Monday, December 9, 2019

New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Releases From Clint Lowery, Drev, The Alchemy and Downpresser

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and co-founder of Sevendust, Clint Lowery is preparing to release his debut solo album next month. The new ten-track release titled "God Bless The Renegades" features Lowery's signature guitar sound and vocals, as he allows the songs to breathe and flow from his experiences and inspirations. He kicks off the album with the chugging rhythm of the title-song "God Bless The Renegades," as Lowery incorporates the help of Wolfgang Van Halen. The album's lead single "Kings" is carried by the song's pounding rhythm, while maintaining it's hard rock edge, while "You Go First" has a pop/rock glaze on it, which is built for mainstream rock radio. Clint Lowery closes out his new album with the arena-sized, sing-along anthem "Silver Lining" and the emotional break-through of "Do We Fear God." To find out more about Clint Lowery and his new solo album "God Bless The Renegades," please visit

On November 15th, Labile Records released the sophomore effort, "Hollow Loss" from Drev, the musical outlet from Boston artist Jess Hewitt. The new nine-song release combines the hardcore aggressive nature of heavy metal with the perfectly timed rhythms of industrial music to make a new landscape in sound. Drev begins with the clash of drums and buzzing electronics of "Welcome Back" and the dark, industrial rock clash of "Crossover." The rhythmic pattern of "Drifting" lays the groundwork for the song's more accessible electronic rock sound. Drev wraps up his new album with the energetic sonic build-up of "Catch" and the simpler, subtle, mainstream flow of "Carefree." To find out more about Drev and his latest release "Hollow Loss," please visit

British rock band, The Alchemy recently released their full-length debut album, "Chemical Daydream" back on November 8th. The new ten-song release kicks off with the powerfully, aggressive nature of "Diamond Bones," which will shake your speakers. The Alchemy craft the perfect arena rocker with "Take Me Alive," while "Gateway Drug" contains all the elements of mainstream, modern rock success. They slow things down with the atmospheric flow of "Intertwined" and the burning emotions of "Give Me The Sky," before closing their new album with the passionate electronic rock approach of "Chemical Daydream." To find out more about The Alchemy and their new album "Chemical Daydream," please visit the band's Facebook page at

Before the end of the year closes out the decade, we get the latest release from the hardcore metal band, Downpresser. Their new album titled "The Long Goodbye" is the perfect send off for this decade of chaos. They kick the door down with the aggressive attack of the title-track "The Long Goodbye," as pounding rhythms and screaming vocals will get your adrenaline pumping. The energy of these songs just keep hitting you with their titanic waves of sound, as in "Death Instinct" and "Two Stood Last (See You Around)." Downpresser turn it up a notch with the swift, hard-hitting "Right To Profit," before finishing their new album with hardcore rhythmic attack of "Crisis Of Faith" and the heavy metal bashing of "Endgame." To find out more about Downpresser and their latest release "The Long Goodbye," please visit

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Niro Team Up With Gary Lucas and Bernie Mora Works Again With Tangent On New Releases

Italian rock band, The Niro recently release their new album "The Complete Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songbook." The Niro were inspired to dive into the early nineties collaboration between the two artists, as Buckley and Lucas wrote about a dozen songs together to be featured on the next Gods And Monsters' album (Gary Lucas' band). Now, fast forward to 2019 and Gary Lucas has teamed up with The Niro to record all of the songs written during that session with Jeff Buckley. The new twelve-song set begins with the nearly ten-minute, high energy rocker "No One Music Find Your Here," highlighted by the amazing guitar work of Gary Lucas. The music takes on a more Americana/Folk-Rock approach with "Story Without Words," while "Distortion" is a full-on, alternative/grunge rock assault. The mellow flow of "Mojo Pin" (one of only two songs that Buckley recorded for his "Grace" album) showcases The Niro's softer side, along with the acoustic strumming of "She Is Free." The set closes with Gary Lucas taking the lead on the rockabilly/punk-like fury of "Malign Fiesta (No Soul)" and the beautiful touch of "Grace." To find out more about The Niro and their collaboration with Gary Lucas on "The Complete Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas Songbook," please visit

