Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Indubious, High Sunn and AJ True

Arriving August 16th is the latest full-length release from the Oregon-based band, Indubious. It has been a couple years since their last album "From Zero," which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Reggae charts. Their new album titled "Beleaf" features fourteen tracks, beginning with the short, slow swaying groove of "Here We Come," before the thicker dance beats of "Fabric Of Creation" and "Do The Best You Can" takes over your mind (and hips). Indubious slows the tempo down for the R&B flavor of "Strong End," then add a bit of funk to the reggae fueled rhythm of "One By One," which includes the vocal work of Jackson Wetherbee of The Elovators. Other guest vocalists on this album are Michael Leslie, who supports Indubious on the slow grind of "Arrow" and Drew McManus of the band, Satsang who helps inspire the positive work of "Good Ol' Days." Indubious close out their new album with the dance beats of "Blessings Run" and a short reprise of the opening track with "Here We Are." To find out more about Indubious and their latest release "Beleaf," please visit

From the Bay Area comes the latest release from the musical mind of Justin Cheromiah, who goes by the name, High Sunn. His new album titled "Coffin Eyes" features a dozen tracks, beginning with the title song, which has a modern, new wave/alt-pop feel to the song's rhythm. The monotone vocals allows you concentrate more on the music of songs like "Ginger Peach Tea" and "Guardpepper." The light, pop sense melody of "Knife" showcases High Sunn vulnerability, while "Planner" is a sound collage that needs to be dissected to enjoy. High Sunn wraps up his new album with the dark tone of "Not Another Poem" and the sweet, simple sounds of "Life Getting In The Way." To find out more about High Sunn and his latest release "Coffin Eyes," please visit his Facebook page at

Australian-based musician AJ True was a co-founder of the psychobilly band, Zombie Ghost Train in the early 2000s, but since those days, he has composed music for films including "She Who Must Be Loved" and "Paramedico." True's work on the soundtrack to the film "JIRGA" recently got him a nomination for "Best Music" in the Film Critics Circle of Australian Awards. The 45-minute work of art uses many unconventional instrument combinations like electric guitars, tanburs, and cello drones passed through guitar distortion pedals in front of a string quartet. The music is very atmospheric, as AJ True's compositions take you on a calm, experimental journey that will have you taking multiple visits to explore. To find out more about the "JIRGA - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack," pleas visit

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