with Vie's iconic vocals, as his voice sounds timeless on this melodic beginning track. Donnie Vie rocks a little harder on "Plain Jane," before the nostalgic acoustic pop tones of "Breaking Me Down" displays his songwriting talents for constructing an addictive musical hook. The beauty of the piano ballad "Fly" showcases Vie diversity, before returning to the addictive pop sounds of "Tender Lights." Donnie Vie finishes up his new album with the playful, upbeat acoustic swinging autobiographical "Whatever" and the steady, inspirational rock of "Back From The Blue." To find out more about Donnie Vie and his latest release "Beautiful Things," please visit

Next, comes the new album titled "Round 2" (which was released back in May) from the Serbian band, Itch. Their new nine song release begins with the uptempo, alt-pop melody of "Prison Disco" that will certainly grab your attention with the song's build up of intensity. Next, we get the funky rhythm of "My Oh My," mixed with a post-punk rawness that makes Itch an exciting band to behold. The energy continues with flow with the new wave appeal of "Defpotec" and the mainstream alternative rocker "ReRe." Itch wrap up their new album with the more intense, aggressive hard rock approach of "Sun Will Rise" and the addictive melody of "Magenta." To find out more about Itch and their latest release "Round 2," please visit

From Poughkeepsie, NY comes the latest album, "Dead Reckoning" from the Americana/folk rock band, The Warp/The Weft. Their new ten song release begins with the roots rocker "Developing Your Ghost" and the slower, steady pace of "Milk-White," as you familiarize yourself with the group's poetic lyrics laid upon an addictive rhythmic background. The Warp/The Weft quiet their sound with the acoustic strumming turned electric blues of "Our Fortune" and then they deliver the "jamband" feel of "Waterless," as they showcase the band's musicianship. The Warp/The Weft finish up their new album with the steady flow of "Saline" and the more powerful, guitar rock attack of "Move As One." To find out more about The Warp/The Weft and their latest release "Dead Reckoning," please visit

From Portland, Oregon comes the sophomore effort titled "Second Best" from the rock band Aina Haina. Their name comes from a Hawaii town near where the band members met while attending the University of Hawaii. Their new seven-song release begins with intense, modern rock of "Barnacle Boy," which sounds like they combined the influences of U2 and Bon Jovi. The album's lead single "Garage Sale" has a great raw sound that is straight-up rock, as Aina Haina have fun with the lyrics. They slow the tempo down for the power ballad "Don't Need Your Love," before wrapping up their new album with the short, expressive romp of "Goddamn People" and the steady climb of the instrumental closer "On The Way Off." To find out more about Aina Haina and their latest release "Second Best," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Puddle Of Mudd Return With New Music Along With Releases From Pathology and Illusions Of Grandeur

It has been a decade since the American hard rock band, Puddle of Mudd released an album of new material. As the years between albums quickly passed, the band kept busy with writing, recording and touring. On September 13th, Puddle of Mudd will release their new studio album titled "Welcome To Galvania." It features eleven tracks, beginning with the aggressive, intense nature of opening number "You Don't Know." The buzz of guitars and pounding rhythms signal a return for the band, as songs like "Uh Oh" and "Diseased Almost" will certainly get you excited for this new chapter in Puddle of Mudd's ongoing rock story. They take a step back from the mayhem for the acoustic power ballad "My Kind Of Crazy" and the autobiographical "Time Of Our Lives," before diving back into the raw, grunge-like appeal of "Sunshine." Puddle Of Mudd finish off their new album with the slow burn of "Slide Away" and the clean version of the addictive song "Uh Oh." Puddle of Mudd are currently on tour in the U.S., which wraps up at the end of September. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Welcome To Galvania," please visit

