Thursday, September 12, 2019

New September Heavy Metal Releases Arriving From Void King, Mourn The Light/Oxblood Forge, Fathom Farewell, Cortege & Ripper

Here are handful of metal releases that need to be on your music radar this September. Arriving on Friday the 13th is the sophomore album from the doom metal band, Void King. Their new album, "Barren Dominion" features eight tracks that show this band heading in the right direction. They showcase their musicianship on the seven-plus minute progressive metal lead off track "A Lucid Omega," that has the band switching tempos to keep the energy flowing. Void King flex their doom metal muscle on the slow-moving, hard pounding rhythm of "Burnt At Both Ends," before speeding up the tempo for the adrenaline fueled "Of Whip And Steed." Void King finish up their new album with the slow, dark tones of "Learning From The Ashes" and the burning guitar chords of "The Longest Winter." To find out more about Void King and their latest release "Barren Dominion," please visit their Facebook page at

Another September 13th release arrives from fellow doom metal artists Mourn The Light (Connecticut) and Oxblood Forge (Massachusetts). The two bands are unleashing a split release featuring six songs (4 from Mourn The Light and 2 from Oxblood Forge). Mourn The Light kick things off with the guitar driven power of "Lost All Control" and the solid pounding rhythm of "Drags Me Down." Mourn The Light also showcase their appreciate for their influences with a cover of Candlemass' "Bewitched." The flip-side of this new release features the aggressiveness of Oxblood Forge with the songs "Screams From Silence" and "Forged In Fire." To find out more about this new self-release from Mourn The Light and Oxblood Forge, please visit their websites  and

The following week on September 20th is the arrival of the new six-song EP from Boston's own Fathom Farewell. The new release titled "Consume The Earth," begins with the quick-hitting "Six Feet Beneath" and the more melodic delivery of the title-song "Consume The Earth." Fathom Farewell dig down for the hardcore metal attack of "Mutiny," before closing out their new album with mainstream, hard rock appeal of "Cold Beginnings" and the progressive metal nature of "Soul Within The Shadow," which showcases the passion and musicianship this band has to offer. To find out more about Fathom Farewell and their latest release "Consume The Earth," please visit their Facebook page at

We close out the month with the new self-release album from the Texas doom metal band, Cortege. Their new five-song release titled "Capricorn," begins with the slowly rising, atmospheric build-up of "Aurora," followed by the steady pace of "The Watch." Cortege display their darker side with the moody feel of "Horizons," before closing out their new album with the nearly 18-minute epic musical piece "Capricorn." To find out more about Cortege and their latest release "Capricorn," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, all the way from Chile, we get the latest release from the rising thrash metal band, Ripper. Their new five song EP titled "Sensory Stagnation" will be released at the end of the month and features the band's first set of new material in over three years. They begin with the introductory instrumental "Dissociation," before putting the metal to the grindstone with the aggressive hardcore attack of "The Unreal." Ripper finish off their new short release with the progressive metallic nature of "Like A Sacrilege" and the vicious pounding rhythm of "Terror Streets." To find out more about Ripper and their latest release "Sensory Stagnation," please visit their Facebook page at

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