Monday, September 30, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Howard Simon, Greg Roensch, Jesh Yancey, Jeff McMullen & Microcosms

Arriving just last month is the new full length album from the San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Howard Simon. His new album titled "Western Reserve" opens with the heartfelt story of "However You Can," which is a bit of a departure according to Simon, as he tells us tales of his past. He reaches deep into his soul for the beautiful songwriting of "Tend The Fire" and his vocals perfectly enhance his cover of McKendree Spring's "Don't Keep Me Waiting." Howard Simon closes out his new album with "The Final Word," a tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen, who has certainly inspired Simon's songwriting. To find out more about Howard Simon and his latest release "Western Reserve," please visit

Next up is the latest release from fellow San Francisco artist Greg Roensch. His new four-song EP titled "What's The Meaning Of That Cloud In The Sky" features Greg's great songwriting and the outstanding talents of some local musicians. The new album kicks off with the mild flowing melody of "Grasshopper," that carries a nostalgic pop vibe, with a slight blues edge to it. He continues with the jazzy rhythm of "Don't Forget To Pack Your Grenade," before closing his new short release with the beautiful acoustic folk ballad "Celluloid Dream." To find out more about Greg Roensch and his latest release "What's The Meaning Of That Cloud In The Sky," please visit

The Denver-based, psychedelic folk artist Jesh Yancey is preparing to release his new five-song EP titled "Maybe Its The Drugs." The new set begins with the sweet, soft flowing melody of "When In Rome," before picking the tempo up for the swinging blues vibe of "Ridin' High." The wonderful country sway of "In A Pinch" showcases Jesh's amazing songwriting talents, before he closes out his new album with the southern swagger of "Maybe It's The Drugs," as his band, The High Hopes make their appearance known with the song's sing along chorus. To find out more about Jesh Yancey and his latest release "Maybe It's The Drugs," please visit

Next, from Texas comes the latest release titled "Pain Management" from rock, soul and pop artist Jeff McMullen. His new five-song EP begins with the upbeat rock/pop clash of "Shyne On," as Jeff spreads his love of different musical genres all around. Next, he quiets down for the beautiful soulful ballad "The Unmailed Letter" and the inspirational heartfelt power of "Evidence." Jeff McMullen finishes his new album with the adult pop melody of "It's Only Rain," as Jeff saves some of his best work until the end. To find out more about Jeff McMullen and his latest release "Pain Management," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new two-song release from Chicago's alternative rock band, Microcosms. Their latest studio effort begins with the upbeat, classic punk vibe of "Someone You Know," which feels inspired by the early eighties U.K. underground punk scene. The second half of their new release is the modern rocker "Waste Of Time," as Microcosms just give us a tease of their new music. To find out more about Microcosms, please visit

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Jason James Brings Back Traditional Country Music & The Drunken Hearts Become "Americana Heroes"

Traditional country artist Jason James returns with "Seems Like Tears Ago," the follow-up to his 2015 debut album. It will be released on October 4th through Melodyville Records and features ten new originals that carry a nostalgic country vibe. Jason James is pure classic country, from the clothes he wears on stage to the honky-tonk way he sings. James' latest album begins with the gentle twang of the title song, "Seems Like Tears Ago" and continues with the more upbeat "I Miss You After All," which will have you drawing comparisons to Hank Williams and Buck Owens. That sweet country swagger comes pouring out on "Move A Little Closer," as Jason James asserts himself as the leader of old-school country music. He slows the tempo down for the heartfelt emotions of "Achin' Takin' Place" and "Simply Divine," before swinging once again with the country waltz of "Cry On The Bayou." Jason James wraps up his new album with the quiet, easy flow of "Ole Used To Be" as you fall in love once again with his voice and style. To find out more about Jason James and his latest release "Seems Like Tears Ago," please visit

Arriving October 18th is the new album from the Americana, Colorado quintet, The Drunken Hearts. Their new album titled "Wheels Of The City" features eleven tracks, beginning with the slow building "Fire In A House," as The Drunken Hearts re-introduce themselves to you as five piece band. They continue with the more rock infused country vibe of "Shining Eyes" and the wonderfully melodic, swift, steady pace of "Run It All Together." Their Americana-rock influences comes shining through on "Unrest," while the title song, "Wheels Of The City" carries a country-blues sound that perfectly blends the sound of The Drunken Hearts into modern "Americana Heroes." The band finish up their new album with the sweet harmonies of "In The Middle" and the all-out rock approach of "The Cave." To find out more about The Drunken Hearts and their latest upcoming release "Wheels Of The City," please visit

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Take A Visit To John Coltrane's "Blue World" Newly Released On Vinyl, CD & Digitally

On September 27th, the Impulse! and UMe music labels teamed up to release a new, previously unreleased, album from the legendary jazz great John Coltrane and his Classic Quartet. The new album titled "Blue World" features new recordings of some famous Coltrane classics, performed by John Coltrane, Jimmy Garrison, Elvin Jones and McCoy Tyner. The original idea behind the album was for Coltrane and his band to record songs for the Canadian film "Le chat dans le sac." The director Gilles Groulx only used about ten minutes of the studio sessions, as the rest of the recordings laid dormant, until now.

