Friday, October 18, 2019

The Magpie Salute Hit The "High Water" Mark Once Again With Their Second Studio Release

After the demise of The Black Crowes in 2015, The Magpie Salute was born from its ashes, featuring Crowes' guitarists Rich Robinson and Marc Ford, along with Crowes' bassist Sven Pipien. Rounding out the group is lead singer John Hogg, drummer Joe Magistro and keyboardist Matt Slocum. On October 18th, The Magpie Salute will release their second studio album titled "High Water II," which follows the band's two-album project that began with last year's release of "High Water I." 

Their new twelve-song album kicks off with a pair of energetic rockers, "Sooner Or Later" and the thumping rhythm of "Gimme Something." The band embraces their southern rock roots on the sweet back roads country groove of "In Here" and also in the beautiful acoustic strumming of "Lost Boy," which features a guest appearance by legendary bluegrass/country singer Alison Krauss. The dual guitars comes out blazing during the intense rocker "Turn It Around," before The Magpie Salute close out their new album the guitar boogie shuffle of "Doesn't Really Matter" and the acoustic blues jam of "Where Is This Place." To find out more about The Magpie Salute and their latest release "High Water II," please visit their Facebook page

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