Wednesday, September 18, 2019

New Indie Releases From HeavyDrunk, Moody Little Sister, Jon Samson, Burton Guibord and Fiona Hewes

On October 4th, we will see the arrival of the latest effort from the 9-piece, soul/blues band HeavyDrunk. Their new album titled "Holywater" is the band's third release overall, but the first on their new label, 4142 Records. The new 13-track release begins by showcasing the full force of the band on the opening track "If I Loved You Hard Enough." It gives us a glimpse into what this band has to offer, with Rob Robinson's iconic sounding vocals surrounded by the wonderful gospel-like back-up singers, mixed with a tremendous horn section and guitar boogie held together by the band's steady rhythm section. They slow everything down for the emotions of "HeavyDrunk Holywater," which sounds like a plea for an unheard prayer filled with pure emotion. HeavyDrunk quickly picks the energy back up with the addictive rhythm of "One Dancing Fool" and the powerful blues-rock vibe of "Keeping Up With The Kid." The southern soulful vibe of "Memphis" will make you a true believer of HeavyDrunk, before they close out their new album with a rocking, dirty rendition of The Rolling Stones' "Slave," a wonderful, spot-on tribute to the Tedeschi Trucks Band with a version of "Midnight In Harlem" and the tender, fragile emotions of "Shine On." To find out more about HeavyDrunk and their latest release "Holywater," please visit their Facebook page at

On August 30th arrived the sophomore release from the country duo, Moody Little Sister. Their new album titled "Great Big Mama Sunshine" features thirteen brand new tracks, beginning with the up-tempo acoustic strumming of the title-song, which becomes one big sing-along before its close. The album's first single "711 Lucky Street" has a bluesy vibe, while "Evelina" is a sweet, sun soaked, laid back number that has a classic country charm. The harmonies during the gentle touch of "Nothing But No Good" are simply amazing and powerful, before Moody Little Sister slowly bring the tempo back up with the dark country tone of "Bonemaker" and the more light-hearted, swinging tempo of "Rooster." Moody Little Sister finish up their new album with the burning, shuffle rhythm of "Child Of The Wild" and the rising energy of "Northern Highway." To find out more about Moody Little Sister and their latest release "Great Big Mama Sunshine," please visit

Also squeezing in at the end of August was the latest project from singer/songwriter Jon Samson. His new album titled "Ageless: Songs For The Child Archetype" may be geared toward children, but is also rooted in such addictive pop melodies that adults will also appreciate the songs. He begins his new twelve song release with the gentle folk balladry of "Predicament" and the up-beat remedy for "Anxiety." The dance beats flow through "Video Game" and "Focus On What You Want," before giving us a fun way to learn about handling stress in the playful "Am I Awake." Jon Samson closes out his new album with the fun lyrics of "Bubble Earth" and the positive message of "Only Love." To find out more about Jon Samson and his new release "Ageless: Songs For The Child Archetype," please visit his Facebook page at

Native American folk artist Burton Guibord recently re-released his 1996 cassette-only release "Are We Free?" on CD and digitally. The album has been submitted for the 2019 Native American Music Awards. The eleven track release does not hold back the struggle of the Native Americans, as Burton sings about their past getting wiped out in "Madeline Island" and their continue fight for "Freedom." The story of "Bluecoats" paints a horrible picture of a heart-wrenching massacre and "Hey Buddy" tells an all too familiar story of homeless families that exist in this country. Even though this album was recorded over two decades ago, the messages that Burton Guibord sings about are still relevant in today's world. To find out more about this eye-opening release from Burton Guibord, please visit his Facebook page at

Finally, we arrive at the new five song EP from singer/songwriter Fiona Hewes. Her new debut album titled "8:10" gives us some insight into the type of person Fiona is, while also telling us some little life lessons she's learned. Fiona has been releasing a new song every couple of weeks, which will lead up to the release of the album in October. She starts out with the stark, fragile tone of "Bad Ideas" and strums her way through the tough idea of "Deduction." Fiona Hewes closes out her new short release with the up-beat strumming of "Wrong Connection," which shows so much promise in this young new artist. To find out more about Fiona Hewes and her new release "8:10," please visit

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