Thursday, November 7, 2019

New Progressive Rock Music From The Rocking Horse Music Club, Anthony Phillips & Nektar

Members of the world-class record studio, Rocking Horse Studio, have formed a band of session musicians called the Rocking Horse Music Club and recently released a tribute to original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips. The group have been performing Phillips music live for over a decade and have worked on this tribute album titled "Which Way The Wind Blows" since February 2019. The new nine-song release also includes some special guests, like guitarist Steve Hackett (who replaced Phillips in Genesis), along with members of Supertramp and Dream Academy.

All of the songs featured on this release have been taken from Phillips' solo albums, like "Paperchase" (from "Wise After The Event") and "Something Blue (from "Invisible Men"). The seven-minute, Genesis-sounding "Which Way The Wind Blows" showcases some of Hackett's best guitar work, while "Pulling Faces" is an amazing progressive rock masterpiece as Steve Anderson (Room) lends a hand on lead guitar. The album closes with the beauty of "Sleepfall: The Geese Fly West," as the work of John Hackett on flute and Kate St. John on oboe give the song a soaring above the clouds feeling, before reaching the nearly nine-minute pinnacle piece "Nightmare" that stretches out Phillips original prog-rock vibe. To find out more about Rocking Horse Music Club and their latest release "Which Way The Wind Blows," please visit

Speaking of Anthony Phillips, he recently released his new studio album "Strings Of Light," back on October 25 through Estoeric Recordings. It is his first album of new material in over seven years and was released as a 2CD/DVD set, which includes a 5.1 Surround Sound mix of the album. The set is broken-up into two twelve song sets, as disc one begins with the gentle mandolin strumming of "Jour De Fete" and the beautiful, lush arrangement of "Diamond Meadows." This disc also features the quietness of "Caprice In Three" and the bright finger-picking of "Winter Lights." You can feel the emotions that Phillips pours into the heart of "Song For Andy," while "Mouse Trip" is a great experimental piece that works wonderfully next to the flowing acoustics of "Restless Heart" and "Still Rain."

Disc two begins with the darkness of "Into The Void," which leads to an exploration from the "Andean Explorer." The strumming of "Shoreline" seems to come at you in waves, while "Fleur-de-lys" feels seductive with it ever climbing sound. Anthony Phillips closes his new album with the short rising mandolin of "Home Road," before embarking on the ten-minute adventure of "Life Story." To find out more about Anthony Phillips and his latest release "Strings Of Light," please visit

Speaking of long waits, U.K. progressive rock band Nektar are preparing to release their first new album in the U.S. since 1977, over 40 years. While the band are putting their finishing touches on their new album titled "The Other Side," Nektar have released a three-song single for the song "Skywriter." Original member Derek "Mo" Moore wrote the lyrics to a song titled "Sky Pilot" back in 1978, but the song was set aside, until being discovered and rearranged for this new album. The song carries the band's classic, but aggressive prog-rock sound, while "Devil's Dance" allows the band to showcase their amazing talents on this eight-minute epic, which was originally written back in 1974. The third song that appears on this new release is a radio edit of "Skywriter," which displays a more intense sound to the song. To find out more about Nektar and their latest release, please visit

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