The album has been remastered from the original analog tapes and just simply sounds amazing, especially on vinyl. There is just something about dropping the needle on that groove of a jazz LP and hearing the wonderful, warming tones of jazz music that is unlike anything else.

This Classic Quartet were on a creative high, just joining the Impulse! label in 1961, jumping at the opportunity to go into the studio at every opportunity. During these 1964 sessions, Coltrane revisited songs from his Atlantic Records albums "Giant Steps" and "Coltrane Jazz" with a renewed sense of purpose. The new "Blue World" album features multiple takes of songs like "Naima" and "Village Blues," but instead of feeling redundant, each version feels like getting reacquainted with an old friend.

The wonderful, but subtle, swing that Coltrane placed into his music is certainly heard here in the songs "Village Blues - Take 2" and "Traneing In." The Quartet sound locked on the graceful delivery of "Naima - Take 1," while "Like Sonny" is three minutes of pure joy, as Coltrane leads the way on this playful, upbeat song. You will no doubt run through this album a number of times, looking for the subtle changes in the different take within the songs "Naima" and "Village Blues." To find out more about the new John Coltrane album "Blue World," please visit

Friday, September 27, 2019

Just Enjoy The Music Of When Circles Around The Sun Meets Joe Russo & Bonsai Universe's "Ghosts"

On October 18th, The Royal Potato Family will be releasing a new four-song EP featuring the collaboration between Joe Russo and Circles Around The Sun. This release is bittersweet because of the untimely death of Circles Around The Sun guitarist, Neal Casal. These four songs came about from a jam session between Russo and the band. The connection was so positive that a proper release of this music was necessary. The new album titled "Circles Around The Sun Meets Joe Russo" begins with the spaced out funk jam of "When I Was At Peace." The music get even more rhythmic as the performers lock into the floating, atmospheric journey of "Get It Right The First Time." The band certainly picks the tempo up with the swift pace of "Added Addition," before finishing with the most improvisational sounding piece, "Peace (Reprise)." To find out more about this new upcoming release "Circles Around The Sun Meet Joe Russo," please visit

Guitarist Woody Aplanalp returns with the sophomore effort from his musical project, Bonsai Universe. The new album titled "Too Many Ghosts" takes you on a sonic journey with its psychedelic nature, as Woody looks to expand upon his sound since his 2017 debut release "Moonstream." During that time, Woody Aplanalp has worked along side a number of different artists including Bobby Womack, Lauryn Hill and Nels Cline.

The new Bonsai Universe release features fifteen tracks, beginning with the sweet blues/rock groove of "It's A Shame" and the more nostalgic, psychedelic pop melody of "Beepsy." Woody looks to stretch his sound even further out with the "trippy" feel of "Altadena" and the more playful tune "Do Something." The wonderful folk sounds of "Ode To Ridge Road"  and "Sideways Summer" makes his music much more accessible. The new Bonsai Universe album finishes with the bluesy feel of "Rain" and the classic, psych-pop trip to "My Little Corner Of The World." To find out more about the latest release from Bonsai Universe, please visit

Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Rock From Pavement Entertainment Artists OddFellas, Myth Of Creation, Mobile Deathcamp and Second Season

Just last week featured the arrival of the debut album from the Texas hard rock band, OddFellas. Their new self-titled effort was released through Pavement Entertainment and features only five tracks, but the band will have no trouble catching your attention with these tracks. The album kicks off with the aggressive, alternative appeal of "Reason," which certainly showcases OddFellas modern rock vibe. The intense drumming of "Blame" combines their raw energy with a southern swagger that gives their music that attractive quality. OddFellas finish up their new album with the mainstream radio ready, guitar driven delivery of "Disguise" and the nearly seven-minute experimental blues jam of "Dead." To find out more about OddFellas and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Next, from Colorado comes the full-length debut album from the hardcore metal band Myth Of Creation. Their new release titled "Trials" will be available on September 27th through Pavement Entertainment. They start off their new eleven song release with the chugging guitar and screaming vocals of "Misanthrope," followed quickly by the more intense, aggressive nature of "Tritone." Myth Of Creation display a more mainstream metal sound on "Locked Inside," which should grab some attention on internet radio. They come roaring back with the dark, attacking vocals of "Flawed," while "Psycho" is pure hardcore metal gold. Myth Of Creation wrap up their new album with the extreme music frenzy of "Trapped In Hell" and the addictively powerful "Final Words." To find out more about Myth Of Creation and their new release "Trials," please visit their Facebook page at

