Thursday, November 14, 2019

Check Out New Releases From Most People, Sam Weber, Borza, Kill Chicago, Jade The Moon and Lia

From Toronto, Canada comes the latest release titled "Call Me Up" from the '80s influenced pop band, Most People. It is the band's first full-length release that is "a culmination of our nine years working together," according to the band members. Their new nine-song set begins with the mellow, slow jam of "Leave It All Behind" and the electronic, new wave beats of "Lose My Mind." They pull you in to their time machine with the addictive dance rhythm of "Breathe" and the soulful, R&B groove of "Knife (Call Me Up)," before closing their new album with the hi-fi pop vibe of "Know Nothing." To find out more about Most People and their latest release "Call Me Up," please visit their Facebook page at

Canadian singer/songwriter Sam Weber recently released his new full-length album titled "Everything Comes True." The album was produced by Tyler Chester, who has worked along side artists like Joan Baez and Jackson Browne. Weber's new ten track release begins with the steady folk/rock groove of the title song "Everything Comes True," before picking the tempo up with the more nostalgic, pop oriented feel of "It's All Happening." Sam shows off a more country-oriented sound with the southern swagger of "Queen On The Money," then slows down for the gentle ballad "Avenir." Sam Weber finishes off his new album with the emotional, soulful tones of "Promise Of The Road" and the solid, steady pace of "No." To find out more about Sam Weber and his latest release "Everything Comes True," please visit

Well-traveled artist Borza recently released his new album "Cocoon" back on October 25th. The new ten song release is a collection of intense moments from Borza's life over the past couple of years that demanded being put to words and music. The album begins with the blues feel of "That Third Day" and the steady pace of "She Loves Herself More Than Me," as Borza's raw sound gives a genuine feel to his music. His sound is more accessible on the playful rhythm of "True To You," while "Be Amazing" seems to just simmer on the brink of pop/rock gold. Borza closes his new album with the emotional acoustics of "If I Can Only Be With You" and the upbeat, positivity of "Live And Love." To find out more about Borza and his latest release "Cocoon," please visit his Facebook page at

The New Brunswick quartet, Kill Chicago recently released their latest full-length release title "The Fix." It features ten tracks, beginning with the modern, alternative rock of "Another Way To Be" and the steady flow of "Moonlight," as their sound feels ready-made for the radio. Kill Chicago showcase their edgier, more raw side on the sonic blast of "Made Up," while "Show Me (Hand To Mouth)" combines elements of pop with an alternative buzz that make this song the highlighted track on the album. They keep their addictive rock vibe flowing through "You Don't Like It," before finishing with the quiet, dark western tone of "Pull Over." To find out more about Kill Chicago and their latest release "The Fix," please visit

Canadian alt-pop band, Jade The Moon recently released their new six-song EP titled "11:11." Their music is very addictive, as they inflict their sound on you right from the opening track "Awkward" and the more up-tempo, electronic rhythm of "Polaroids And Airplanes." The album's lead single "Fall For This" is a sultry, swirling ballad that features the wonderful, haunting vocals of singer Dani Le Rose. Jade The Moon finish up their new album with the R&B/pop flow of "If I Had Lots Of Money" and the dance beats of "Don't Wait Up." To find out more about Jade The Moon and their latest release "11:11," please visit

Up-and-coming pop artist Lia recently released a brand new six-song EP titled "Vasilia." The electronic beats and subtle touches of music are the perfect backdrop for her strong, stellar vocals, as in the songs "Out Of Control" and "To The Woods." She demands the focus be on her words and voice on the slow pace of "Milk & Light," while "Feed Me" has pop aspirations, before Lia closes out her new album with soulful, R&B tones of "Come & Seek." To find out more about Lia and her latest release "Vasilia," please visit her Facebook page at

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