Thursday, October 10, 2019

DragonForce, Angel Witch, Entrails, Syberia and Cirith Ungol Unleash New Heavy Metal Releases

The heavy metal band, DragonForce have returned with a new studio album titled "Extreme Power Metal," which is the perfect way to describe their sound. After their epic hit "Through The Fire And The Flames," DragonForce have been riding a global wave of success that has made them known throughout the heavy metal community. Their new ten track release begins with the slow beginning of "Highway To Oblivion," that just takes off and never looks back, as the intense drumming and guitar solos may spin your head with their shear speed. Next, DragonForce slow down slightly to tell us of tale of "The Last Dragonborn," as only they know how to, with stellar vocals and shredding guitars. They go insanely quick during the songs "Troopers Of The Stars" and "Razorblade Meltdown," before closing out their new album with the uplifting hard rock chorus of "Remembrance Day" and an adrenaline fueled cover of "My Heart Will Go On" that definitely needs to be heard. DragonForce will be wrapping up their U.S. shows in the next week or so, before heading over to Europe to continue their world tour. For a complete list of live performances and to find out more about their new album "Extreme Power Metal," please visit

The classic metal sounds of Angel Witch have stood the test of time for over forty years, as one of the original members of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, back in the late seventies. Now, the band return on November 1st with "Angel Of Light," their first new studio album in over seven years. Their new eight-track album begins with "Don't Turn Your Back," which certainly carries the classic Angel Witch sound. Their sound gets even heavier during "Death From Andromeda," while "The Night Is Calling" displays the band's epic songwriting talents on this seven-minute progressive metal piece. Angel Witch wrap up their new studio album with the intense thrash metal rhythm of "Window Of Despair" and the guitar driven title song "Angel Of Light." To find out more about Angel Witch and their latest release "Angel Of Light," please visit their Facebook page at

Swedish death metal band, Entrails will be releasing their seventh studio album on Metal Blade Records on October 11th. The new release titled "Rise Of The Reaper" showcases the band's evolution in the past ten years since their 2009 demo days. They kick off their new thirteen track album with a short instrumental ("Rise Of The Reaper"), before blasting down the doors with the sonic attack of "For Hell" and "The Pyre." Entrails keep the metal going full force with the swift intensity of "Gravekeeper" and the aggressive delivery of "Destruction." The band close out their new album with adrenaline pumping guitar riffs and pounding rhythm of "For Whom The Heads Roll" and the slower, darker epic number "Cathedral Of Pain," which drills its doom metal sound into your brain. To find out more about Entrails and their latest release "Rise Of The Reaper," please visit their Facebook page at

The instrumental metal band, Syberia recently released their latest full-length album titled "Seeds Of Change." This new nine track release will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more, as they kick off the set with exciting, energetic blast of "Empire Of Oppression." Instead of words, Syberia uses the music and the melodies to tell a story, like during the eight-minute "Rogue Hunt," which uses different tempos to evoke feelings. The short, floating guitar work of "26 Days," sets up the intensity of "After The Uprising," as their heavy metal sound comes crashing down. Syberia finish up their new album with the dark, atmospheric thunder of "Seeds Of Change" and the the closing ten-minute, progressive metal delivery of "Shigir." To find out more about Syberia and their latest release "Seeds Of Change," please visit the band's Facebook page at

The California metal band, Cirith Ungol are riding a resurgence in popularity, since reforming back in 2016. Their latest release is a double live album simply titled "I'm Alive," which captures the band at the 2017 Hammer Of Doom and at the 2018 Hard Rock Festivals, including the Up The Hammers Festival. The seventeen-song release comes from Up The Hammers show, as the release also includes five additional songs from the Hammer Of Doom show. The sound of these live shows perfectly captures the band's classic sound, as Cirith Ungol continues to develop their cult following at every live show. They continue to deliver quality heavy metal with songs like "Atom Smasher" and "Blood And Iron." The set also includes a couple of Cirith Ungol's epic pieces ("Finger Of Scorn" and "Chaos Rising"), before closing out their show with the chugging guitars and pounding drums of "King Of The Dead," along with the sonic blast of their title song "Cirith Ungol." To find out more about Cirith Ungol and their latest release "I'm Alive," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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