Monday, October 7, 2019

New Music From Indie-Artists Alex Bloom, The Locals and Kid Bear

Released just last month is the latest album from singer/songwriter Alex Bloom. His new release titled "Chaos/Control" features ten tracks that has the artist stretching out his sound into more experimental/pop territory. Bloom begins with the steady, atmospheric flow of "After," as you get acquainted with his songwriting style. He kicks the energy up a notch with the guitar buzzing alternative rock of "Cigarette," while "Cam Girl" is a pop gem just waiting to be uncovered. Alex quiets back down with the gentle acoustics of "Let Me Know" and the jazzy vibe of "93," before closing out his new album with the folk ballad "Gentle In My Being" and the addictive pop/rock melody of "Control." To find out more about Alex Bloom and his latest release "Chaos/Control," please visit

Next up is the latest studio effort from the Chicago natives, The Locals. Their new album titled "Minutes, Seconds, Degrees" is a very personal album, as lead singer/songwriter Yvonne Doll has overcome personal tragedy to return to making the music that she feels so passionate about. Their new nine song release begins with the powerful blast of energy in the form of "Time Bomb Sounds," as the band quickly asserts their alternative/pop sound onto you. The Locals continue to keep the juices flowing with the bright, loud and beautiful "Eyes Wide Open" and the post-punk, new wave sounds of "Helium Head." They wrap up their new album with the upbeat, straight-up rock of "Eleven" and the short, 90-second piano interlude of "Atlas Wye." To find out more about The Locals and their latest release "Minutes, Seconds, Degrees," please visit

Finally we arrive at the new six-song EP from the country rock band, Kid Bear. Their new album kicks off with the steady strumming of "A Simple Thing," as you begin to get lost in the band's solid country groove. They pick the energy up a notch with the guitar driven, classic seventies rock vibe of "Rise," before taking a step back with the acoustic strumming ballad of "Mary May." Kid Bear finish up their latest album with the country blues appeal of "Here To Stay" and the quiet, folk strumming of "New York." To find out more about Kid Bear and their latest release, please visit

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