Monday, September 23, 2019

Check Out New Music From Solid Bronze, Disturbed Furniture, Chaos Over Cosmos and Othrship

From New Jersey comes the debut album titled "The Fruit Basket" from the funk band, Solid Bronze. Their new ten song release begins with the jazz/funk/rock fun of "Papas Bug," as you become instantly attracted to the band's energy and sound. They experiment a bit more with their sound on "Invisible Man," bringing in a more psychedelic tone to their sound. Solid Bronze keep things loose on the session jam of "Swangin," before producing a more jazz infused sound on "Bronze Magic." The band wrap up their new album with six-minutes of the seventies funk groove of "Mumbo Jumbo" and the more laid-back R&B flow to "Like That Ol' Saying Goes." To find out more about Solid Bronze and their latest release "The Fruit Basket," please visit

Flashback 35 years to the New York City underground music scene of CBGB's and Club 57, as Disturbed Furniture were creating a buzz with their cult following. The band found opening spots on major tours for bands like The Clash, before some original band members decided to branch out on their own. After calling it quits in 1982, interest began to arise in the band once again a couple years ago, which led to some live performances and new five-song EP titled "Continuous Pleasures." Disturbed Furniture seemed to have retained their classic sound on the opening track "Halo Of Pain." Their combination of punk attitude, new wave sound and alternative rawness is spread all across this new album. Their music takes on a more Velvet Underground feel with "Ill In Paris," before they close out their short new release with the sonic blast of "Hit Or Miss" and the nostalgic, eighties vibe of "In The Front." To find out more about Disturbed Furniture and their latest release "Continuous Pleasure," please visit their Facebook page at

From Australia comes the final version of the album "The Unknown Voyage" from the progressive metal band, Chaos Over Cosmos. The first version of this album was released in July 2018, but the band decided to go back into the studio and revisit the songs on this release in order to delivery the definitive edition of this album. We begin with the epic, seventeen-minute juggernaut "Armour Of The Stars," as the band flexes their metal muscle on this opening track. Inspired by bands like Iron Maiden, Dream Theater and Pink Floyd, Chaos Over Cosmos mix tempos between the mystical interlude of "Dance Of The Silver Blade." The band take you on a sonic journey with the classic eighties metal sound of "The Compass," before closing out their new album with the high-powered, nature-inspired instrumental "Sky." To find out more about Chaos Over Cosmos and their latest release "The Unknown Voyage," please visit their Facebook page at

Cosmic Psychedelic Pop/Rock band Othrship recently released their new four song EP titled "Lift Off." They begin with the steady "jamband" flow of "Bed Of Daffodils," which leads into the funky beats and horns of "Sun On My Skin." Othrship experiment even more with their sound by testing different musical combination during "Take Your Feelers Out," before wrapping up their new short release with the progressive jazz appeal of "Citadel." To find out more about Othrship and their latest release "Lift Off," please visit their Facebook page at

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