For over ten years the metal band Mobile Deathcamp have been tearing up the clubs in Ohio. On October 4th, Mobile Deathcamp will unleash their latest set of recordings titled "Vol 4-ish." Their new five-song release clocks in at just over ten minutes and features some of the band's strongest work to date. They come blasting out of the gate with the swift, thrash metal appeal of "Sour Cremation," followed quickly by the raw, punk-like delivery of "Jealous Again." Mobile Deathcamp wrap up the latest release with the high energy, aggressive destruction of "Simply Effective" and the hard-hitting, fast pace of "Warheit." To find out more about Mobile Deathcamp and their new EP "Vol 4-ish," please visit

Last, but not least, we finish with the highly addictive hard rock appeal of Second Season and their latest effort "Weather The Storm." The new album will be released on October 11th, through Pavement Entertainment and features only six tracks, but it is surely enough to get a good feel of what Second Season has to offer. The album begins with the energetic blast of the title song "Weather The Storm," before continuing with mainstream, melodic, addictive delivery of "Staryboy." Second Season finish up their new album with the country-rock style ballad "Hey Bartender" and the tempo changes of "Monster In The Mirror." To find out more about Second Season and their latest release "Weather The Storm," please visit their Facebook page at

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Modern Rock Arrivals From Issues, Varials, Thousand Below and Locket

Arriving October 4th from Rise Records is the latest release from the hard rock band, Issues. Their new thirteen-track release titled "Beautiful Oblivion" begins with the slow build up of "Here's To You," as you begin to get acquainted again with Issues and their mix of pop and hard rock elements. Their vocals on "Drink About It" are outstanding, before bringing on the dance groove of "Find Forever." Issues go for all out rock on the addictive melody of "Rain," then display the diversity in their songwriting on the energy fueled beats of "Downfall." Issues close out their new album with aggressive hard rock assault of "Second Best" and their return to the pop tones of the title song "Beautiful Oblivion." Issues will be hitting the road in November for a two-month U.S. tour. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about their new album "Beautiful Oblivion," please visit

A week later on October 11th is the new release from the Philadelphia rock quartet, Varials. Their new fifteen track release titled "In Darkness" comes right out swinging with the aggressive tone of "Wound" and the hardcore metal pounding of "I Suffocate." The music becomes more reckless on "In Darkness," while "Bleeding" carries a nice nu-metal groove. Varials slow the tempo down for the steady, thunderous rhythm of "Romance," before the sonic energetic blast of "I Against I" hits you right in the face. The band wrap up their new album with modern mainstream metal vibe of "The Love Machine" and the final growling buzz of "Maze." To find out more about Varials and their latest release "In Darkness," please visit their Facebook page at

Also arriving on October 11th is the new album "Gone In Your Wake" from the San Diego rock band, Thousand Below. Their new eleven song release begins with the stellar mainstream delivery of "Chemical" and the more energetic and aggressive edginess of "Disassociate." Thousand Below revert back to the mainstream alt-pop of "Fake Smile" and then slow down for the acoustic ballad "The Edge Of Your Bed," before blasting you back into your seat with the hardcore, punk-like fury of "Vanish." They finish off their new album with the pop/rock rhythm of "Lost Between" and the quiet, gentle vocal delivery of "Gone In Your Wake." Thousand Below are currently on the road with Of Mice & Men. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about their new album "Gone In Your Wake," please visit

The end of the month features the arrival of the debut album from the Canadian rock band, Locket. Their new ten song release titled "All Out" begins with the build up of energy in the form of "Out Of Sight" and the more intense delivery of "Sleepwalker." Locket showcase their more melodic side with the gentle flow of "Hunnie," while also keeping their modern rock edge on "Other People." The mainstream rock approach of "Sunshower" is the perfect sound for radio success, before Locket finish up with the final energetic blast of "Even If It Kills Me." To find out more about Locket and their latest release "All Out," please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Mick Devine, Drifting In Silence, Shallow Waves and Jom Comyn

Arriving October 18th is the debut solo release from the well-traveled pop/rock artist Mick Devine. He found popularity in the nineties, fronting the band Seven, which opened for artists like The Monkees and Richard Marx. Now he is prepared to branch out on his own with his new ten track album titled "Hear Now." Mick kicks things off with the high-energy rocker "Strange Voices," as you can hear how powerful and strong his vocals are on this opening track. His songs are easily attractive to the mainstream adult rock community as displayed in "Live Forever" and "Hope Rising." Sandwiched in-between these two tracks, is the power ballad "So Much Better Now," which focuses on Mick vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Mick Devine finishes up his new album with the country-style rocker "Life Is An Open Road" and the most intense song on the album, "Game Over," which still fits perfectly alongside his other songs. To find out more about Mick Devine and his latest release "Hear Now," please visit his Facebook page at