Back in October, the Rhombus Records label released a stellar collaboration between guitarist Bernie Mora and the jazz-fusion band Tangent. The new album titled "No Agenda" features nine amazing tracks that blends together the musical worlds of jazz, funk and rock. The band kick things off with the up-tempo, give-and-take of "Mon Cheri," as sort of an introduction as to what this team-up has to offer. Mora and Tangent continue with the much more intense, high-energy rock delivery of "Commando Roll," before the funky breaks of "Later Daze" will make you want to get up and shake your hips. Bernie Mora's long-time drummer, Doc Anthony passed away during the recording of this album, and as a tribute, the song "Doc The Clock" features some of the last work of the late-musician. Mora and Tangent wrap up their new collaboration with the swift, progressive rock pace of "Cup A Joe" and the beautiful, relaxing island vibe of "It's A Honu World." To find out more about Bernie Mora and Tangent's new release "No Agenda," please visit

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Be-Bop Deluxe Expand Their "Modern Music" Album With New Deluxe Box Set

English progressive rock band, Be-Bop Deluxe found moderate success during the seventies, mixing together elements of glam rock, prog rock and just straight-up rock and roll. The band released a handful of studio albums between 1974-1978, with their album "Modern Music" being their highest charting release in the U.K. and in the U.S. As a celebration of Be-Bop Deluxe and their album "Modern Music," Cherry Red Records has released a new deluxe five disc limited edition box set. It is comprised of four CDs and a DVD that will allow fans to dive deeper into the album's unique sound with three mixes of the album (original stereo mix remastered, a new stereo mix & a 5.1 surround sound mix on the DVD).

The first two CDs are almost identical, as far as track listing, with the exception of early versions of the songs "Forbidden Lovers" and "The Bird Charmer's Destiny" on disc two. The remastered sound is exceptional, as you can hear the perfect balance of music and vocals, especially during the wonderful harmonies of "The Gold At The End Of My Rainbow" and the high-energy rocker "Bring Back The Spark." Be-Bop Deluxe also weave their magic through the eight-minute B-side "Shine" which has also been added. The first versions of "Forbidden Lovers" and "The Bird Charmer's Destiny" are also a nice addition, but their stark, raw sound only makes you wish that there was a whole disc of early versions of songs from the album, in order to see their development.

Fans will be diving straight for the third and fourth discs which features two of shows from Be-Bop Deluxe performed in 1976. The band was recorded for BBC Radio One "In Concert" during their performance at the Hammersmith Odeon, London. The nine-track set showcases the band playing live in front of their home crowd, mixing together songs from the recently release "Modern Music" album, along with classics, like "Ships In The Night." Highlights from this performance have to be the nearly 13-minute prog-rock masterpiece of "Modern Music" and the jam-filled set closer "Blazing Apostles."

The real undiscovered gem may be the previously unreleased show, recorded March 21st at the Riviera Theatre in Chicago, six month before the release of their "Modern Music" album. The recording is not professional and the sound of the show is missing the deep lows in the bass, but this is definitely very listenable and is worth the addition to this set for it's rarity factor alone. The band's sound is simply magical, as they deliver an edge to their music, as in "Life In The Air Age" and "Maid In Heaven." The amazing guitar work of Bill Neslon is on full display during "Bill's Blues," while a seventeen-minute "Blazing Apostles" showcases the talents of the full band.

The DVD not only features a new 5.1 surround sound mix of the album, but also a couple videos of the band performing "Forbidden Lovers" and "Down On Terminal Street" from BBC's "Old Grey Whistle Test" show. This new deluxe five disc box set from Be-Bop Deluxe also includes an illustrated book with tons of previously unseen photos and a new essay from Bill Nelson. Post cards and a replica poster are also included with this set. There is also a two-disc expanded version of this release which includes the original stereo mix of the album remastered from the original master recordings and the new 2019 stereo mix of the album. To find out more about this elaborate collection of Be-Bop Deluxe's "Modern Music" album, please visit

Friday, December 6, 2019

Craft Recordings Remasters Boysetsfire Albums For First-Ever Vinyl Release

Arriving today, December 6th are the first-ever vinyl releases of the albums "After The Eulogy" and "Tomorrow Come Today" from the hardcore punk band, Boysetsfire. The band released their first EP in 1994, but didn't break out into the mainstream until the release of their second full-length album "After The Eulogy" in 2000. The album featured the hit song "Rookie," which was featured in a couple video games and commercials. This album was a political push for the band that got them noticed in Europe, as not just another punk band, but one with a message of truth.

