Monday, October 28, 2019

New Music From Internationally Known Artists Francesco Guerri and Lorenzo Feliciati

Italian cellist Francesco Guerri recently released his new solo recording "Su Mimmi non si spara!" It features eleven tracks that blurs the line between contemporary classical music and improvisation. This new eleven-song album begins with the solo piece "Lucy (Overture)," as you can feel the passion in Francesco's performance. He lets the music flow through him during "Minosse," while "Your Beginning" is slightly more up-tempo, as if Francesco means to tell a story through the music. He gets more innovative and expressive during the rhythm fueled track "Paper," before the lines of classical music get obliterated during the work of "Medusa" and "Mimmi Resisti." Francesco Guerri finishes is latest album with the deep, dark, grand delivery of "My (Ha)nd." To find out more about Francesco Guerri and his latest release "Su Mimmi non si spara!," please visit   

Also recently released is the seventh studio release from multi-instrumentalist Lorenzo Feliciati, as he teams up with drummer Michele Rabbia on "Antikythera."  The opening track "Irregular Orbit" lays the groundwork for what is to be expected from Feliciati on this new album, as he just lets the music take shape, without forcing its movement. Lorenzo allows Rabbia's rhythm track to display more form on "223 Teeth," while the eight-minute journey of "Prochronistic" is a free-from jam that sways between classical and ambient jazz music. He allows you to explore his music even further during "Perigree," as Feliciati allows the instruments to work within their own space.  The album finishes with the slow-moving, subtle jazz flow of "Parapegma," as Lorenzo keeps the music enlightening. To find out more about this latest release from Lorenzo Feliciati, please visit

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