Thursday, September 26, 2019

New Rock From Pavement Entertainment Artists OddFellas, Myth Of Creation, Mobile Deathcamp and Second Season

Just last week featured the arrival of the debut album from the Texas hard rock band, OddFellas. Their new self-titled effort was released through Pavement Entertainment and features only five tracks, but the band will have no trouble catching your attention with these tracks. The album kicks off with the aggressive, alternative appeal of "Reason," which certainly showcases OddFellas modern rock vibe. The intense drumming of "Blame" combines their raw energy with a southern swagger that gives their music that attractive quality. OddFellas finish up their new album with the mainstream radio ready, guitar driven delivery of "Disguise" and the nearly seven-minute experimental blues jam of "Dead." To find out more about OddFellas and their new self-titled debut album, please visit

Next, from Colorado comes the full-length debut album from the hardcore metal band Myth Of Creation. Their new release titled "Trials" will be available on September 27th through Pavement Entertainment. They start off their new eleven song release with the chugging guitar and screaming vocals of "Misanthrope," followed quickly by the more intense, aggressive nature of "Tritone." Myth Of Creation display a more mainstream metal sound on "Locked Inside," which should grab some attention on internet radio. They come roaring back with the dark, attacking vocals of "Flawed," while "Psycho" is pure hardcore metal gold. Myth Of Creation wrap up their new album with the extreme music frenzy of "Trapped In Hell" and the addictively powerful "Final Words." To find out more about Myth Of Creation and their new release "Trials," please visit their Facebook page at

For over ten years the metal band Mobile Deathcamp have been tearing up the clubs in Ohio. On October 4th, Mobile Deathcamp will unleash their latest set of recordings titled "Vol 4-ish." Their new five-song release clocks in at just over ten minutes and features some of the band's strongest work to date. They come blasting out of the gate with the swift, thrash metal appeal of "Sour Cremation," followed quickly by the raw, punk-like delivery of "Jealous Again." Mobile Deathcamp wrap up the latest release with the high energy, aggressive destruction of "Simply Effective" and the hard-hitting, fast pace of "Warheit." To find out more about Mobile Deathcamp and their new EP "Vol 4-ish," please visit

Last, but not least, we finish with the highly addictive hard rock appeal of Second Season and their latest effort "Weather The Storm." The new album will be released on October 11th, through Pavement Entertainment and features only six tracks, but it is surely enough to get a good feel of what Second Season has to offer. The album begins with the energetic blast of the title song "Weather The Storm," before continuing with mainstream, melodic, addictive delivery of "Staryboy." Second Season finish up their new album with the country-rock style ballad "Hey Bartender" and the tempo changes of "Monster In The Mirror." To find out more about Second Season and their latest release "Weather The Storm," please visit their Facebook page at

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