Monday, September 30, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Howard Simon, Greg Roensch, Jesh Yancey, Jeff McMullen & Microcosms

Arriving just last month is the new full length album from the San Francisco-based singer/songwriter Howard Simon. His new album titled "Western Reserve" opens with the heartfelt story of "However You Can," which is a bit of a departure according to Simon, as he tells us tales of his past. He reaches deep into his soul for the beautiful songwriting of "Tend The Fire" and his vocals perfectly enhance his cover of McKendree Spring's "Don't Keep Me Waiting." Howard Simon closes out his new album with "The Final Word," a tribute to the late, great Leonard Cohen, who has certainly inspired Simon's songwriting. To find out more about Howard Simon and his latest release "Western Reserve," please visit

Next up is the latest release from fellow San Francisco artist Greg Roensch. His new four-song EP titled "What's The Meaning Of That Cloud In The Sky" features Greg's great songwriting and the outstanding talents of some local musicians. The new album kicks off with the mild flowing melody of "Grasshopper," that carries a nostalgic pop vibe, with a slight blues edge to it. He continues with the jazzy rhythm of "Don't Forget To Pack Your Grenade," before closing his new short release with the beautiful acoustic folk ballad "Celluloid Dream." To find out more about Greg Roensch and his latest release "What's The Meaning Of That Cloud In The Sky," please visit

The Denver-based, psychedelic folk artist Jesh Yancey is preparing to release his new five-song EP titled "Maybe Its The Drugs." The new set begins with the sweet, soft flowing melody of "When In Rome," before picking the tempo up for the swinging blues vibe of "Ridin' High." The wonderful country sway of "In A Pinch" showcases Jesh's amazing songwriting talents, before he closes out his new album with the southern swagger of "Maybe It's The Drugs," as his band, The High Hopes make their appearance known with the song's sing along chorus. To find out more about Jesh Yancey and his latest release "Maybe It's The Drugs," please visit

Next, from Texas comes the latest release titled "Pain Management" from rock, soul and pop artist Jeff McMullen. His new five-song EP begins with the upbeat rock/pop clash of "Shyne On," as Jeff spreads his love of different musical genres all around. Next, he quiets down for the beautiful soulful ballad "The Unmailed Letter" and the inspirational heartfelt power of "Evidence." Jeff McMullen finishes his new album with the adult pop melody of "It's Only Rain," as Jeff saves some of his best work until the end. To find out more about Jeff McMullen and his latest release "Pain Management," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new two-song release from Chicago's alternative rock band, Microcosms. Their latest studio effort begins with the upbeat, classic punk vibe of "Someone You Know," which feels inspired by the early eighties U.K. underground punk scene. The second half of their new release is the modern rocker "Waste Of Time," as Microcosms just give us a tease of their new music. To find out more about Microcosms, please visit

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