Veteran ambient music project, Drifting In Silence will be releasing their new album "Away" on October 25th through Labile Records. Since 2006, Drifting In Silence has focused their music on touching human emotions and their new ten track release continues that task. The album begins with the graceful build of "1111" and the more subtle, yet interesting sound signatures of "Obscure." As the soothing quietness of "Shifting" looks to wash away the pressures of the day, the eight-minute journey of "Continuum" keeps you focused on the emotions that are delivered through the music. Drifting In Silence closes out their new album with the most evolved song "Darkwithin," which could be the basis for a lyrical poem, along with the growing volume of "Memory." To find out more about Drifting In Silence and their latest release "Away," please visit

Next from Toronto, Canada comes the latest release titled "Parallel States Of Consciousness" from the alternative rock band, Shallow Waves. Their new seven track release begins with the six-minute, psychedelic rock vibe of "Shapes," as Shallow Waves look to expand their sound beyond just simply alternative rock. The band take their time setting up the songs with extended intros like in "Minutes" and "Dust." The rawness of "The Void," reminds us of the band's earlier days, before they decide to close out their new album with the pounding rhythm of "Without Function" and the slow-moving, atmospheric "Drifting Towards The End." To find out more about Shallow Waves and their latest release "Parallel States Of Consciousness," please visit their Facebook page at

Also from Canada comes the latest release titled "Crawl" from singer/songwriter Jom Comyn. His new twelve-song release begins with the moody, steady flow of "Mountains," as you are introduced to Jom's unique songwriting style. The album continues with the build-up buzz of "Street Sweeper" and the experimental rhythmic delivery of "Crawl." The quietness of "Away" allows you concentrate more on his poetic lyrics, while "Chapel Of Crimes" lifts the tempo up to a more pop melody. Jom Comyn wraps up his new album album with the grunge-like rocker "Change Your Mind" and the slow blues of "The Song Can Take The Weight," before the final subtle flowing vibe of "The Swamp" closes out the album. To find out more about Jom Comyn and his latest release "Crawl," please visit

Monday, September 23, 2019

Check Out New Music From Solid Bronze, Disturbed Furniture, Chaos Over Cosmos and Othrship

From New Jersey comes the debut album titled "The Fruit Basket" from the funk band, Solid Bronze. Their new ten song release begins with the jazz/funk/rock fun of "Papas Bug," as you become instantly attracted to the band's energy and sound. They experiment a bit more with their sound on "Invisible Man," bringing in a more psychedelic tone to their sound. Solid Bronze keep things loose on the session jam of "Swangin," before producing a more jazz infused sound on "Bronze Magic." The band wrap up their new album with six-minutes of the seventies funk groove of "Mumbo Jumbo" and the more laid-back R&B flow to "Like That Ol' Saying Goes." To find out more about Solid Bronze and their latest release "The Fruit Basket," please visit

Flashback 35 years to the New York City underground music scene of CBGB's and Club 57, as Disturbed Furniture were creating a buzz with their cult following. The band found opening spots on major tours for bands like The Clash, before some original band members decided to branch out on their own. After calling it quits in 1982, interest began to arise in the band once again a couple years ago, which led to some live performances and new five-song EP titled "Continuous Pleasures." Disturbed Furniture seemed to have retained their classic sound on the opening track "Halo Of Pain." Their combination of punk attitude, new wave sound and alternative rawness is spread all across this new album. Their music takes on a more Velvet Underground feel with "Ill In Paris," before they close out their short new release with the sonic blast of "Hit Or Miss" and the nostalgic, eighties vibe of "In The Front." To find out more about Disturbed Furniture and their latest release "Continuous Pleasure," please visit their Facebook page at

From Australia comes the final version of the album "The Unknown Voyage" from the progressive metal band, Chaos Over Cosmos. The first version of this album was released in July 2018, but the band decided to go back into the studio and revisit the songs on this release in order to delivery the definitive edition of this album. We begin with the epic, seventeen-minute juggernaut "Armour Of The Stars," as the band flexes their metal muscle on this opening track. Inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd, Chaos Over Cosmos mix tempos between the mystical interlude of "Dance Of The Silver Blade." The band take you on a sonic journey with the classic eighties metal sound of "The Compass," before closing out their new album with the high-powered, nature-inspired instrumental "Sky." To find out more about Chaos Over Cosmos and their latest release "The Unknown Voyage," please visit their Facebook page at

