Friday, August 16, 2019

Be "Back In Time For Tea" With The Tea Set, While Hawkestrel Sees Into "The Future"

Classic U.K. Punk band, The Tea Set are releasing a new singles compilation titled "Back In Time For Tea." It features eleven of the band's most well-known tracks, along with one brand new recording. The set begins with four tracks from the band's first release "Cups And Saucers," which is filled with energetic anthems like "Sing Song" and "B52G." As The Tea Set continued into 1979, their sound took on more of a New Wave sound with the songs "Party Thomas" and "Tri X Pan." They brought back the punk-like energy of "Flaccid Pot," before the mainstream eighties pop sound of "Walk Small." A recent resurgence in the band's popularity sparked them to record the new track "Pharaohs," which fits into the rest of the catalog perfectly with its modern post-punk sound. To find out more about The Tea Set and their latest release "Back In Time For Tea," please visit their Facebook page at

Hawkwind bass player Alan Davey has brought together former members of the band to form a new supergroup, Hawkestrel. The project has been years in the making and finally saw the light of day on August 9th with the release of "The Future Is Us." The thirteen track album includes contributions from the like of Ginger Baker, Lemmy Kilmister and Nik Turner just to throw out a few names.

The album opens with the eight-minute, psychedelic rock of "Do What You Need To Do," followed by the heavier rock approach of "World For Fear." Hawkestrel take you on a journey with the mind-expanding melody of "Sea Of Sand" and "The Future Is Us," before the spoken word experiment of "Sonic Attack," led by vocals supplied by William Shatner. The jamming melody of the "May Sun" is the perfect way to get lost into the music, before finding your way through the intense delivery of "Goodbye Death Valley." Hawkestrel finish off their new album with trippy sixties, rock of "Old Dinah" and an updated version of the song "Bad Boys For Life" with lead vocals by the late, great Lemmy. To find out more about Hawkestrel and the album "The Future Is Us," please visit

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