Wednesday, October 30, 2019

New Independent Releases from Scott Walker, Scratch Buffalo, Warren Scott Band & The Supertones

American country/roots artist Scott Walker recently released his latest studio effort titled "The Rock House Project." The new ten song release has Walker touching upon other musical genres, like the blues of the album opener "Fourteen Days" and the Latin flair of "Deja Vu." He returns back to more familiar ground with the nostalgic country flow of "I-35" and the burning southern rock of "Glide Dyna Glide." Scott's voice is pure gold during the acoustic strumming of "I Tell Myself," before closing his new album with the playful, country folk picking of "Brother Tumbleweed." To find out more about Scott Walker and his latest release "The Rock House Project," please visit

Arriving in November is the sophomore effort from the Canadian alternative rock/punk band Scratch Buffalo. Their new album titled "Strawberry Soda" will be self-released on November 29th and features eight high-energy tracks, beginning with the quick pace of "Where's Your Action." They let their instruments take center stage as with the guitar frenzy rock of "Sugar, Shake A Freak" and the steady drumming of "Nothing Inside." Scratch Buffalo will definitely hook you in with classic punk attack of "Freak Out," before wrapping up their new album with the acoustic blues of "Life Somewheres Else." To find out more about Scratch Buffalo and their latest release "Strawberry Soda," please visit

From Brooklyn, NY comes the full-length debut release from the Warren Scott Band, which have been together, performing music for over 15 years. Their new album titled "The New Deal" is filled to the brim with power pop rock, beginning with the title song, which instantly draws similarities to the Barenaked Ladies. They quicken the pace for the energetic blast of "One Hit Wonder," while "Something 2 Listen 2" is very addictive and has a nostalgic feel to it. They continue with the upbeat sixties style of "Saturday Survivor" and "Miss Moneypenny," before finishing their new album with the alternative pop swagger of "Nancy Lee." To find out more about the Warren Scott Band and their latest release "The New Deal," please visit

Surf-instrumentalists, The Supertones return with a brand new studio album "Unknown And Other Hits From Outer Space." The new fifteen track release comes out cooking with the energetic rhythm of "Unknown," highlighted by the steady guitar work of band leader Tim Sullivan. Next, The Supertones slow the tempo down for the nostalgic sound of "Antaris" and "Balazar," before delivering an addictive cover of David Bowie's "Starman." Then things really begin to heat up with the swift pace of "Torque Wrench" and "Speed Trap." We arrive at the second Bowie cover of the album, the gentle sway of "Space Oddity," which almost matches the original perfectly. The Supertones wrap up their new album with a quick-running trip "Down The Rabbit Hole" and the light flowing sound of "Queso Grande." To find out more about The Supertones and their latest release "Unknown And Other Hits From Outer Space," please visit their Facebook page at 

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