Earlier this month, the death metal band Pathology released their latest studio effort titled "Reborn To Kill." It features a dozen tracks not for the faint at heart, as they come blasting out of the gate with the high-powered attack of "Hieroglyphs On Cement Walls." The album keeps the intensity going with the swift rhythm of "Forced Regression" and the growling vocals of "The Beast Within." Pathology slow the tempo down for the guitar instrumental "Empathy Ends," before revving it back up again for the aggressive assault of "Dragged Into The Cave." The band delivers a more melodic feel to "The Druid's Gravel," before closing out their new album with the trash metal quickness of "Predation" and the musical adrenaline rush of "Celestial Condemnation." To find out more about Pathology and their latest release "Reborn To Kill," please visit their Facebook page at

On August 30th, arrives the debut release from the hard rock/fantasy metal band, Illusions of Grandeur. After forming in 2015, the band immediately worked on "The Siren Saga" stage show that was performed through out their home state of Pennsylvania. As the story mixes together Greek and Norse Mythology, the first part of their tale is the subject of their new ten song release. We begin with the build-up of "Fallen/Awakening," as you are immediately drawn in by the strong vocals of The Siren. The stellar musicianship is heard in the progressive metal nature of "Red Sky Morning" and within the instrumental piece "The Archangel." Illusions Of Grandeur come roaring back with the intense, hard rock assault of "Silent Suicide" and "Lullabies," which has the perfect recipe for pulling you into the band's storied, fantasy metal world. To find out more about Illusions of Grandeur and their latest release "The Songs Of The Siren," please visit

Monday, August 19, 2019

New Music Is Arriving From Hollis Brown, Laughed The Boy and The Drew Thomson Foundation

From Queens, NY comes the latest album titled "Ozone Park" from the rock quintet Hollis Brown. Hollis Brown has toured with a number of bands, including The Counting Crows and The Zombies; and their music has been featured on the shows "Shameless" and "The Real World." Their new ten track release begins with the retro, addictive sound of "Blood From A Stone" and the soulful groove of "Stubborn Man." Even though the band hails from New York, they have no trouble finding that perfect alternative country recipe with the songs "Do Me Right" and "Someday Soon." Hollis Brown wrap up their new album with the raw, garage-rock melody of "Bad Mistakes" and the sweet, swinging rhythm of "Go For It," which just oozes with funk and soul. After a few more shows in the U.S., Hollis Brown heads over to Europe for a month of shows in September. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Ozone Park," please visit

From north of the border comes the latest release from the Canadian rock band, Laughed The Boy. Their new album "Change Of Scenery" took a different track than their previous release "Here Is Fine." The former album was recorded over the course of only three days, while "Change Of Scenery" had time to breathe and take shape over the course of five months, which allowed the band to perfect their sound on this release. Their new nine-track set begins with a short, classical sounding instrumental ("Parade Of Elephants"), which sets up the first full-track, the steady modern rock approach of "Skeleton Key." Laughed The Boy hit the perfect raw, rock groove with "Good And Bad," as you will find yourself letting go to the song's addictive rhythm. The album continues with the alt-pop fun of "Post Card" and the sweet acoustics of "Sun," before rocking out once again with the garage rock romp of "Night Shade." Laughed The Boy wrap up their new album with the Seattle-inspired grunge of "Remedy" and solid flow of "Broken Arch." To find out more about Laughed The Boy and their latest release "Change Of Scenery," please visit their Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Drew Thomson (Single Mothers) is preparing to release his debut solo album, as The Drew Thomson Foundation on September 6th. After battling years of alcoholism, depression and anxiety, Thomson was ready to enter the studio and produce some new music. Beginning with "Karma," and "Phone Ring," Thomson shows that he is fully in control of his life with the song's addictive, alternative rock blast. Mainstream rock gold can be found with the song "Centerfold," which carries a post-punk appeal. Drew keeps the energy flowing with the guitar driven melody of "A Little More Time" and "L.A. Lately," while "Stay" has hit single written all over it, with it's perfect modern rock vibe. The Drew Thomson Foundation wrap up their new release with the piano ballad "People Are Pets" and the acoustic rocker "All I Remember." To find out more about The Drew Thomson Foundation and their latest self-titled release, please visit

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sons Of Apollo Debut Their Live Show With New "Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony" Release

The progressive metal supergroup, Sons of Apollo return on August 30th with their first live album titled "Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony." The new 3CD/DVD/Blu-ray captured the band on their most recent tour of Bulgaria, performing at the Ancient Roman Theatre in Plovdiv in front of a full orchestra and choir. The set features every song from their debut album "Psychotic Symphony," along with a boat-load of cover songs that Sons Of Apollo add their own special touch on.

