Tuesday, October 15, 2019

"Scratch" Perry Gets Second Chance, David Norland Releases Debut & Lost Bayou Ramblers Celebrate

On December 6th, arrives the full-length reworking of the Lee "Scratch" Perry album "Rainford," which was originally released back in June. This new album titled "Heavy Rain" takes the songs from the "Rainford" album and produces a new, bass heavy version of the album with the help of co-producer Adrian Sherwood. Kicking things off is a short jungle intro with words of wisdom from Perry, before the deep, sonic thunderous groove of "Here Comes The Warm Dreads," featuring a guest appearance from Brian Eno. Next, Vin Gordon shows up on the electrifying beats and horns of "Rattling Bones And Crowns," before arriving at the spaced-out dub version of "Mindworker" and the slow, swaying rhythm of "Crickets In Moonlight." The album finishes while climbing aboard Lee Perry's star-ship titled "Space Craft" and the reggae/folk vibe of "Heavy Rainford," featuring Vin Gordon once again. To find out more about the new release "Heavy Rainford," please visit Lee "Scratch" Perry's Facebook page at facebook.com/perryscratch

Emmy-nominated film and television composer, David Norland is preparing to release his debut album titled "Glam Tear Stain" on November 1st. Norland is using his experiences for film scoring on his latest work, taking a minimalist approach to the thirteen songs that make up his new album. He begins with the gracefulness of the piano on "Agate Or Barrium," then works in a bit more atmosphere during the lush strings of "Dark Boots Chorale." David gets even more creative with the use of voices on "To Shasta Mill," before working in some more electronics during the youthfulness of "On The Needle And The Wound," while "Thursday Optimism" follows a beautiful piano melody. He finishes his new album with the acoustic, folk sounds of "Half-Eye Outlines" and the slow-moving tones of "Ash Motel." To find out more about David Norland and his latest release "Glam Tear Stain," please visit denovali.com/davidnorland

The Grammy-winning Cajun band, Lost Bayou Ramblers are celebrating their 20th anniversary with a new live album titled "Asteur." The new fifteen track album comes with an accompanying DVD that features a documentary of the band. The show kicks off with the full-on energy blast of "Steh" and the fun, upbeat swing of "Bosco Stomp." It's hard not to have a good time with the melody of songs like "Cote Clair" and "Granny Smith" along with the built-up intensity of "Rice Pump." You will certainly find yourself getting taken over by the rhythm of "Hwy 90," before Lost Bayou Ramblers finish up their show with thunderous pounding of "Kalenda." The last four tracks are studio songs that keep the energy and passion of the Lost Bayou Ramblers alive and kicking after twenty years. To find out more about their new release "Asteur," please visit lostbayouramblers.com

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