Tuesday, August 6, 2019

New Releases From Eyes Of The Lord, Grayscale, Wage War and Portrayal Of Guilt

Vocalist Bruce LePage (1000 Demons) has teamed up with members of Twitching Tongues, God's Hate and Terror to create Eyes Of The Lord. On August 30th, they will drop their latest studio effort titled "Misery Feels Like Home." The new fifteen track release begins with the marching rhythm of of "Survival," which leads you down the path to the aggressive attack of "Should Be." The songs on this new release are short, concise and to the point with no unnecessary filler. Eyes Of The Lord come out swinging on the hard hitting groove of the title song "Misery Feels Like Home" and on chugging guitar riffs of "Seventeen." The attack continues with the thrash metal speed of "Too Many Dead Friends" and Bits," as Eyes Of The Lord continue to deliver their intense sonic blast of energy. They wrap up their new album with the dark instrumental melody of "Relapse" and the 97-second, neck-breaking speed of "Tied Down (Negative Approach)." To find out more about Eyes Of The Lord and their latest release "Misery Feels Like Home," please visit eyesofthelord.bandcamp.com.

Just a week later, Philadelphia alternative pop/rock band, Grayscale, will be releasing their sophomore effort "Nella Vita" on September 6th through Fearless Records. Their new twelve song release begins with the addictive pop melody of "Just Right" and the more energetic beats of "Baby Blue," which makes the song easy to dance to. Grayscale mix together the worlds of pop and rock with the addictive chorus of "Young," which certainly has a youthful vibe attached to it. They finally rock out to "Twilight (My Heaven)," before slowing everything down for the acoustic strumming of "Asbury." Grayscale wrap their new album with the uplifting, spirited rhythm of "Desert Queen" and the beautiful piano ballad "Tommy's Song." Grayscale have a U.S. tour planned for September and October following the release of their new album. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new release "Nella Vita," please visit grayscalepa.com

Also arriving soon from Fearless Records is the latest full-length album from the Florida metal band, Wage War. Their new release titled "Pressure" features a dozen tracks that shows the band pushing harder than ever before, in order to give their songs an edgier, more aggressive sound. They begin with the solid pounding rhythm and screaming vocals of "Who I Am," before taking it up another notch with the explosive chorus of "Prison." Wage War keep the intensity flowing with the swift pace of "Ghost," before letting up on the gas pedal for the mainstream rock approach of "Me Against Myself" and "Hurt." After returning with the hardcore attack of "Fury," Wage War wrap up their new album with arena-built chorus of "Take The Fight" and the attractive tempo changes of "Will We Ever Learn." To find out more about Wage War and their latest release "Pressure," please visit wagewarband.com.

From Texas comes the latest effort from the hardcore metal/punk band, Portrayal Of Guilt. Their new release titled "Suffering Is A Gift" is a six-song album that clocks in just under ten minutes. The songs are fast, aggressive and to the point, as displayed in growls of "Scarcity" and the out-of-control speed of "Dissolution." Portrayal Of Guilt actually work on a melody with "A Futile Of Light," before closing out their new album with the intense attack of "Merciless." They are touring the U.S. during the month of August. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Suffering Is A Gift," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/portrayalofguilt.

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