Friday, September 20, 2019

New Releases From Jitensha, Innes Wilson, Mark Martye, Rebekah Hawker, Li'l Andy and Red Arms

Canadian duo Jitensha have recently released their new album titled "Under Control." It features ten upbeat, pop songs that just feel good listening to. They begin with the cavity causing sweetness of "Under Control," as the pair harmonize wonderfully on this opening track. The energy continues to flow through the mambo rhythm of "Birds Of Paradise," before Jitensha slow the tempo down for the warming tones of "Echo." The duo return to the uplifting, pop swing of "Wonderful Life," before finishing up their new album with gliding melody of "Patience" and steady climbing beats of "Sea Of Numbers." To find out more about Jitensha and their new album "Under Control," please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian singer/songwriter Innes Wilson recently released his new six-song EP titled "The Heart That Holds This Up." It begins with the up-tempo, alternative-pop rock melody of "A Whispered Goodnight" and the positive message supplied in the lyrics of "To The Letter." Innes showcases his quieter side with the beautiful acoustics of "Flowers Held Keen," before finishing off his new album with a return to the pop/rock melody of "Two Serfs" and gentle sway of "Of Love And Lost." To find out more about Innes Wilson and his latest release "The Heart That Holds This Up," please visit

Fellow Canadian singer/songwriter Mark Martyre recently released his sixth studio effort titled "Light Years." It features eight tracks, beginning with the poetic lyrics of "Wait," as you are re-introduced to Mark's aged/experienced vocals. He injects a blues vibe into "College Street," as Mark can easily draw comparison to early days of Tom Waits with this track. He picks the tempo up with the country strumming of "Kareen," while "All That Remains" paints the perfect picture in your mind with Mark descriptive lyrics. He wraps up his new album with the emotion-filled melody of "How Long?" and gentle rock ballad "Carried Through The Night." To find out more about Mark Martyre and his latest release "Light Years," please visit his Facebook page at  

Canadian country/folk artist Rebekah Hawker recently released her new four song EP titled "Careful Women." She begins with the sweet, classic acoustic country-like melody of "Round Of Fools," as you begin to warm up to her stellar vocals. The new release continues with the steady pace of "Catch You," which gets filled with the emotions found in Rebekah's vocal delivery. She closes out her short new release with the beautiful folk strumming of Kempenfelt Bay," which has a timeless quality to the song. To find out more about Rebekah Hawker and her latest release "Careful Women," please visit

Canadian country/roots artist Li'l Andy just released his new fifth studio album "All The Love Songs Lied To Us." It features ten tracks, beginning with the classic country waltz of the title song, as you can feel the heartfelt emotion that Li'l Andy pours into his performance. The tempo picks up with the swagger of "The Lives Of Others," before bringing everything to a halt with the dark, country blues of "Out On The Old Highway." Li'l Andy gently strums his guitar and sings to stars in "The Night Sky," before closing out his new album with the built up melodic story of "Kiss Me Like It's The End Of The War," the slow blues of "Desire (Again)" and the nostalgic country sway of "Forgive Me With A Waltz, My Darling." To find out more about Li'l Andy and his latest release "All The Love Songs Lied To Us," please visit

Lastly we arrive at the  full-length debut release from the Canadian indie-rockers Red Arms. Their new album "Critical State" includes ten tracks, which kick off with the raw energetic blast of "Post Punk," which will certainly get your adrenaline flowing. The album's lead single "Ran Away" is a guitar driven flurry of punk energy that is the perfect recipe for modern rock radio to grab hold of. Red Arms turn it up another notch with the intensity of "Midwinter," which should have you fist pumping and head banging to its hardcore rhythm. The band wrap up their new album with the swift pace of "Huckster" and the heavy pounding of "Listless." To find out more about Red Arms and their latest release "Critical State," please visit their Facebook page at

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