Wednesday, September 11, 2019

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Music From Of Mice And Men, Capstan, Starset and Kublai Khan

Arriving September 27th is the latest release from the hardcore metal band, Of Mice And Men. Their new album titled "Earthandsky" is the band's sixth studio effort and features eleven tracks, beginning with the screams of "Gravedancer" and the heavy pounding rhythm of "As We Suffocate." Next, they speed the tempo up even more with the high-powered attack of "Taste Of Regret" and get the adrenaline flowing through your veins with the aggressive nature of "Mushroom Cloud." One of the album's most mainstream metal tracks is the energy fueled "Deceiver," which fully showcases singer/bassist Aaron Pauley's vocal abilities. Of Mice And Men wrap up their latest album with the Nu-Metal appeal of "Meltdown" and the quick-paced energetic blast of "How To Survive." Of Mice And Men are hitting the road beginning with a show in Los Angles on September 23rd. For a complete list of tour dates and to find out more about their new album "Earthandsky," please visit

Next, from Florida comes the latest release from the progressive hardcore/punk outfit Capstan. Their new album titled "Restless Heart, Keep Running," arrives September 20th through Fearless Records. It features thirteen tracks that starts out with a one-minute piano interlude, before diving into the pulse-pounding fury of "Abstracted" and the equally intense sonic blast of "Fix." Capstan continue with the more melodic tone of "We'll Always Have Paris" and "Indelible," which showcases a growth in their songwriting and structure. Not to worry, they quickly bounce back with the aggressive hardcore attacks of "Terminal" and "The Agentic State." Capstan close out their new album with the quiet acoustics of "Hideaway" and build-up of "The Love That Remains." To find out more about Capstan and their latest release "Restless Heart, Keep Running," please visit

Cinematic hard rock band, Starset are ready to drop their new album "Divisions" on September 13th through Fearless Records. Their new thirteen-song release displays the band's iconic sound, combining elements of alternative rock and heavy metal music with a dash of electronics. They begin with energy starter "Manifest" followed by the more alt-pop melody of "Echo," as Starset showcase how far their music stretches into many different genres. The visionary aspect of their music is featured in the nearly seven-minute progressive appeal of "Where The Skies End" and the gradual build-up to the "Perfect Machine." Starset's more electronic side takes over on the beats of "Telekinetic" and "Faultline," before the driving rhythm of "Trials" paints the perfect mood with its pounding rhythm. They finish up their new album with the mainstream pop of "Waking Up" and the climbing rock melody of "Diving Bell." Starset will be heading out on the road for a two month tour following the release of their new album "Divisions. To find out more about Starset and their latest release "Divisions," please visit

Texas metalcore band Kublai Khan are preparing to release their new album "Absolute" on October 4th through Rise Records. This new quick-hitting, ten-track release comes on full force with a "take no prisoners" approach. They begin with the short juggernaut "Armor Of Goddamn," that paves the way for the aggressive, chugging guitar riffs of "Boomslang." These short sonic blasts of music just keep hitting you like tidal waves of sound, as Kublai Khan continue their attack with "The Truest Love" and "Lower Level." The band close out their new album with the hardcore/trash metal sound of "Cloth Ears" and the tight rhythmic grip of "Before It's Too Late." To find out more about Kublai Khan and their latest release "Absolute," please visit

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