Cosmic Psychedelic Pop/Rock band Othrship recently released their new four song EP titled "Lift Off." They begin with the steady "jamband" flow of "Bed Of Daffodils," which leads into the funky beats and horns of "Sun On My Skin." Othrship experiment even more with their sound by testing different musical combination during "Take Your Feelers Out," before wrapping up their new short release with the progressive jazz appeal of "Citadel." To find out more about Othrship and their latest release "Lift Off," please visit their Facebook page at

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Take A Walk Down The Beatles "Abbey Road" With New 50th Anniversary Edition Of The Album

This year marked the 50th anniversary of "Abbey Road," The Beatles final album which John, Paul, George and Ringo performed together in the studio. To celebrate the legendary album, Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe will release a new remix of the album, along with 23 previously unreleased studio session tracks in a new deluxe box set, on September 27th. The new remix of the "Abbey Road" album is once again handled by producer Giles Martin (son of the famous George Martin), as he careful enriches the songs that we have all come to know so well.

Beatles' fans will no doubt try and dissect every song to find the little differences, but the first thing you will notice upon your first listen is how great this record still sounds. For this album, The Beatles went back into the studio, after the "Let It Be" recording disaster, to possibly create one final farewell album. At this point in their career, The Beatles were splintering in different directions creatively, but "Abbey Road" displays a maturity in their music and how they all came together to once again make a magical album.

The new remix of the "Abbey Road" album does bring the power of the drums and bass more up front, as noticed in "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" and "Mean Mr Mustard." The harmonies are also noticeable more present as in "Here Comes The Sun" and "Sun King." Also interesting in songs like "Sun King" and in "Her Majesty" is the movement of the vocals and instrumentation from the right speaker to the left and back again, as they play with the stereo effect. All of the instruments sound amazing, as there is a separation between them that gives the songs a cleaner, clearer presentation.

The two CDs or two LPs worth of session work is where Beatles' fans will enjoy hearing studio chatter between the band and alternate versions of these well-known songs. The first track you come across "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" features John discussing with George Martin how to deal with the complaint of The Beatles playing too loud in the studio. So, to remedy the situation, John tells the boys to play it loud one more time, which in turn gives us this raw, bluesy rendition of the song. These sessions also gives us Paul's playful song "Goodbye," as well as stripped down version of "The Ballad Of John And Yoko." Hearing The Beatles working out the different parts of the album closing medley is priceless and the inclusion of "The Long One" is the icing on the cake for Beatles' completest. The final studio session tracks highlight the wonderful work of George Martin, as is showcases the strings and brass arrangements on the songs "Something" and "Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight."

The care that went into restoring these session outtakes is definitely appreciated, as they sound almost as good as the final tracks. You can hear every misstep or chord change that went into the development of this timeless album. The 50th anniversary of The Beatles' "Abbey Road" will be released in a number of different formats including a super deluxe box set, which includes 3 CDs (the new remix of the album and studio sessions) and a Blu-ray (High-Res stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 versions of the album). It was also be available as a triple-vinyl set, which also includes all of the tracks in the super deluxe box set, as well as a deluxe 2 CD set and also as a limited edition single LP picture disc vinyl. To find out more about this new release, please visit

Saturday, September 21, 2019

"It's Such A Good Feeling" To Have Two New Releases Arriving From "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood"

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, especially when you are listening to a couple of brand new releases featuring Mister Rodgers and his music. On October 4th, Omnivore Recordings will be releasing two new compilations, "It's Such A Good Feeling" and "Johnny Costa Plays Mister Rodgers Neighborhood Jazz." Fred Rodgers (Mister Rodgers) was a special person, who saw the good in everything and everyone. His show "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood" was on television for 31 seasons between 1968 to 2001. Fred Rodgers was also an accomplished pianist and songwriter. He would incorporate songs everyday into his shows and for the first time on CD (and digitally) the most well-known songs from his TV series was collected for the new release "It's Such A Good Feeling, The Best Of Mister Rodgers."

This new compilation features 23-tracks that will no doubt bring you back to your childhood, when you listen to songs like "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and "It's Such A Good Feeling." Rodgers is joined by his long-time musical companion Johnny Costa on piano, as Fred sends positive messages throughout his music with "Be Brave, Be Strong" and "You Are Special." Even though Fred Rodgers' voice was not on perfect pitch on some of these songs, that is the whole reason why he sang these songs to show that you don't have to be perfect to accomplish the tasks to want to complete. Most of the tracks on this new compilation have been released on vinyl records in the early eighties, except for a handful of songs like the short opening track "Today Is A Very Special Day," which instantly cheers you up, knowing that Mister Rodgers is always there for support. This new compilation closes with another previously unreleased track "Tomorrow," which is a very upbeat, jazzy song that once again leaves you on a very positive note.

