Tuesday, October 8, 2019

New Releases From The Astronots, Like Torches, Dark Station, A Killer's Confession & Science Is Fiction

American rock and rollers The Astronots are lifting off with their new album titled "Cotati." If features only eight tracks that will surely be enough to turn you into a fan of the band's raw energy and powerful rock grooves. The album kicks off with the classic guitar-driven intensity of "Are We Living" and the more west coast blues swagger of "Wandering Eyes." The raw, rough melody of "El Dorado" is exactly the jolt that The Astronots can deliver to the rock community, while "Monuments Valley" takes a step back to concentrate more on melody and coolness. The Astronots finish up their new album with the big rock riffs of "Who Are You" and the acoustic strumming, demo sounding "Don't Wanna Wait." To find out more about The Astronots and their latest release "Cotati," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/astronotsband

Arriving November 1st on Victory Records is the new studio album "Loves And Losses" from the Swedish alternative rock band, Like Torches. It has been three years between releases and six years since their debut album, as Like Torches' music continues to evolve. Their new ten song release comes blasting out of the gate with the quick-hitting punk fury of "The Guilt Of Survival" and the more melodic "Live On." They deliver the addictive rock groove of "Get A Life" and "Flying Blind" which are both perfectly crafted for alternative rock radio. Like Torches close out their new album with the youthful energy of the title song "Loves And Losses" and the acoustic strumming of the pop ballad "Damned And Reckless." To find out more about Like Torches and their latest release "Loves And Losses," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/liketorches

Southern California hard rock band, Dark Station are preparing to release their full-length debut album "Down In The Dark" on October 25th. The new eleven-song release is poised to put Dark Station on the map of the year's best new hard rock bands. They kick things off with the intense, heavy pounding of "Ryse" and the more Nine Inch Nails-influenced sound of "Heroes." Dark Station keep their hard rock edginess flowing through the industrial beats of "New Age," before turning it up another notch with the heavy metal guitar riffs and screams of "Obvious." The band wrap up their new album with the mainstream rock appeal of "Hollow," the electronics of "Locked" and the last hardcore rock blast of "Visions." To find out more about Dark Station and their latest release "Down In The Dark," please visit darkstationband.com

Arriving October 18th, heavy metal band A Killer's Confession will be releasing their new full-length album "The Indifference Of Good Men." The new 13-song release begins with the high-powered, aggressive metal attack of "It's Not Too Late" and the more atmospherically dark tone of "Numb." A Killer's Confession continue with the thunderous rhythm of "Trust Me," before slowing down for the more melodic rock tone of "Angel On The Outside." Their sound becomes even more industrial with the nu-metal pounding of "One Step" and "Satisfied," before finishing their new album with the addictive, mainstream rock of "Reanimated" and the power ballad "Render." To find out more about A Killer's Confession and their latest release "The Indifference Of Good Men," please visit akconfession.com

Canadian rock band Science Is Fiction recently released their new four-song EP titled "Don't Everybody Thank Me At Once." The set kicks off with the raw, guitar buzz of "Kissing You," as they get the energy flowing right from the opening song's addictive, melodic riffs. Science Is Fiction head more in the power pop direction on "Awkward Girl," before closing out their new short release with the post punk sound of "Getting Late." To find out more about Science Is Fiction and their latest album "Don't Everybody Thank Me At Once," please visit scienceisfiction.net

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