Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Ataris Deliver "The Acoustic Sessions" and the Cold Weather Company Give Us "Light"

The power punk band, The Ataris have taken a different approach on their new album by performing some of their classic hits acoustically. This new seventeen track release showcases another side to this band, as they let the lyrics speak for themselves, with everything else is stripped away. This new album titled "Hang Your Head In Hope - The Acoustic Sessions" is the band's first full-length bare bones album.

The rawness of The Ataris music is still felt even in the stripped down version of songs like "Can't Hardly Wait" and "The Graveyard Of The Atlantic." Songs like "Your Boyfriend Sucks" and "Broken Promise Ring" display even more emotion than in the original versions, as lead singer Kristopher Roe has a certain honesty in his tone. The passion of his performance in "All Soul's Day" and "San Dimas" will blow you away and make you look at their music in a different light. To find out more about The Ataris and their latest release "Hang Your Head In Hope - The Acoustic Sessions," please visit the band's Facebook page at

The alternative folk band, Cold Weather Company recently released their new studio effort just last week titled "Find Light." It features a full sixteen tracks, beginning with the sweet, subtle build-up, combining the acoustics and strings of "Hazel," followed by the more Americana/pop oriented feel of "Clover." The band finally get going full force on the wonderfully addictive melody of "Brothers," before showcasing their softer side once again on the sweet acoustics of "Birds On A String." They turn the volume up with the rock approach of "Do No Harm" and "Pocket," which has Cold Weather Company crossing genres with the addictive sound. Cold Weather Company return to the emotional folk ballad "Reclamation," which grows with intensity, before wrapping up their new album with strumming of "Atlas" and the grand closure of the "Do No Harm (reprise)." To find out more about Cold Weather Company and their latest release "Find Light," please visit

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