Thursday, November 21, 2019

Leonard Cohen Thanks Us For "The Dance" With His Final Studio Album

On November 22nd, Sony Legacy will release the final recordings from Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Leonard Cohen. The album titled "Thanks For The Dance" features the last poetic vocals of Cohen, enhanced with the music if some very specials guests, led by his son Adam Cohen. These songs were recorded during the sessions for his album "You Want It Darker," which was released one month prior to his passing in 2016.

The new nine-song release begins with the deep, warm, experienced voice of Cohen, as he recites the rhyming lyrics of "Happens To The Heart." Most of the songs include very little in the way of music, which allows Cohen's voice to dominate the lesson provided in each piece recited. Spanish musician Javier Mas supports Leonard with his amazing performance of the laud (Spanish guitar) on the songs "Moving On" and "The Night In Santiago." Fellow artist Beck gives Cohen the perfect backdrop for his waltz of "Thanks For The Dance," while "The Goal" has to most striking lyrics of any song on this album, as Cohen knew that the end was certainly near. The album closes with the political poetry of "Puppets," which features The Shaar Hashomayim choir and the stark, simple recital of "Listen To The Hummingbird." To find out more about "Thanks For The Dance, the final statement from Leonard Cohen, please visit

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