Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Tribulation Comes "Alive" On Their New Album & District 97 Extend Their Sound On "Screens"

Swedish death metal band, Tribulation are on the verge of releasing their first live album titled "Alive & Dead at Sodra Teatern" on November 15th through Metal Blade Records. The theater is one of the oldest venues in Stockholm and felt like the perfect setting for Tribulation to record this career-spanning set. One of the differences that may, or may not, come across on the recording is that they performed to a seated audience, which allowed them to concentrate more on the delivery of their music.

They begin the show by performing their latest studio album "Down Below" in its entirety from front to back. With the high energy songs like "Lady Death" and "Lacrimosa," it must have been hard for the audience to contain themselves in their seats, as these songs demand you to just let go and head-bang. Tribulation display their more progressive metal side during the quiet flow of "Purgatorio" and the high-powered, ten-minute epic "Here Be Dragons." The second half of the shows finds the band concentrating on their early songs like the intensity or "Randa" and the electrifying guitar work of "Ultra Silvam," before closing with the dark growls of "Strains Of Horror." To find out more about Tribulation and their new live album "Alive & Dead at Sodra Teatern," please visit their Facebook page at

The progressive rock Chicago quintet, District 97 recently released their new studio album "Screens." They are celebrating with a CD release show on November 11th at Martyrs' in Chicago. The band's new nine song release kicks off with the high-energy intensity of "Forest Fire," as the vocals and music blend together perfectly. They let the music simply flow along and finds it own way through the nearly seven-minutes of "Sheep," while "Sea/Provide" is a quick, hard rock attack that showcases the band's more aggressive side. District 97 experiment more with their sound on "Shapeshifter," as they switch between a mellow jazz sound and chugging heavy metal riffs. They wrap up their new album with the growing eleven-minute epic "Ghost Girl" that continues to deliver more excitement at every step along the way. To find out more about District 97 and their latest release "Screens," please visit

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