Tuesday, October 22, 2019

New Hard Rock Releases From Last Temptation, Laura Cox, Deepfall, Redline and The Way

Back in September, guitarist Peter Scheithauer (Killing Machine) and vocalist Butcho Vukovic (Showtime) teamed up for the debut release of the new band, Last Temptation. Their self-titled debut album revolves around the classic metal sound of the 80's, and to help them achieve that goal they worked with some special guests like Bob Daisley (Ozzy Osbourne), Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath) and Don Airey (Deep Purple).

The new eleven track release begins the electrifying guitars solos and pounding drums of "I Win I Lose," as Last Temptation assert themselves as a force to reckon with. Their sound gets even more heavier on "Bring Your Light Out," while the album's lead single "Blow A Fuse" displays the influences of Motorhead and Black Sabbath during this heavy hitting number. They continue their hard attacking assault with guitars a'blazing on "Nobody Is Free," before closing out their new album with the crunching heavy metal rhythm of "Hell Is Walking In My Shoes" and the final energetic blast of "The Exit." To find out more about Last Temptation and their new self-titled release, please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/LastTemptationOfficial.

Arriving November 8th through earMUSIC is the sophomore effort titled "Burning Bright" from female rocker Laura Cox. Her sound can certainly be compared to fellow female guitar greats like Joan Jett, Nancy Wilson and Nina Strauss and her voice matches her guitar style perfectly. Laura kicks off her new ten song release with the thunderous delivery of "Fire Fire," which seems to be designed for hard rock radio to just grab hold of. Next, Laura Cox and her band lock into the bluesy, heavy rock strut of "Last Breakdown," before showcasing her stellar guitar skills on "Looking Upside Down" and then slowing the tempo down for a moment for the southern rock ballad "Just Another Game." She returns with the sonic blast of "Here's To War" and "Freaking Out Loud," then wraps up her new release with the burning blues rock of "Letters To The Otherside." To find out more about Laura Cox and her latest release "Burning Bright," please visit lauracoxband.com

Hard rock newcomers, Deepfall recently released their new album "Broken" on Pavement Entertainment. While it features only seven tracks, it continues Deepfall's growth into a hard rock powerhouse. They kick off their new album with the sonic blast of guitars, drums and screaming vocals of "Wasted," in order to assert themselves as one of the premier new hard rock bands in the genre. They mix-in different tempos for the more atmospheric tone of "Ghost," while "Monster" is a mainstream, modern rocker, build for the radio. Deepfall close out their new album with "Out Of Line," a mix of chugging guitars and keyboards to express the emotions of the song's lyrics. To find out more about Deepfall and their latest release "Broken," please visit deepfallband.com

From the sacred ground of heavy metal arrives the latest release from the Birmingham, England band, Redline. Their new album "Gods And Monsters" features eleven tracks which capture that influential classic metal sound and brings in a modern element that gives their music a mass appeal. The album kicks off with the title-song "Gods And Monsters," as you instantly feel the influences that Redline draw upon for their music. Their sound gets even heavier with the riff-fueled "Empires" and the Led Zeppelin-like pounding rhythm of "Prayer For The Dying." Redline keep the energy and intensity flowing through the dynamic chorus of "Killer" and the guitar frenzy of "Take It To The Grave," before closing out their new release with the arena built sing-along of "Hell Mary" and the steady chugging rhythm of "332." To find out more about Redline and their latest album "Gods And Monsters," please visit redlinerock.com

Hard rock band, The Way features a line-up of musicians that have sold hundreds of thousands of records worldwide. The group includes on its roster members of Prophet, Angel, the Corey Glover band, Vanilla Fudge, Genesis and Deep Purple and the band's new fifteen track release is a huge wall of energy, just ready to rock your world. Beginning with the aggressive drumming and guitar ripping of "What Do You Want From A Man" and "Alright People," The Way will instantly become a permanent stays on your hard rock playlist. They display a more radio-friendly sound with the mainstream melody of "Soul, Earth, Sky" and the power ballad "Just The Thought Of You," before "Mona Lisa Smiles" brings back the band's heavy rhythm attack. The addictive sounds of "Changes" and "I Don't Want You" close out the album with the band's most accessible songs, before the nostalgic rock vibe of "Light In Your Eyes" finishes the album on a high note. To find out more about The Way and their latest release "Frequency Of Spirit," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/The-Way-Band

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