Sunday, November 17, 2019

The "Passable In Pink" Soundtrack Is An 80's Mixtape That Never Existed

On November 15th, Omnivore Recordings released the brand new original motion picture soundtrack to "Passable In Pink." The Audible Original has been described at a "laughably inept 1984 teensploitation movie that makes John Hughes look like Orson Welles." While the movie never actually existed, the soundtrack certainly does and instantly transports you back to the mid-1980's when music was all about style.

This new release features thirteen tracks of obscure songs from the eighties that have never existed before, until now. The soundtrack features members of the Smithereens, Guided By Voices, Luna, Nada Surf, Psychedelic Furs and Dexy's Midnight Runners performing songs in the vein of eighties pop. Beginning with "Here Comes That Heartbreak" by The Spurts, you'd think that you've discovered a lost mix tape of songs that you would have sworn you loved many years ago. The Zero Hour have perfectly captured sound of new wave/punk with "Pop Collar Nites," while "Tangerine Skies" is three minutes of straight-up electronic beats supplies by Atlantis Mantis. Zebra Trucks give us a monotone delivery of "Binary Code," before the energy returns to close out the album with the punk-fury of "God Damn School" and the Northwood High School Pep Rally Band performing "I Need A Least Five Boys." To find out more about the newly released soundtrack to the audio-film "Passable In Pink," please visit

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