The show begins just like their studio album with the powerfully epic modern prog-metal masterpiece "God Of Sun," as you are reintroduced to this musical juggernaut. They continue with the grinding rhythm of "Signs Of The Time" and "Divine Addiction," as keyboardist Derek Sherinian and bassist Billy Sheehan trade solos. Guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal leads the band through their first cover of the evening, the "That Metal Show Theme," before reaching their reaching an intense cover of Dream Theater's "Just Let Me Breathe." Sandwiched between stellar solos by Billy Sheehan and vocalist Jeff Scott Sotos is another Sons Of Apollo original "Lost In Oblivion," before the band come together to take on "The Pink Panther Theme." 

The second CD of the set showcases the Sons Of Apollo as musical chameleons, as they perform covers of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," Aerosmith's "Dream On" and Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb." Not only does the band do an outstanding job on each of the these songs, but the symphony also add the perfect touch of perfection to give the songs that extra amazing classical grace. Sons Of Apollo wrap up the second disc with a couple of Dream Theater classics ("Hell's Kitchen" and "Lines In The Sand"), which highlights the amazing work of Derek Sherinian on the keyboards and the professional cohesiveness of the band.

The show closes with guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal playing to the audience during his solo spot, before the rest of the band join him for the Van Halen cover "And The Cradle Will Rock." The screams of "Coming Home" display the final statement by the Sons Of Apollo on this, their first live album, which will not disappoint any fan of the group or that matter a fan of hard rock music. To find out more about the new Sons Of Apollo release "Live With The Plovdiv Psychotic Symphony," please visit

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Earwig Music Company Revives The Work Of Cadillac Baby's "Bea & Baby Records" With New Box Set

One of the most overlooked music labels to come out of the Chicago blues scene was Bea & Baby Records. They were around from 1959 to 1989, delivering some of the greatest independent blues, gospel, doo-wop and soul music to ever come out of the windy city. The label was led by the one and only Cadillac Baby, who had a knack for finding the diamond in the rough of artists. After the Earwig Music Company purchased the Bea & Baby Records label, Earwig owner Michael Robert Frank felt that this piece of history needed to be told correctly. This began a friendship between Frank and Cadillac Baby, as the two went on to produce a rising hip-hop singer, 3D (Richard Davenport).

After the passing of Cadillac Baby, Frank thought that it was only right to tell the story of Bea & Baby Records by delivering large assortment of what the label had to offer. On August 16th, the Earwig Music Company will release a new 4-CD box set titled "Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records." The set features almost a 100 songs performed by over forty different artists that have passed through the Bea & Baby Records label.

The first disc showcases the early days of the label when it was led by the blues of Eddie Boyd ("I'm Commin' Home" and "Blue Monday Blues") and the doo-wop of The Daylighters ("Mad House Jump" and "You're Breaking My Heart"). This music perfectly summed up the sixties Chicago sound. The heart of the first disc features a 12-minute story about "The Legend Of Cadillac Baby" told by Cadillac Baby, on the "Blues Before Sunshine" radio show. As artists like Little Mac and Detroit Junior burn up the remainder of the first disc with their up-tempo, guitar boogie blues, you will simply find yourself lost in the world of beautiful forgotten music. 

Disc two picks up with the slide guitar blues of Hound Dog Taylor ("My Baby Is Coming Home" and "Take Five"), before the mellow sounds of Phil Sampson takes you down to lonesome street with "It's So Hard." The big vocals of Lee Jackson and the soulfulness of Little Mac showcase the immerse talent that the Bea & Baby Records label was promoting. Willie Hudson closes out the second disc with the stellar surf guitar-like instrumental "Red Lips."

