Monday, August 5, 2019

Hard Rock Legends Axe Give Us Their "Final Offering"

The hard rock band, Axe has been around since the late-seventies, made up of the ashes of the band, Babyface. This veteran rock band from Florida found mild success with their single "Rock And Roll Party In The Street" and opened for such classic metal artists as Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple and Kiss. Now, after forty years, Axe are preparing to release their last studio album titled "Final Offering." It will be released on September 20th on CD and on limited edition double-vinyl.

The new album features eleven tracks, beginning with "Born To Lose," which certainly rocks hard, while also swinging with a blues vibe flowing through the song. Next, Axe delivers the solid, classic rock sound of "Bad Romance," before displaying the mystical, progressive rock appeal of "Fire And Stone," which proves that they can still deliver an epic piece of music. They slow everything down for the power ballad "Make A Dream (Last Forever)," which features a choir of voices to lift the song's message along with the emotional blues appeal of "Road To Damascus." Axe wrap up their new album with more of the blues infused rock in the form of "Ty ochen' krasivaya" and an acoustic version of "Years Slip Away," which feels like the perfect way to close out a forty year career. To find out more about Axe's latest release "Final Offering," please visit

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