Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Chantel McGregor Gets "Bury's Alive" & Kailey Nicole Takes Another Step With Her New EP

British blues/rock guitarist Chantel McGregor recently released her first official live album titled "Bury'd Alive." It was recorded at The Apex in Bury St. Edmunds, U.K. back in March of this year and features eleven tracks that give you a glimpse into Chantel's live show. The set begins with a blistering rendition of her song "Take The Power," followed by the even more intense, rock assault of "Killing Time." She takes her foot off the pedal for a moment to display her softer side, with the mellow blues of "Like No Other" and "Eternal Dream," before blowing you back into your seat on the hard rock strut of "Lost Control." After the twelve-minute blues of "Inconsolable," Chantel McGregor and her band finish off the night with electrifying build-up of "April," as you truly are amazed by her guitar playing along with the sonic blast of the closer "Freefalling." To find out more about Chantel McGregor and her new live album "Bury'd Alive," please visit

Country-rock artist Kailey Nicole is preparing to release her new self-titled, six-song EP on January 24th. Following the release of her album "Nashville Stick-up," Kailey took some time off to study music at the University of Southern California, before returning with a bold new album. She kicks things off with the stomp and swagger of "Brand New Day," which was originally intended for Kenny Chesney, but fit Kailey's southern style perfectly. She quickens the pace with the single "Diamonds And Coal," which carries a nostalgic, Tex-Mex vibe, before pouring her heart into the country ballad "Save Me For A Rainy Day." Kailey Nicole closes out her new album with the swift pace of the revenge-fueled "Tennessee" and the wonderful, radio-crafted gem "Country Love Song." To find out more about Kailey Nicole and her latest self-titled EP, please visit

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