Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Get Ready To Rock With New Releases From Ruffyunz, Frank Wyatt and Chris Haskett

Bassist Randy Pratt (Cactus, The Lizards) has joined forces with singer Ed Terry and engineer JZ Barell to create the band, Ruffyunz. Their new self-titled album features a collection of guests on guitar and drums, including Pat Travers (Pat Travers Band) and T.C. Tolliver (The Plasmatics). The new nine track release kicks off with the song "Tonight," highlighted by Terry's amazing vocals along side some electrifying guitar riffs. Pratt's bass work digs deep on the funk/rock groove of "Freedom," while the energetic blast of "Pressure" is full-on hard rock gold. The excitement for the Ruffyunz continues to grow with the full-band jam of "Frantic," before closing out their new release with the dark, heavy pounding rhythm of "Demons," which allows Ed Terry's vocals to soar. To find out more about Ruffyunz and their new self-titled release, please visit the Hyperspace Records Facebook page at facebook.com/Hyperspace-Records

American keyboardist/composer Frank Wyatt (Happy The Man) recently released his latest solo album titled "Zeitgeist." Wyatt's original idea was to create an album for a Happy The Man reunion, but other musicians became involved, who Frank Wyatt has performed with over the years. So, it became a Frank Wyatt & Friends release instead. The album still includes members of Happy The Man in a sort of reunion, as Wyatt & Friends begin with the nearly eight-minute progressive rock of the title-song "Zeitgeist." The song certainly fits in the next chapter of the Happy The Man story with its wonderful soaring melody and amazing musicianship. The album continues with the more expressive sounds of the instrumental piece "Leaving" and the jazz-fusion feel of "Twelve Jumps." The second half of the album is a four-part progressive rock suite titled "Perelandra Mvt.," as the opening chapter "To Venus" is a beautiful use of strings and keys that paint the perfect picture of floating over mountains and meadows. The album closes with the grand presentation of "The Golden Feast" and "Blessed Be He," which allows Wyatt to showcase his skills on the piano. To find out more about this new release from Frank Wyatt & Friends, please visit frankwyattmusic.com

Guitarist Chris Haskett (David Bowie, Henry Rollins) recently released his new instrumental EP titled "Insufficient Necessities." The new four-song album begins with the raw, rocking guitar wizardry of "Dodge 'Em," which is a great introduction to showcase Haskett's skills on guitar. Chris paves his own path to the "Ivy City," with a bit of funk in his playing, which also flows into the album closer "Going Back," as Chris incorporates a more progressive rock sound into this final musical piece. To find out more about Chris Haskett and his latest release "Insufficient Necessities," please visit chrishaskett.com

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