Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Music From Singer/Songwriters Tom Polce and Joe Goodkin

Boston native Tom Polce has become a steady touring member of the band, Letters To Cleo and has also supported the alternative rock band, Buffalo Tom. Now Tom is placing his energy into a new solo project titled "T the RCVR," which is due to come out on October 11th. The new six song EP begins with the songs "Fine" and "New Age Coming," which fit in perfectly along with his work with other bands, as these two uptempo, alt-pop rockers are the perfect way to start off this new project. Tom delivers a more an even more pop-oriented melody with "Not Alone," before closing out his new short release with the flowing energy of "Fast & Loose." To find out more about Tom Polce and his latest release "T the RCVR," please visit tthercvr.com

Singer/songwriter Joe Goodkin is paying homage to his former band, Paper Arrows, with his new album. The new release simply titled "Paper Arrows" is the bridge between his early career and his more recent musical output. He begins his new sixteen track release with the acoustic plea of "Tell The Kids," as Goodkin asks for forgiveness on the steady strumming of this opening track. He dives into his emotions even more on the heartfelt singing of "Every Light Is A Fire" and "Look Alive," as you can just picture Joe singing alone, just pouring his heart into his music. The gentle touch of "Once For All" allows you to really get lost in the words and vocals of Joe Goodkin, while "Resurrection" carries a strong blues vibe. He lifts up the emotional weight with the more uplifting feeling of "One Hundred Songs," which would surely benefit from the inclusion of a full band. Joe Goodkin wraps up his new album with the beautiful finger picking of "Lightening" and the inspirational "Something Worth Fighting For." To find out more about Joe Goodkin and his latest release "Paper Arrows," please visit joegoodkin.com

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