The blues continues to be the highlight of the set with a couple of Christmas songs featuring The Cadillac Baby Specials. You can't help but be blown away by the burning live recordings of Little Mack Simmons' covers of "I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man" and "I'm Tore Down." You'll hear the seventies funk seeping into the blues of Arelean Brown's "Hello Baby," before Sunnyland Slim, Homesick James and Andrew "Blueblood" McMahon keep their finger on the pulse of Chicago blues in the early seventies.

After showcasing a couple of hip-hop tracks from 3D, disc three jumps back to the sixties with early acoustic blues of Sleepy John Estes & Hammie Nixon ("Cadillac Baby Passed So Fast" and "Lay My Burden Down"). Disc four also features the lovely gospel vocals of The Gloryaires, Eddie Dean & The Biblical Aires and The Norfolk Singers. The set finally wraps up with Cadillac Baby explaining to interviewer Jim O'Neal that "Blues Is My Soul," as Cadillac Baby was the heart of Bea & Baby Records.

The compact discs are only half of how great this set is, as they are accompanied by a full-color, 128-page hardcover book that tells the history of Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records. The book is filled with rare historical pictures and 45-record labels along with liner notes by many who were familiar with Bea & Baby Records. To find out more about "Cadillac Baby's Bea & Baby Records: The Definitive Collection," please visit

Friday, August 16, 2019

Be "Back In Time For Tea" With The Tea Set, While Hawkestrel Sees Into "The Future"

Classic U.K. Punk band, The Tea Set are releasing a new singles compilation titled "Back In Time For Tea." It features eleven of the band's most well-known tracks, along with one brand new recording. The set begins with four tracks from the band's first release "Cups And Saucers," which is filled with energetic anthems like "Sing Song" and "B52G." As The Tea Set continued into 1979, their sound took on more of a New Wave sound with the songs "Party Thomas" and "Tri X Pan." They brought back the punk-like energy of "Flaccid Pot," before the mainstream eighties pop sound of "Walk Small." A recent resurgence in the band's popularity sparked them to record the new track "Pharaohs," which fits into the rest of the catalog perfectly with its modern post-punk sound. To find out more about The Tea Set and their latest release "Back In Time For Tea," please visit their Facebook page at

Hawkwind bass player Alan Davey has brought together former members of the band to form a new supergroup, Hawkestrel. The project has been years in the making and finally saw the light of day on August 9th with the release of "The Future Is Us." The thirteen track album includes contributions from the like of Ginger Baker, Lemmy Kilmister and Nik Turner just to throw out a few names.

The album opens with the eight-minute, psychedelic rock of "Do What You Need To Do," followed by the heavier rock approach of "World For Fear." Hawkestrel take you on a journey with the mind-expanding melody of "Sea Of Sand" and "The Future Is Us," before the spoken word experiment of "Sonic Attack," led by vocals supplied by William Shatner. The jamming melody of the "May Sun" is the perfect way to get lost into the music, before finding your way through the intense delivery of "Goodbye Death Valley." Hawkestrel finish off their new album with trippy sixties, rock of "Old Dinah" and an updated version of the song "Bad Boys For Life" with lead vocals by the late, great Lemmy. To find out more about Hawkestrel and the album "The Future Is Us," please visit

Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Indubious, High Sunn and AJ True

Arriving August 16th is the latest full-length release from the Oregon-based band, Indubious. It has been a couple years since their last album "From Zero," which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae charts. Their new album titled "Beleaf" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the short, slow swaying groove of "Here We Come," before the thicker dance beats of "Fabric Of Creation" and "Do The Best You Can" takes over your mind (and hips). Indubious slows the tempo down for the R&B flavor of "Strong End," then add a bit of funk to the reggae fueled rhythm of "One By One," which includes the vocal work of Jackson Wetherbee of The Elovators. Other guest vocalists on this album are Michael Leslie, who supports Indubious on the slow grind of "Arrow" and Drew McManus of the band, Satsang who helps inspire the positive work of "Good Ol' Days." Indubious close out their new album with the dance beats of "Blessings Run" and a short reprise of the opening track with "Here We Are." To find out more about Indubious and their latest release "Beleaf," please visit

