Saturday, August 24, 2019

Jody Stephens And Luther Russell Team Up For New Those Pretty Wrongs Album

Arriving September 6th, is the sophomore effort from Jody Stephens and Luther Russell, who go by the name of Those Pretty Wrongs. Their new album titled "Zero For Zulu" features ten new tracks, beginning with the wonderful lush melodies and stellar harmonies of the opening track "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight." The duo pick the energy up with the steady alternative rock/pop flow of "Ain't Nobody But Me," before stepping back to the nostalgic, acoustic folk ballad of "Time To Fly." Their new album has been planned out as if you were listening to a piece of vinyl that needs to be flipped over. The conclusion of side one features "Hurricane Of Love," which Luther Russell came up with from a dream. It almost has an early Pink Floyd/classical feel.

Side two begins with the power-pop of "You And Me," which echoes the work of Stephens earlier band, Big Star. Those Pretty Wrongs quiet done once again for the mellow, acoustics of "Life Below Zero," before wrapping up their new album with the philosophical "It's About Love," with its addictive sixties pop melody. Those Pretty Wrongs have a few shows lined-up following the release of their new album "Zero For Zulu." For more info, please visit

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