Monday, November 4, 2019

Rocking Your Speakers With New Music From Bad Wolves, Criminal Instinct and Fake Figures

On October 25th, heavy metal rockers Bad Wolves released their sophomore effort "N.A.T.I.O.N." It features a dozen tracks that continue the band's growth as a powerhouse juggernaut, as they find themselves touring alongside Five Finger Death Punch and Three Days Grace this November, along with Megadeth in 2020. Bad Wolves come blasting out of the gate with the chugging rhythm of "I'll Be There," followed by the intense pounding and stellar singing/screaming vocals of "No Messiah." The energy keeps on flowing through the aggressive appeal of "Learn To Walk Again" and "Killing Me Slowly," before letting up on gas pedal for the mainstream power ballads "Better Off This Way" and "Sober." Bad Wolves wrap up their new album with the hardcore metal attack of "The Consumerist," as they flex their metal muscle, before closing with the emotionally addictive sound of "Crying Game" and the final energetic blast of "LA Song." For more information on Bad Wolves and their latest release "N.A.T.I.O.N.," please visit

Arriving this Friday, November 8th is the latest release from Closed Casket Activities' artist Criminal Instinct. Their new album titled "Terrible Things" features fourteen quick hitting tracks, as the band enforce their hardcore metal sound on you. They begin with the swift pace of "NFMP," "Tears Won't Fall" and "The Virus," as your head spins before you know what hit you. There is no filler on this album, as Criminal Instinct deliver just what is necessary on tracks like "Been Down That Road" and "Grave Chaser," which don't even reach the one minute mark. They just continue their onslaught with the heavy pounding of "Don't Wanna Know You" and "Yours Truly," before finishing with  furry of "Acid Rain" and an extra hidden track. To find out more about Criminal Instinct and their latest release "Terrible Things," please visit

A week later on November 15th, arrives the new five-song EP "We Are The Dead" from the Southern California hardcore metal band, Fake Figures. They kick things off with the intensity of the shout-out-loud vocals of "Hole In The Sky" and the steady pounding rhythm of "You're Distant." After the more aggressive, sonic blast of "Bury The Hatchet," Fake Figures wrap up their new album with singer/songwriter Jonah Matranga (onelinedrawing) appearing on the title-track "We Are The Dead," which has the most mainstream, epic sound on this new release. To find out more about Fake Figures and their latest release "We Are The Dead," please visit the band's Facebook page at

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