From the Bay Area comes the latest release from the musical mind of Justin Cheromiah, who goes by the name, High Sunn. His new album titled "Coffin Eyes" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the title song, which has a modern, new wave/alt-pop feel to the song's rhythm. The monotone vocals allows you concentrate more on the music of songs like "Ginger Peach Tea" and "Guardpepper." The light, pop sense melody of "Knife" showcases High Sunn vulnerability, while "Planner" is a sound collage that needs to be dissected to enjoy. High Sunn wraps up his new album with the dark tone of "Not Another Poem" and the sweet, simple sounds of "Life Getting In The Way." To find out more about High Sunn and his latest release "Coffin Eyes," please visit his Facebook page at

Australian-based musician AJ True was a co-founder of the psychobilly band, Zombie Ghost Train in the early 2000s, but since those days, he has composed music for films including "She Who Must Be Loved" and "Paramedico." True's work on the soundtrack to the film "JIRGA" recently got him a nomination for "Best Music" in the Film Critics Circle of Australian Awards. The 45-minute work of art uses many unconventional instrument combinations like electric guitars, tanburs, and cello drones passed through guitar distortion pedals in front of a string quartet. The music is very atmospheric, as AJ True's compositions take you on a calm, experimental journey that will have you taking multiple visits to explore. To find out more about the "JIRGA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," pleas visit

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Musician/Composer Bryan Beller Shows Us "Scenes From The Flood"

On September 13th, bassist/composer Bryan Beller (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani) is preparing to release a new double-concept album titled "Scenes From The Flood." It includes a load of guest musicians including guitarists Joe Satriani, John Petrucci and Mike Keneally, along with many others. Beller examines the themes of ambition, loss, hope and disillusionment through his new 18-song, 88-minute release.

The album begins with the sweet, gentle flow of piano in the song "The Souring Of Three & Seventeen," before the music takes off with the sonic trip of "Volunteer State," led by the guitar work of Joe Satriani. The energy continues to flow through the funk infused rhythm of "Everything Is Nothing," while spoken work lyrics make you examine the rules of life. The album is broken down into four parts, with the first one ending with the heavy metal assault of "Steiner In Ellipses."

Beller's new album features many progressive rock gems, like the nearly seven-minute 
atmospheric rock of "Always Worth It" and the pounding juggernaut of "The Storm." Part two closes with the experimental chords of "The Flood," right before the jazz fusion of "Bunkistan" takes the mood and melody in a different direction, showcases the many songwriting talents of Bryan Beller. Two of the album's highlights, are also the album's two longest tracks, the build up of "Angles & Exits," which continues to gain tempo as the song progresses. The other outstanding track, is the exciting, energetic blast of "World Class," which includes elements of music from around the world in this epic piece, led by the guitar work of John Petrucci.

Bryan Beller is currently on tour with his band The Aristrocrats. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new solo album "Scenes From The Flood," please visit

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Jake Clemons (of The E Street Band) Keeps His "Eyes On The Horizon"

On September 6th, saxophonist Jake Clemons will be releasing his sophomore effort "Eyes On The Horizon." Clemons may be best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band, but he is also a very talented singer/songwriter. Clemons new album was co-produced by Jake Hull and mixed by the legendary Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones). 

His new ten song release kicks off with the passion of "Swan Song," as Clemons sings this song with strength and justice about changing the mistakes of the past. One of the album's first two singles is the song "Consumption," which definitely demands your attention, as Clemons' politically charged words match the work of guest guitarist Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine). Jake Clemons takes a step back from the hard rock of the first two numbers for the gentle melodies of "Mom Deserves Better" and "Nothing Left," which allows you to fully appreciate his singing. The album's second single is a cover of Leonard Cohen's song "Democracy," injected with a shot of adrenaline.

Jake Clemons wraps up his new album with the wonderful island vibe of "Eyes On The Horizon," which can certainly be a strong contender for his next single with the song's infectious groove along with the quiet piano ballad of "Goodnight." Jack Clemons will be hitting the road following the release of this new album. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Eyes On The Horizon," please visit