The other new release arriving on October 4th features pianist Johnny Costa performing the songs from "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood" in a swinging, jazz tone. This album was previously released in 1986 and was the last record originally produced by Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood Records and has long been out of print for decades. Now, we get to relive the music of Johnny Costa once again with this new release on CD and digital. This album showcases both Costa's amazing skills on the piano and his admiration for Fred Rodgers and the songs the two of them created together. Of course, it begins with the well-known "Won't You Be My Neighbor?," but now with a bit more swing to the rhythm. Costa uses the perfect set of piano keys to supplement Fred's vocals on songs like "It's You I Like" and "I Like To Take My Time." The swift, uptempo melody of "Something To Do While We're Waiting" is just fun to listen to, before Costa finishes with another well-known "Mister Rodgers' Neighborhood" classic "It's Such A Good Feeling." To find out even more about these two new amazing releases from Omnivore Recordings, please visit

Friday, September 20, 2019

New Releases From Jitensha, Innes Wilson, Mark Martye, Rebekah Hawker, Li'l Andy and Red Arms

Canadian duo Jitensha have recently released their new album titled "Under Control." It features ten upbeat, pop songs that just feel good listening to. They begin with the cavity causing sweetness of "Under Control," as the pair harmonize wonderfully on this opening track. The energy continues to flow through the mambo rhythm of "Birds Of Paradise," before Jitensha slow the tempo down for the warming tones of "Echo." The duo return to the uplifting, pop swing of "Wonderful Life," before finishing up their new album with gliding melody of "Patience" and steady climbing beats of "Sea Of Numbers." To find out more about Jitensha and their new album "Under Control," please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian singer/songwriter Innes Wilson recently released his new six-song EP titled "The Heart That Holds This Up." It begins with the up-tempo, alternative-pop rock melody of "A Whispered Goodnight" and the positive message supplied in the lyrics of "To The Letter." Innes showcases his quieter side with the beautiful acoustics of "Flowers Held Keen," before finishing off his new album with a return to the pop/rock melody of "Two Serfs" and gentle sway of "Of Love And Lost." To find out more about Innes Wilson and his latest release "The Heart That Holds This Up," please visit

Fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Mark Martyre recently released his sixth studio effort titled "Light Years." It features eight tracks, beginning with the poetic lyrics of "Wait," as you are re-introduced to Mark's aged/experienced vocals. He injects a blues vibe into "College Street," as Mark can easily draw comparison to early days of Tom Waits with this track. He picks the tempo up with the country strumming of "Kareen," while "All That Remains" paints the perfect picture in your mind with Mark descriptive lyrics. He wraps up his new album with the emotion-filled melody of "How Long?" and gentle rock ballad "Carried Through The Night." To find out more about Mark Martyre and his latest release "Light Years," please visit his Facebook page at  

Canadian country/folk artist Rebekah Hawker recently released her new four song EP titled "Careful Women." She begins with the sweet, classic acoustic country-like melody of "Round Of Fools," as you begin to warm up to her stellar vocals. The new release continues with the steady pace of "Catch You," which gets filled with the emotions found in Rebekah's vocal delivery. She closes out her short new release with the beautiful folk strumming of Kempenfelt Bay," which has a timeless quality to the song. To find out more about Rebekah Hawker and her latest release "Careful Women," please visit

Canadian country/roots artist Li'l Andy just released his new fifth studio album "All The Love Songs Lied To Us." It features ten tracks, beginning with the classic country waltz of the title song, as you can feel the heartfelt emotion that Li'l Andy pours into his performance. The tempo picks up with the swagger of "The Lives Of Others," before bringing everything to a halt with the dark, country blues of "Out On The Old Highway." Li'l Andy gently strums his guitar and sings to stars in "The Night Sky," before closing out his new album with the built up melodic story of "Kiss Me Like It's The End Of The War," the slow blues of "Desire (Again)" and the nostalgic country sway of "Forgive Me With A Waltz, My Darling." To find out more about Li'l Andy and his latest release "All The Love Songs Lied To Us," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the  full-length debut release from the Canadian indie-rockers Red Arms. Their new album "Critical State" includes ten tracks, which kick off with the raw energetic blast of "Post Punk," which will certainly get your adrenaline flowing. The album's lead single "Ran Away" is a guitar driven flurry of punk energy that is the perfect recipe for modern rock radio to grab hold of. Red Arms turn it up another notch with the intensity of "Midwinter," which should have you fist pumping and head banging to its hardcore rhythm. The band wrap up their new album with the swift pace of "Huckster" and the heavy pounding of "Listless." To find out more about Red Arms and their latest release "Critical State," please visit their Facebook page at

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Slash Teams Up With Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators For New "Living The Dream Tour" Release

On September 20th, Eagle Vision will release the brand new, highly anticipated live album from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. This new package titled "Living The Dream Tour" will be available on CD, DVD, Blu-ray and on vinyl. During his break from touring with Guns 'n' Roses, Slash decided to revisit his solo catalog with a European tour earlier this year. This new video/audio release captures Slash with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators live at the famous Hammersmith Apollo in London on February 20, 2019.

