Monday, August 19, 2019

New Music Is Arriving From Hollis Brown, Laughed The Boy and The Drew Thomson Foundation

From Queens, NY comes the latest album titled "Ozone Park" from the rock quintet Hollis Brown. Hollis Brown has toured with a number of bands, including The Counting Crows and The Zombies; and their music has been featured on the shows "Shameless" and "The Real World." Their new ten track release begins with the retro, addictive sound of "Blood From A Stone" and the soulful groove of "Stubborn Man." Even though the band hails from New York, they have no trouble finding that perfect alternative country recipe with the songs "Do Me Right" and "Someday Soon." Hollis Brown wrap up their new album with the raw, garage-rock melody of "Bad Mistakes" and the sweet, swinging rhythm of "Go For It," which just oozes with funk and soul. After a few more shows in the U.S., Hollis Brown heads over to Europe for a month of shows in September. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Ozone Park," please visit

From north of the border comes the latest release from the Canadian rock band, Laughed The Boy. Their new album "Change Of Scenery" took a different track than their previous release "Here Is Fine." The former album was recorded over the course of only three days, while "Change Of Scenery" had time to breathe and take shape over the course of five months, which allowed the band to perfect their sound on this release. Their new nine-track set begins with a short, classical sounding instrumental ("Parade Of Elephants"), which sets up the first full-track, the steady modern rock approach of "Skeleton Key." Laughed The Boy hit the perfect raw, rock groove with "Good And Bad," as you will find yourself letting go to the song's addictive rhythm. The album continues with the alt-pop fun of "Post Card" and the sweet acoustics of "Sun," before rocking out once again with the garage rock romp of "Night Shade." Laughed The Boy wrap up their new album with the Seattle-inspired grunge of "Remedy" and solid flow of "Broken Arch." To find out more about Laughed The Boy and their latest release "Change Of Scenery," please visit their Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Drew Thomson (Single Mothers) is preparing to release his debut solo album, as The Drew Thomson Foundation on September 6th. After battling years of alcoholism, depression and anxiety, Thomson was ready to enter the studio and produce some new music. Beginning with "Karma," and "Phone Ring," Thomson shows that he is fully in control of his life with the song's addictive, alternative rock blast. Mainstream rock gold can be found with the song "Centerfold," which carries a post-punk appeal. Drew keeps the energy flowing with the guitar driven melody of "A Little More Time" and "L.A. Lately," while "Stay" has hit single written all over it, with it's perfect modern rock vibe. The Drew Thomson Foundation wrap up their new release with the piano ballad "People Are Pets" and the acoustic rocker "All I Remember." To find out more about The Drew Thomson Foundation and their latest self-titled release, please visit

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