Monday, September 2, 2019

New Music From Steve Future, Moon Over Mountain, Magnatar, Shining Pyramid, Eldanka

Swedish blues rocker Steve Future has released a new album titled "7 Cities," it is actually a compilation of his earlier EP releases "It Takes Times," "Four Cities" and "The 9 Others." His new 18-track release kicks off with the nostalgic sounding vibe of "Bananas & Diamonds," before blasting down the doors with the burning guitar swagger of "Blue Heron." Steve slows the tempo down for the backwoods, country/folk appeal of "Waterfall" and "Civil War." He loves telling the stories of "Black Water" and "Rat Poison," with their classic blues strumming tempos. This new release is a great introduction to the music of Steve Future, as it showcases the two different sides to his music, the mellower acoustic side and his heavier, electric blues side. He wraps up his new album with the raw, edgy blues of "Boned Rock" and the rockabilly guitar boogie of "Blue Volvo." To find out more about Steve Future and his latest release "7 Cities," please visit

The Colorado-based duo of Kenneth Lee Roberts and Megan Buness have recently released their debut album titled "The Colors Of Life" under the name Moon Over Mountain. The new eleven track album begins with the new age appeal of "Yes, I Am Here," as Megan's angelic vocals soar above Kenneth's atmospheric keyboard work. The eight-minute "A Walk In Fall Leaves" mixes together a classical sound with a modern pop vibe with Megan's vocals placed strategically along the way. You will have no problem relaxing into the gentle touch of "Dry Your Eyes" and "A Nation Divided," as you can just let your troubles go and absorb the sound of Moon Over Mountain. The duo close out their new album with the rhythmic experiment piece "After The Work Is Done" and the ambient, progressive new age appeal of "Daybreak." To find out more about Moon Over Mountain and their latest release "The Colors Of Life," please visit

The Florida-based progressive rock band, Magnatar have recently released their latest studio effort titled "Parallel Worlds." This five-piece musical band is led by mandolin player, Glenn Smith who is out to prove that the mandolin belongs alongside guitar, drums, bass and keyboards in the world of progressive rock music. Their new nine song release kicks off with the exciting, highly energetic titled song "Parallel Worlds," as you are first introduced to the band on this eye-opening track. The two-minute beautiful piano piece "Solara (Intro To New Galaxy)" relaxes your senses, before the band dive into the much more intense "New Galaxy," led by Smith's mandolin melody. The album continues with the wonderful acoustics of "A Walk In The Park," before finishing up their new album with the classic seventies progressive rock vibe of "Five Pieces Of Six" and the adventurous build-up of "Augmented Reality." To find out more about Magnatar and their latest release "Parallel Worlds," please visit

From the streets of London comes the sophomore release from the "space rock" band, Shining Pyramid. The duo's new album titled "Children Of The Stones" allows them to expand and grow their sound on this new seven-track release. They begin with the slow ten-minute build-up of "Hie Thee Sungates," as you find yourself getting lost within the music. Shining Pyramids deliver a more structured melody with the title-song "Children Of The Stones," before being let loose into the atmosphere of "Horses," with its pulse-quickening close to the song. The duo of Nick Adams and Peter Jeal wrap up their new Shining Pyramid album with the pulsating, electronic rock of "Sun Loose In The Sky" and the progressive, keyboard-heavy closer "Meadows Starred With Flowers." To find out more about Shining Pyramid and their latest release "Children Of The Stones," please visit

Finnish instrumental band, Eldanka have recently released their brand new studio album titled "Rusty Treasures." It features a dozen tracks that showcase their love for the classic surf guitar sounds of The Ventures and The Surfaris. Eldanka begin their new album with the nostalgic, energetic surf guitar strumming of "Sup Rider," followed by the wonderful Latin flair of "Paranta Beach." They will certainly get blood pumping with the upbeat, quick paced rhythm of "Treasure" and "SF Surf," before wrapping up their new album with the mellow bluesy feel of "November" and the gentle melody of "Springfields." To find out more about Eldanka and their latest release "Rusty Treasures," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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