Friday, October 25, 2019

The Purple Wave Of Prince Releases Finds "Chaos And Disorder," "Emancipation" & "The Versace Experience"

Just last month, Sony Legacy (in association with the Prince Estate) have released the latest batch of purple vinyl reissues, centered around his 1995/1996 musical output. That was a transitional period in Prince's musical career, as he was ending his time with Warner Bros. with a some-what rushed final album and beginning his own label with an explosion of new material. The three albums released in this latest set features the rock and roll album "Chaos And Disorder," the 36-song mega release "Emancipation" and the previously unreleased on vinyl, CD or digitally compilation "The Versace Experience," which was only given away on cassette during the 1995 Paris Fashion Week.

In 1996, Warner Bros. was holding Prince to his contract of delivering one more studio album, as Prince was ready to expand his reach by allowing fans into his vault to experience Prince's musical world. So, Prince's anger was expressed on his final album for Warner Bros., "Chaos And Disorder." This album was Prince's most rocked out album in at least a decade and he made sure "Chaos And Disorder" was the end of this chapter in his life. The album has been out of print for quite a while, so this new purple vinyl reissue and CD reissue was a much needed release for fans. Songs like "Zannalee" would showcase Prince's exceptional guitar skills, while "Dinner With Delores" and "Into The Light" still showed that he could write a pop song at the drop of a hat. The new vinyl release really rocks your speakers, with the deep bass groove of "I Rock Therefore I Am" and "Dig U Better Dead," as this album has never sounded better.

Once Prince was free from Warner Bros. to release any of his music that he pleased, just four months after the release of "Chaos And Disorder," came the explosion of "Emancipation." This set featured a "smorgasbord" of all of Prince's styles and influences. The new vinyl release is broken down into six purple vinyl LPs, each with six songs (three on each side), to try and match the original release of three CDs, each with twelve songs that equal exactly sixty minutes. This set of songs showcases every type of music that Prince loved to dabble in, from rock ("We Gets Up" and "Damned If Eye Do") to funk ("Jam Of The Year" and "Slave") to hip-hop ("Mr. Happy" and "Joint To Join") to pop ("Somebody's Somebody" and "Sex In The Summer") to even jazz ("Courtin' Time"). Prince also throws in some special cover songs ("Betcha By Golly Wow!," "I Can't Make You Love Me" and "La, La, La Means I Love You") which is rare for a Prince record. The new six LP box set features each vinyl in its own printed sleeve that delivers this timeless set of music as a true treasured box set.

But, the true treasure of this new set of vinyl is the first appearance of "The Versace Experience" in almost any format. This set of songs was to highlight Prince's upcoming album "The Gold Experience," which was originally released in September 1995. The fifteen-song "Versace Experience" gives you a taste of the talents of Prince, as he was writing lots of songs for his own use, as well as for his bands, like The New Power Generation and Madhouse. Many of the songs that would later appear on "The Gold Experience" are only presented on this release as an "X-cerpt," but still sounds great like the bluesy guitar solo featured in "Shhh" and the R&B flow of "Eye Hate U." The sweet jazz of "Rootie Kazootie" was made for vinyl consumption, as well as the wonderful pop beats of "Gold." To find out more about these three new releases of the Prince catalog on purple vinyl, please visit

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