Thursday, December 26, 2019

Arriving In February Is New Music From We Sell The Dead and Kvelertak

On February 21st, earMUSIC will release the sophomore effort from hard rockers We Sell The Dead. Their new album "Black Sleep" features ten electrifying tracks that shows the band's growth since their debut release in 2018. They start off with the wonderful mix of heavy drumming, acoustic interludes and strong, attention-grabbing vocals of "Caravan." We Sell The Dead find the perfect formula for rock radio success with the addictive chorus and aggressive sound of "Across The Water." A classic Deep Purple-vibe runs through the title song "Black Sleep," while "The Light" displays the band quieter side with its beautiful harmonies. The rawness of "Hour Of The Wolf" finds the band flexing their hard rock muscle, before closing out their new album with the arena anthem "Nightmare And Dream" and the slow burning power ballad "Shallow Grave." To find out more about We Sell The Dead and their latest release "Black Sleep," please visit

With the quick arrival of a new year, Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that is when we get the latest release from the Norwegian metal band, Kvelertak. Their new album titled "Splid" is only the band's fourth full-length release in ten years and features eleven tracks sung in their native language. While the lyrics may be unrecognizable, the music is intense and pulse-pounding, as displayed in "Necrosoft" and "Bratebrann." Following the punk-like fury of "Uglas hegemoni," Kvelertak expand upon their sound with the eight-minute epic rocker "Delirium tremens," before finishing their album with the explosiveness of "Ved bredden av Nihil." To find out more about Kvelertak and their latest release "Splid," please visit

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