Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Mick Devine, Drifting In Silence, Shallow Waves and Jom Comyn

Arriving October 18th is the debut solo release from the well-traveled pop/rock artist Mick Devine. He found popularity in the nineties, fronting the band Seven, which opened for artists like The Monkees and Richard Marx. Now he is prepared to branch out on his own with his new ten track album titled "Hear Now." Mick kicks things off with the high-energy rocker "Strange Voices," as you can hear how powerful and strong his vocals are on this opening track. His songs are easily attractive to the mainstream adult rock community as displayed in "Live Forever" and "Hope Rising." Sandwiched in-between these two tracks, is the power ballad "So Much Better Now," which focuses on Mick vocals and heartfelt lyrics. Mick Devine finishes up his new album with the country-style rocker "Life Is An Open Road" and the most intense song on the album, "Game Over," which still fits perfectly alongside his other songs. To find out more about Mick Devine and his latest release "Hear Now," please visit his Facebook page at facebook.com/MickDevineMusic

Veteran ambient music project, Drifting In Silence will be releasing their new album "Away" on October 25th through Labile Records. Since 2006, Drifting In Silence has focused their music on touching human emotions and their new ten track release continues that task. The album begins with the graceful build of "1111" and the more subtle, yet interesting sound signatures of "Obscure." As the soothing quietness of "Shifting" looks to wash away the pressures of the day, the eight-minute journey of "Continuum" keeps you focused on the emotions that are delivered through the music. Drifting In Silence closes out their new album with the most evolved song "Darkwithin," which could be the basis for a lyrical poem, along with the growing volume of "Memory." To find out more about Drifting In Silence and their latest release "Away," please visit driftinginsilence.com

Next from Toronto, Canada comes the latest release titled "Parallel States Of Consciousness" from the alternative rock band, Shallow Waves. Their new seven track release begins with the six-minute, psychedelic rock vibe of "Shapes," as Shallow Waves look to expand their sound beyond just simply alternative rock. The band take their time setting up the songs with extended intros like in "Minutes" and "Dust." The rawness of "The Void," reminds us of the band's earlier days, before they decide to close out their new album with the pounding rhythm of "Without Function" and the slow-moving, atmospheric "Drifting Towards The End." To find out more about Shallow Waves and their latest release "Parallel States Of Consciousness," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/ShallowWaves

Also from Canada comes the latest release titled "Crawl" from singer/songwriter Jom Comyn. His new twelve-song release begins with the moody, steady flow of "Mountains," as you are introduced to Jom's unique songwriting style. The album continues with the build-up buzz of "Street Sweeper" and the experimental rhythmic delivery of "Crawl." The quietness of "Away" allows you concentrate more on his poetic lyrics, while "Chapel Of Crimes" lifts the tempo up to a more pop melody. Jom Comyn wraps up his new album album with the grunge-like rocker "Change Your Mind" and the slow blues of "The Song Can Take The Weight," before the final subtle flowing vibe of "The Swamp" closes out the album. To find out more about Jom Comyn and his latest release "Crawl," please visit jomcomyn.com

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