Friday, September 13, 2019

New Music From Metal Blade Records Artists Sacred Reich, RAM and Cult Of Luna

After twenty-three years, classic metal band Sacred Reich have returned with a brand new studio album titled "Awakening." This new eight track release shows us that Sacred Reich have not lost touch with their fans, as they can still deliver a hard-hitting, thrash metal album. The new Metal Blade Records release begins with the pulsating rhythm of the title-song "Awakening," as they continue to lead the charge of thrash metal purists. The album continues with the sonic blast of "Divide & Conquer" and the swift pace of "Manifest Reality," which has that classic, old-school metal appeal that is hard to find in today's overproduced musical world. Sacred Reich pull back the reigns slightly for the more mainstream metal sound of "Death Valley," before finishing their new album with the punk-like fury of "Revolution" and the electrifying guitar work of "Something To Believe." To find out more about Sacred Reich and their latest release "Awakening," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving September 13th is the latest release from the Swedish metal band, RAM. Their new album "The Throne Within" features nine new high-powered tracks that will continue their dominance in the European metal community. RAM wastes no time kicking things off with a six-plus minute metal epic piece "The Shadowwork" and the more aggressive attack of "Blades Of Betrayal." The perfect combination of chugging guitars and pounding rhythms equal the throat squeezing power of "Fang And Fur." They keep the energy flowing with "Violence (Is Golden)" and the nearly eight-minute epic number "No Refuge." RAM close out their new album with the slow, dark, moody ballad "You All Leave" and the thunderous delivery of "Ravnfall." To find out more about RAM and their latest release "The Throne Within," please visit

Last, but not least we finally arrive at the latest release from epic metal giants Cult Of Luna. Their new album "A Dawn To Fear" may feature only eight tracks, but four of them clock in at over ten minutes long, beginning with the consistent climb of "The Silent Man," which reaches its peak before just letting go. They continue with the aggressive, hardcore sounds of "Lay Your Head To Rest" and the dark, doom metal appeal of the title-song "A Dawn To Fear." The fifteen-minute climb of "Lights On The Hill" mixes tempos, before hitting that pinnacle sonic blast of power. Cult Of Luna wrap up their new album with the quieter, atmospheric flow of "We Feel The End" and stellar musicianship of "The Fall." To find out more about Cult Of Luna and their latest release "A Dawn To Fear," please visit their Facebook page at

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