Thursday, October 24, 2019

New Music From Rocker Dan McCafferty, Newcomer Crystal Beth and Collaborators SeaSide Fragments

Vocalist Dan McCafferty, who has been the lead singer of the band Nazareth for almost fifty years, recently released his first solo album back on October 18th. After retiring from touring because of health issues, Dan found time to enter the studio and let his voice be heard on his new solo album "Last Testament." It features 15 tracks that may not be what you expected from the man that lead one of the most well-known rock bands for the last five decades. He begins with the plea of "You And Me," as he looks back at his life with his weathered vocals only adding emotion to the songs thoughtful lyrics. The music is supplied by Czech composer Karel Marik, as he finds the perfect support for epic numbers like "Why" and "Tell Me." Dan brings out the passion in his performance of "I Can't Find The One" and can still rock out as displayed in "My Baby." He closes his new album with the beauty of "Sunshine" and the one final hard rock send off of "Bring It On Back." To find out more about Dan McCafferty's latest release "Last Testament," please visit

Experimental artist Crystal Beth recently released her debut album "Push Thru" back on October 18th through Trey Gunn's 7D Media label. Beth mixes her love for classical music with her skills as a beat-box artist and electronics to make this unique piece of modern artistic music. Her new eight song release begins with the musical frenzy of the title-song "Push Thru," as you are instantly thrown into Crystal's world of sound. As a classically trained artist, she showcases her talents on the clarinet during the flowing melody of "Our Piece," before laying down the layers of beats to create an original sound for "Shrill." She returns once again to the classical sounds of "Dolphy," before wrapping up her new album with the playful sounds of her voice swirling around "Invocation" and the nearly nine-minute avante garde soundscape of "So Much Hurts." To find out more about Crystal Beth and her latest release "Push Thru," please visit

Producer Kim Reilly is working on a project of taking some of her favorite songs from the seventies and re-working them with artists that she has worked with over the years. All songs will be recorded in only one or two takes with the entire band in the studio together performing live. Reilly says she has about six songs recorded at the moment, with the first song being released at the end of the month. It is a cover of the Ace classic "How Long." It features Jimmy Williamson on vocals with a load of special guests from the bands Ambrosia, Foghat and Marshall Tucker Band. This group of musicians that are coming together to record these tracks are called the SeaSide Fragments and you can view their first video here, Look for new songs to be arriving soon.

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