Friday, August 9, 2019

New Music From New Artists H.Kink, The Side Project and Oh Rose

The musical duo of Lisa Rieffel and Timm Sharp are preparing to release their debut album "Wish I Were Here" on August 16th under the name H.Kink. Their new twelve-song release begins with the a short, acoustic folk number named "Hello," which is where the sweetness ends as "No Whammys" is an exciting retro rock number. They keep the flashback going with the seventies mash-up of disco and rock with the songs "I'm Nice Like That" and "It's Yours." H.Kink's song "Kill All The Rats," sounds as if it was made for the next Quentin Tartantino movie, while "Hit The Road" is a swinging country song that is hard to resist. H.Kink close out their new album with the eighties pop vibe of "All I Can Do Is Try" and the acoustic folk duet of "Otto." To find out more about H.Kink and their latest release "Wish I Were Here," please visit their YouTube channel at

The saxophone band, The Side Project recently released their sophomore album titled "Everything We Do." It features a dozen tracks that showcase the band's evolution into a more complete unit. The four saxophones are only supported by bass and drums and are led by the amazing vocals of Alita Moses, Akie Bermiss, Cyrille Aimee and Priya Darshini. The album kicks off with a short instrumental before diving into their cover of Childish Gabino's "Redbone," which transitions to this format perfectly. Moses' vocals on this song are the perfect contrast to the sax-infused rhythm. The soulfulness of The Side Project is heard in their stark rendition of "You're Still The One," featuring vocals by Akie Bermiss. One of the album's highlights is how they turn the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Aeroplane" into a classy jazz number, while still keeping the original song's swinging groove. Alita Moses returns to take the lead on the soulful melody of "Issues," before The Side Project wrap up their new album with the worldly feel of "Destiny/Margazhi Poove," sung by Priya Darshini in English and in her own native language. To find out more about The Side Project and their latest release "Everything We Do," please visit

The Olympia, Washington band, Oh Rose will be releasing their new full-length album "While My Father Sleeps" on August 23rd through Park The Van Records. Their new ten song release begins with the nineties grunge-like vibe of "25 Alive," which deals with resentment, while "Easy" is a post-punk blast of energy. Oh Rose slows down for the sweet melody of "Baby" and the lush poetic tone of "Harrypotterjuana." They get back to the aggressive garage rock rawness of "Politics," before finishing their new album with the gentle, angelic tone of "Water" and the steady climb of "Be Kind To Me." To find out more about Oh Rose and their latest release "While My Father Sleeps," please visit their Facebook page at

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