Their follow-up album "Tomorrow Come Today" carries a more melodic tone to their songs, with the help of producer Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Evanescence). Boysetsfire's energy and rage was still present on this album, but their edginess was smoothed out to make the songs more accessible for modern rock radio. Two of the songs ("Handful Of Redemption" and "High Wire Escape Artist") were featured in video games and movie soundtracks. Just three years later, the band would call it quits, before reforming in 2010 to play a handful of shows.

Boysetsfire are currently wrapping up their European fall tour with two more shows in Germany, before eventually heading into the studio to record their next studio album. These two new vinyl releases of "After The Eulogy" and "Tomorrow Come Today" were remastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Paul Blakemore and feature new liner notes and interviews from the band. Each album will also be released as a limited edition colored vinyl available on the band's website ( To find out more about these two new vinyl releases from Boysetsfire, please visit the Craft Recordings website (

Thursday, December 5, 2019

New Heavy Metal Releases From Svarttjern, Porta Nigra, Rat King and Ironflame

As the beginning of a new year (and a new decade) quickly approaches, we will be receiving some new heavy metal music from Europe (Svarttjern, Porta Nigra) and from here in the U.S. (Rat King, Ironflame). Arriving on January 17th, is the new full-length album "Shame Is Just A Word" from Norwegian death metal band, Svarttjern. Their new eight song release kicks down the door with it's aggressive album opener "Prince Of Disgust," as the music comes blasting out of your speakers. The six-minute "Melodies Of Lust" showcases the band's more progressive side, switching between melodies to display the song's raw emotion. Svarttjern wrap up their new album with the steady pounding rhythm and growling vocals of "Ravish Me," along with the thrash metal guitar riffs of the title song, "Shame Is Just A Word." To find out more about Svarttjern and their latest release "Shame Is Just A Word," please visit

Next, from Germany comes the latest release from the Black Metal band, Porta Nigra. Their new album "Schopfungswut" features only six tracks, but each track is a epic blast of sonic aggression, beginning with the neck-breaking speed of "Die Kosmiker." Their energy continues to demand your attention, as in the eight-minute epic "Das Rad des lxion," while "Die Entweihung von Freya" is a wall of heavy metal sound that just punches you in the face with it's shear force. Porta Nigra close out their new album with the aggressive power of the title song "Schopfungswut," which is nearly nine-minute of quick-pounding rhythms and growling vocals. To find out more about Porta Nigra and their latest release "Schopfungswut," please visit

Sticking closer to home, we have the return of the Seattle metal band Rat King and their latest release "Vicious Inhumanity." It features nine tracks, beginning with the build-up of "Matanza," that just explodes with controlled chaos that will make you take notice of this band. The trio continue with the two-minute intensity of "Borratanico" and the buzzing guitars of "Chaleco De Billetes," before arriving at their epic album highlight "In Quiet Sleep." Rat King finish with the death metal frenzy of "Zero" and the final high-energy attack of "Rotting From Inside." To find out more about Rat King and their latest release "Vicious Inhumanity," please visit

Finally we arrive at the February release of heavy metal warriors Ironflame's latest album "Blood Red Victory." This is the band's third full-length release, as they continue to carry the torch of classic thrash metal with this new eight-song set. Ironflame begin with the swift pace of "Gates Of Evermore," as you will fully appreciate the band's stellar musicianship. The album continues with the steady drumming and electrifying guitars of "Honor Bound" and the classic high-powered metal sound of "Seekers Of The Blade." Ironflame's influences come shining through on songs like "On Ashen Wings" and "Grace And Valor," before closing with the epic tale of the "Night Queen." To find out more about Ironflame and their latest release "Blood Red Victory," please visit