This shows covers all four of Slash's solo releases, as Myles Kennedy handles the vocals for most of the night, bassist Todd Kerns handles lead vocals with a dash of punk energy on "We're All Gonna Die" and "Doctor Alibi." The show was shot exceptionally well, covering every angle and every member of the band. Slash stays mostly stage left throughout the performance, without much movement, unless the song demanded and electrifying guitar solo, then he would take center stage to show off his  guitar skills.

The video shows that the venue is packed, as fans know every song, especially the one, lone Guns 'n' Roses' song, "Nightrain," in which Slash takes an extended solo. He also puts his guitar talents on display during his spotlight solo of "World On Fire," as his fingers never stop moving up and down the fret board. Myles also shines with his amazing vocals during the high powered anthems of "Halo" and "Mind Your Manners." He also knows how to control the crowd with his singing and his interaction with the audience. The secret weapon of this show is definitely The Conspirators, who give the songs their extra boost of energy and edginess, as they rock the hell out of each and every note.

This shows is exactly what rock and roll is all about, as each member of the band and the audience are enjoying themselves, letting loose and having a good time. Also, the quality and clarity of this film is amazing. You will certainly see how hard this band works on stage to deliver and outstanding show. The DVD and the Blu-ray both include a bonus feature, "Live In London," which is short, behind the scenes, mini-documentary that includes interviews with Slash and Myles Kennedy, as they discuss the tour and their shows. To find out more about this new live album from Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators "Living The Dream Tour," please visit

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

New Indie Releases From HeavyDrunk, Moody Little Sister, Jon Samson, Burton Guibord and Fiona Hewes

On October 4th, we will see the arrival of the latest effort from the 9-piece, soul/blues band HeavyDrunk. Their new album titled "Holywater" is the band's third release overall, but the first on their new label, 4142 Records. The new 13-track release begins by showcasing the full force of the band on the opening track "If I Loved You Hard Enough." It gives us a glimpse into what this band has to offer, with Rob Robinson's iconic sounding vocals surrounded by the wonderful gospel-like back-up singers, mixed with a tremendous horn section and guitar boogie held together by the band's steady rhythm section. They slow everything down for the emotions of "HeavyDrunk Holywater," which sounds like a plea for an unheard prayer filled with pure emotion. HeavyDrunk quickly picks the energy back up with the addictive rhythm of "One Dancing Fool" and the powerful blues-rock vibe of "Keeping Up With The Kid." The southern soulful vibe of "Memphis" will make you a true believer of HeavyDrunk, before they close out their new album with a rocking, dirty rendition of The Rolling Stones' "Slave," a wonderful, spot-on tribute to the Tedeschi Trucks Band with a version of "Midnight In Harlem" and the tender, fragile emotions of "Shine On." To find out more about HeavyDrunk and their latest release "Holywater," please visit their Facebook page at

On August 30th arrived the sophomore release from the country duo, Moody Little Sister. Their new album titled "Great Big Mama Sunshine" features thirteen brand new tracks, beginning with the up-tempo acoustic strumming of the title-song, which becomes one big sing-along before its close. The album's first single "711 Lucky Street" has a bluesy vibe, while "Evelina" is a sweet, sun soaked, laid back number that has a classic country charm. The harmonies during the gentle touch of "Nothing But No Good" are simply amazing and powerful, before Moody Little Sister slowly bring the tempo back up with the dark country tone of "Bonemaker" and the more light-hearted, swinging tempo of "Rooster." Moody Little Sister finish up their new album with the burning, shuffle rhythm of "Child Of The Wild" and the rising energy of "Northern Highway." To find out more about Moody Little Sister and their latest release "Great Big Mama Sunshine," please visit

Also squeezing in at the end of August was the latest project from singer/songwriter Jon Samson. His new album titled "Ageless: Songs For The Child Archetype" may be geared toward children, but is also rooted in such addictive pop melodies that adults will also appreciate the songs. He begins his new twelve song release with the gentle folk balladry of "Predicament" and the up-beat remedy for "Anxiety." The dance beats flow through "Video Game" and "Focus On What You Want," before giving us a fun way to learn about handling stress in the playful "Am I Awake." Jon Samson closes out his new album with the fun lyrics of "Bubble Earth" and the positive message of "Only Love." To find out more about Jon Samson and his new release "Ageless: Songs For The Child Archetype," please visit his Facebook page at

