Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Orooruin, Solicitor, Second To Sun and Terminus

American doom metal band, Oroodruin return after a sixteen year absence to release their brand new studio album, "Ruins Of Eternity." Their new release arrives on October 25th, through Cruz Del Sur Records and features nine tracks that continue the band's legacy. The set begins with the heavy pounding and grinding guitars of "Forsaken" and the more mystical approach of "Man Of Peace." Their sound gets even more melodic on the slow, steady pace of "Grave Illusion," as their songwriting certainly becomes the main focus on these tracks, some of which are over a decade old. Oroodruin picks the energy up with the heavy metal attack of "War Of The World," before slowing back down for the slow, moody vibe of "Hell Frozen Over." They finish their new album with the band's classic, nostalgic, doom metal sound of "Ruins Of Eternity." To find out more about Oroodruin and their latest release "Ruins Of Eternity," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving October 25th through Gates Of Hell Records is the debut EP from the Seattle thrash metal band Solicitor. Their new short, four-song release begins with the thunderous pounding of "Nightstalker," which quickly changes gears with its swift moving rhythm and classic metal vocals. The energy continues to flow throughout "Speed Tyrant" and "Vulture Command," before finishing with the nostalgic, Judas Priest-sounding "Execution Squad." This release is only a taste of what's to come from Solicitor in the next year. To find out more about the band and their latest release, please visit their Facebook page at

On November 8th, Russian metal band Second To Sun will unleash their new studio album titled "Legacy." The new nine-track release delivers some epic numbers, among the hard-hitting aggressive attack of songs like "Confessional Of The Black Penitent" and "No Need To Be Afraid Now." Second To Sun showcase their songwriting skills on the ten-minute epic piece "Pages For A Manuscript," as they switch between tempos to keep the energy flowing. Next, they continue to flex their hardcore metal muscle on the heavy blast of "Once Upon A Time In Russia," before closing with the most mainstream metal track on the album "Raida" and a couple of bonus tracks, the more melodic tone of "Me Or Him" and the final neck-breaking speed of "Virgo Mitt 2020." To find out more about Second To Sun and their latest release "Legacy," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally, we arrive at the epic heavy metal release from the Irish thrash metal band Terminus. Their new album titled "A Single Point Of Light" is only the band's second release, but their sound is so well crafted that you think they have been around for decades. The album begins with the high-energy pounding of "To Ash, To Dust," before diving into their epic, progressive metal piece "Harvest." The band is allowed to showcase their musicianship on this eight-plus minute number, before putting their nose to the grindstone of the quick-hitting tracks "As Through A Child's Eyes" and "Flesh Falls From Steel." Terminus wrap up their new album with their second epic metal-piece, the ten-minute "Spinning Webs, Catching Dreams," as the band switches tempos on this grand album closing song. To find out more about Terminus and their latest release "A Single Point Of Light," please visit their Facebook page at

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