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

New Releases From Metal Blade Records Artists Cattle Decapitation & Oni

It has been four years since we last heard from Cattle Decapitation and they have finally returned with their bleakest hope of our planet with "Death Atlas." Their new album was released on November 29th through Metal Blade Records and features fourteen new death metal anthems to behold. After the build-up of the introduction track "Anthropogenic: End Transmission," the album kicks it into high gear with the blow-back speed of "The Geocide." Cattle Decapitation keeps the intensity on full blast with "Be Still Our Bleeding Hearts" and the chugging thrash metal rhythm of "One Day Closer To The End Of The World." The screams and howls of "Finish Them" continue the album's death metal assault on your ears, before Cattle Decapitation wraps up their new album with the tempo changes of "Time's Cruel Curtain" and the nine-minute progressive metal closer "Death Atlas." To find out more about Cattle Decapitation and their latest release "Death Atlas," please visit their Facebook page at

Next, on December 13th is the arrival of the new five-song EP titled "Alone" from Oni. Led by vocalist Jake Oni, this new release follows the 2016 debut "Ironshore" and continues their exciting, modern hard rock sound. Beginning with the title song "Alone," Oni displays the perfect balance of aggression and melody to give the music an addictive edginess. The intensity grows on the heavy metal attack of "Dead Inside," before Oni finish up their new album with six-minutes of pounding rhythms and screaming vocals that should last until their next new release. To find out more about Oni, please visit

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Check Out New Music From Indie-Artists The Phantom Broadcast, Cox's Army, Fever Joy

Back in November, The Phantom Broadcast released their second volume of "Antiquities," which follows the release of volume one back in April. The two EPs were brought together to create the band's new full length vinyl LP. The new nine-song full-length release begins with the melodic flow of "Warning" and the more pop-infused rock of "Amethysteria," which just finds its way into your musical heart. The Phantom Broadcast pick up the intensity with the "jam band" feel of "Mast," before the group slows down to showcase their quieter side with "Burrowing Owl." They finish up their new album with the addictive modern rock and wonderful harmonies of "Topaz." To find out more about The Phantom Broadcast and their latest release "Antiquities," please visit

Chicago bluegrass band, Cox's Army recently released their second full-length effort titled "New Richmond Town." This new thirteen song set begins with the wonderful banjo picking of "The Queen Bee," as the energy rises with the steady strumming flow of "Big Spoon, Little Spoon." The band's beautiful descriptive lyrics flow sweetly next to the melodic tones of the title song "New Richmond Town." The quiet acoustics of "Searching For Home" allows you to fully appreciate the bluegrass sound of Cox's Army, while "Leather, Wood and Nails" quickens the pace. This quartet wrap up their new album with finger-picking energy of "Sleeping In The Car" and "Treat Your Baby Kind." To find out more about Cox's Army and their latest release "New Richmond Town," please visit

The alternative-pop band, Fever Joy recently released their new five song EP titled "Reflections." The album kicks off with the rhythm fueled "Bad, as singer Avery Robitaille delivers the perfect expression of emotion to lift the song's energetic beats. The album's title song "Reflections" has a quieter, more ambient sound, before the dance beats of "You're Losing Control" returns the energy back to the album. Fever Joy wrap up their new short release with the mainstream, modern rock enjoyment of "Crazy Love." To find out more about Fever Joy and their latest EP "Reflections," please visit their Facebook page at

Monday, December 2, 2019

New Music From Artists Golden Cinema, The Pairs, Opeongo, Zinnia, JS Williams, Debra-Jean Creelman

From Prince Edward Island comes the debut EP from the modern rock trio, Golden Cinema. The new 3-song set titled "Peachy Keen EP" begins with the title song, which features a melodic tone that invites you to enjoy their fresh, raw sound. The album continues with the steady pace of "Colour Me In," before closing with the quick energetic rock shot of "Nostalgia." To find out more about Golden Cinema and their latest "Peachy Keen EP," please visit

Americana/Folk band, The Pairs recently released their new full-length album titled "Noise." The twelve-track release begins with the harmonies of "Did I," backed by a steady stomp/clap rhythm. The Pairs deliver a pop-infused sound to "Fallen," while "Hand In Hand" carries a nostalgic jazz waltz. They plug in for the full-on rock assault of "Poison Water," then showcase their softer side on the gentle acoustics of "Will And A Way." The Pairs close out their new album with the emotional, dark tones of "Fire And Rain" along with the soft, quiet strumming and beautiful vocals of "Put The Gun Down." To find out more about The Pairs and their new album "Noise," please visit their Facebook page at