Native American folk artist Burton Guibord recently re-released his 1996 cassette-only release "Are We Free?" on CD and digitally. The album has been submitted for the 2019 Native American Music Awards. The eleven track release does not hold back the struggle of the Native Americans, as Burton sings about their past getting wiped out in "Madeline Island" and their continue fight for "Freedom." The story of "Bluecoats" paints a horrible picture of a heart-wrenching massacre and "Hey Buddy" tells an all too familiar story of homeless families that exist in this country. Even though this album was recorded over two decades ago, the messages that Burton Guibord sings about are still relevant in today's world. To find out more about this eye-opening release from Burton Guibord, please visit his Facebook page at

Finally, we arrive at the new five song EP from singer/songwriter Fiona Hewes. Her new debut album titled "8:10" gives us some insight into the type of person Fiona is, while also telling us some little life lessons she's learned. Fiona has been releasing a new song every couple of weeks, which will lead up to the release of the album in October. She starts out with the stark, fragile tone of "Bad Ideas" and strums her way through the tough idea of "Deduction." Fiona Hewes closes out her new short release with the up-beat strumming of "Wrong Connection," which shows so much promise in this young new artist. To find out more about Fiona Hewes and her new release "8:10," please visit

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Check Out New Albums By Bruce Cockburn, Paul Gabriel, Tad Robinson and Al Basile

Award-winning folk artist Bruce Cockburn returns September 20th with a new instrumental album titled "Crowing Ignites." Cockburn will also support his new album with a 40-date tour, which kicks off on the day of the release of his new album. This latest effort features eleven brand new tracks that showcase Bruce's skills on the acoustic guitar. He will simply sweep you away one moment with the loving strings of "Easter," then turn around and play some dirty blues ("Blind Willie") the next. Bruce Cockburn experiments with the guitar on the avant-garde sounding "Seven Daggers," before playing some honky-tonk, country guitar during "Sweetness And Light." Bruce then finishes up his new album with a return to the blues groove of "The Groan" and the seven-plus minute progressive strumming of "Bells Of Gethsemane." Bruce Cockburn will be hitting the road this fall, beginning with a show at the Nashville City Winery. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Crowing Ignites," please visit

Next, we have the latest release from Connecticut blues artist Paul Gabriel and his new album "Man Of Many Blues." The new thirteen track release showcases Paul's vocal and guitar skills, with the help of some special guests like Duke Robillard, Christine Ohlman and Sugar Ray Norica. The new set begins with the classic blues stomp of "I Feel Good," featuring a sweet Hammond Organ solo by Bruce Bears. Gabriel takes a step back in time for the swinging blues of "Maybe We Can Talk Awhile" and the slow, back-porch blues of "It Be That Way Sometimes," which features the harp blowing skills of Sugar Ray Norcia. Paul Gabriel dedicates the instrumental song "Blues For Georgia" to the gospel/blues singer, Georgia Louis, who was the first African-American woman to host her own television show. He closes out his new album with the big band/jazz vibe of "Face Full Of Frown" and the electrifying guitar work of "Dear John Letter." To find out more about Paul Gabriel and his latest release "Man Of Many Blues," please visit

Indianapolis native Tad Robinson returns with a brand new album titled "Real Street." His new ten song release is filled with enough soul that you will fell uplifted by the band's stellar sounds. The album kicks off with the classic swinging melody of "Changes," that you'd think that it was an original song by Smokey Robinson or Robert Cray. He slows the pace down for the emotion-filled cover of George Jackson's "Search You Heart," before lifting the mood up for the preaching groove of "Wishing Well Blues." Tad Robinson also tries his hand at the Roy Orbison classic "You Got It," in which he slow the tempo down and stresses the vocals in order to give the sound a loving, soulful vibe. He closes out his new album with his own R&B rendition of the pop classic "Make It With You" and the funky rhythm of his own original "Long Way Home." Tad Robinson has a couple of shows in his home state of Indiana, before heading over to Europe for a fall tour this November. For a complete list of shows and to find out more about his new album "Real Street," please visit

Blues artists Al Basile is preparing to release is new album "B's Hot House" on September 20th through Sweetspot Records. The new fourteen song release showcases Basile's work on the cornet, along with guitarist Duke Robillard, who also produced the album. We begin with the Robillard's stellar guitar work on the opening track, "So-Called Storyteller," as Basile steps aside to let the blues licks flow. Al introduces a more R&B vibe with "Five Roads," then delivers a more classic blues vibe with "Razor Wire." Basile and his band pick the tempo and energy back up with the soulful, swinging rhythm of "Don't Fool With The Truth" and "Looking For A Cookie," before reaching the slow, sultry ballad "Can't Keep Me From Dreaming." Al Basile wraps up his new album with dirty, blues shuffle of "What Dogs Wanna Do" and the steady jazz flowing rhythm of "Time Has Made A Fool Of Me." To find out more about Al Basile and his latest release "B's Hot House," please visit