Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New Music From Frankiie, Blinker The Star, Laurent Bourque, Marchildon!, Wildlife & Pallas Athene

First from Canada comes the debut album from the modern rock female four-piece, Frankiie. Their new album "Forget Your Head" features eleven tracks with a nostalgic pop/rock vibe, which is highlighted in the songs "Funny Feelings" and "Easy Breezy." Frankiie keeps the energy flowing with "Glory Me" and "Alone Again," before closing with the gentle acoustics of "Stone Song." To find out more about Frankiie and their latest release "Forget Your Head," please visit their Facebook page at

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Jordan Zadorozny recently released his latest album under the name, Blinker The Star. Jordan has worked with along side such artists as Courtney Love, Lindsey Buckingham and Chris Cornell and started Blinker The Star as a band, but returned it to a solo project for this latest release, "Careful With Your Magic." The new nine-track release begins with the intense layers of sound on "Wild Something," before delivering the pop beats of "Sweet Nothing." Jordan keeps the energy flowing with alternative rock of "Phantom Tongue" and "I Won't Look Down." He closes his new Blinker The Star album with the addictive, flowing melody of "An Exit." To find out more about Blinker The Star and his latest release "Careful With Your Magic," please visit his Facebook page at

Canadian singer/songwriter Laurent Bourque recently released his sophomore effort titled "Blue Hour." The new thirteen-track album begins with the pop beats of the title-song "Blue Hour," as you instantly become drawn in to his sound. He continues with the steady rock groove of "Thinking Of You" and the two soulful ballads "Wait & See" and "Lightning Mood." His sound is so addictive that you will definitely want more from this rising new artist. To find out more about Laurent Bourque and his latest release "Blue Hour," please visit

Fellow singer/songwriter Owen Marchildon recently released his new five-song EP titled "Fantasy Mirror." The album is a "character study on the absence of spontaneity and the pressure to entertain," as you are introduced to Marchildon! songwriting on the opening track "Tyler You Should Really Stop Using." He picks the energy up with the pop beats of "PBS Saturday Night" and the post punk rawness of "She Is A Soil," before closing with the light, atmospheric flow of "Currently Chihuahua." To find out more about Marchildon! and his latest release "Fantasy Mirror," please visit

Canadian rock band, Wildlife are quickly approaching their fifteenth anniversary with a brand new release titled "Take The Light With You." Their new ten song album begins with the upbeat energy of "Wasted" and the arena built rocker "Broken Magic." The radio-ready anthem "No Control" is pure pop/rock gold, while Wildlife wrap up their new album with the steady pace of "Dance Now" and the more experimental soundscape of "House Of The Shadows." To find out more about Wildlife and their latest release "Take The Light With You," please visit the band's Facebook page at

The alternative-pop project Pallas Athene was created by music artist Breanna Johnston. Her new self-titled EP was released on October 11th and features five tracks that Breanne calls "super dark" and "liberating." She starts out with the slow, piano ballad "Through Hell," as she layers music and sound in order to give her music depth and emotion. The monotone "Saturn's Return" is hard to grab hold of, but the album closer "In Silence" draws you in with the perfect mixture of beats and electronics. To find out more about Pallas Athene, please visit

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