Thursday, November 28, 2019

Rediscover Cat Stevens "Back To Earth" Album With New Reissued Vinyl

On November 22nd, BMG with be issuing a newly remastered version of Cat Stevens underrated 1978 album "Back To Earth." This was the last pop album that Cat Stevens would release, until his 2006 album "An Other Cup," as Yusuf Islam. A remastering of the album has been overdue, as this album featured the unforgettable hit singles "Just Another Night" and "Last Love Song." The more gentle, acoustic-based songs really benefit from this upgrade, as Stevens' voice carries that warming touch, while the music becomes just as powerful to support the vocals. As Cat Stevens still had a pulse on popular music in the late-seventies with "Nascimento" and "New York Times," he still keeps his folk-rock prestige with the powerful message of "Never."

The "Back To Earth" album will now be available as a stand-alone vinyl release for the first time since it's original release. This comes ahead or the deluxe 5 CD/2 LP box set arriving in early 2020. To find out more about this new remastered version of "Back To Earth," please visit

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