Tuesday, November 5, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Blood Incantation, Canyon Of The Skull, Bull Elephant & The River

Arriving November 22nd is the highly anticipated sophomore effort from death metal band, Blood Incantation. Their new album titled "Hidden History Of The Human Race" features only four tracks, but has the band stretching out their sound on this new release. Blood Incantation kick things off with the aggressive attack of "Slave Species Of The Gods," as what may sound like chaos is filled with intensity and emotion. They mix up the tempos of "The Giza Power Plant" with stellar musicianship, before closing out their new album with the eighteen-minute epic, progressive death metal piece "Awakening From The Dream (Mirror Of The Soul)." To find out more about Blood Incantation and their latest release "Hidden History Of The Human Race," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/astralnecrosis

Also arriving on November 22nd, is the new self-released album from the doom metal band, Canyon Of The Skull. Their new release titled "Sins Of The Past" features only two tracks, beginning with the chugging rhythm of the nearly 26-minute instrumental "The Ghost Dance." This opening epic number is only topped by the album's closing track, all 34-minutes of "The Sun Dance." As the music continues to build on this track, Canyon Of The Skull keep the intensity of the song flowing throughout the whole composition. To find out more about Canyon Of The Skull and their latest release "Sins Of The Past," please visit the band's Facebook page at facebook.com/canyonoftheskull

The following week on November 29th is the arrival of the self-titled debut album from the hardcore metal band, Bull Elephant. Their new album revolves around the story of a slain African elephant that was attempted to be brought back to life for the purpose of battles. The band's aggressive sound comes out blasting with the rhythmic changes of "Construct Of Chaos" and the nearly seven-minute progressive metal appeal of "Communion." Bull Elephant lay it all out on the aggressive take-over of "Corrupted Truth," while "Reflections" showcases another side of the band's songwriting that is more mainstream and accessible. Bull Elephant close out their new release with the growling vocals of "Winterfist" and the speed of "Dread Reactor," as the band continue to display a progressive side to their music. To find out more about Bull Elephant and their new self-titled album, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/bullelephant

Then as the calendar turns to December, we get the latest full-length effort from the U.K. doom metal band, The River. Their new album titled "Vessels Into White Tides" features only five tracks, but the first two songs are epic numbers that take their time, as the music simply bleeds from your speakers with a slow, steady climb of buzzing guitars. The River showcase their softer side with the acoustic strumming of "Open," before finishing off their new album with the dark, clashing sound of "Passing" and melodic closing tones of "Tides." To find out more about The River and their latest release "Vessels Into White Tides," please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/riverbanduk

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