Singer/songwriter Keegan Trumpour recently released his debut album as Opeongo. The album titled "Miasma" features eleven tracks, beginning with the stark, classical-sounding piano backdrop of the title song, followed by the alt-pop delivery of "Everything:Something:Anything:Nothing." Opeongo pours all his emotions into the ballads "Hopeless" and "Port Boys," before finishing with folksy blues of "September #9" and the nine-minute experimental, epic closer "Miasma #2." To find out more about Opeongo and his latest release "Miasma," please visit his Facebook page at

Synth-pop artist Zinnia recently released her full-length debut album "Sensations In Two Dot" back in November. It features nine-tracks, beginning with the slow, steady pace of "Yellowstone," as Zinnia is allowed to let her vocals soar. She quickens the pace for "Black Bark, Yellow Leaves," while the melodic tone of "Lupins" will certainly turn you in a fan of Zinnia. The album closes with the slow blues of "Soft Place To Land," the exciting, energetic pop rhythm of "Requiem" and the addictive pop vibe of "Dreamer." To find out more about Zinnia and her latest release "Sensations In Two Dot," please visit

Canadian singer/songwriter JS Williams recently released his debut album titled "From A Plane." It features eight tracks, beginning with the mellow, ambient tone of "Only Oceans" and the acoustic strumming, floating vocals of "Montmarte." Williams quietly lets the music of "My Name Is December" just glide along, as he sings with heart and passion. He finishes up his new album with the modern, alternative rock of "Forest Fires" and the slow-moving ballad "Rachel Est." To find out more about JS Williams and his latest release "From A Plane," please visit

Electro-pop artist Debra-Jean Creelman just released her new six-song EP title "Triggers & Mirrors." Her new set is filled with energetic pop anthems like "Smoke" and "All Your Life," while "No More Maureen" is a sonic blast of pulsating beats and rhythms. Debra-Jean Creelman closes out her new short release with the slow, bluesy flow of "How Many Times." To find out more about her new release "Triggers & Mirrors," please visit her Facebook page at

Sunday, December 1, 2019

New Music From Fernando Perdomo, Udo Pannekeet, Emiliano Deferrari and Marco Machera

American classical guitarist Fernando Perdomo pays respect to the legendary progressive rock band, King Crimson with his new album "The Crimson Guitar." The music of King Crimson was a big influence on Perdomo and inspired him to learn to play classical guitar. The new ten-track release begins with the short 90-second grace of "Peace (A Theme)," followed by the beautiful acoustic melody of "Islands." Fernando Perdomo sticks close to the original with his interpretation of "I Talk To The Wind," while "Erudite Eyes" continues to showcase his finger-picking skills. Perdomo closes the album with the gentle touch of "Book Of Saturday" and a slow-down, mellow version of the King Crimson classic "The Court Of The Crimson King." To find out more about Fernando Perdomo and his latest release "The Crimson Guitar," please visit his Facebook page at

World-renowned bass player Udo Pannekeet (Focus) recently released his brand new solo studio album titled "Electric Regions." The album features guest appearances from some of his Focus bandmates, as Udo uses this outlet to showcase some of his more experimental music that he has been currently working on. The new five track release begins with the nearly 24-minute epic "Electric Regions Part One," as Udo mixes together many different genres (Jazz, Funk, EMD, Rock) on this musical piece to display his many inspirations. The album continues with the jazz fusion blast of "Integration Yes" and the electronic beats of "The Antibes Situation," which allows Udo to lead you down the rabbit hole of rock music. The album closes with the rhythm-fueled, modern jazz sounds of "Cocon Cocon." To find out more about Udo Pannekeet and his latest release "Electric Regions," please visit

Italian music duo Emiliano Deferrari and Marco Machera are preparing to release a new free-form improvisational album on November 15th. The new four song, self-titled release begins with sixteen-minutes of the duo experimenting with sounds to see what sticks. While the songs have no form or rhythm to them, they are very interesting to listen to with headphones on. The album finishes with the plucking of strings during "Sette" and the nine-plus minutes of tapping and strumming of "Tre," as they find solace in their improvisations. To find out more about this latest release from Emiiano Deferrari and Marco Machera, please visit